Love at first sight part-15(IKRS)


Guys I have decided to end becoz many does not like it except saranya and prachi many curse me which I don’t like so I have decided to end now and I will come back with another short story…my kkb ff also ending with IKRS becoz due to negative reviews. But pls don’t worry I will come back after my common exam I will upload a new story for IKRS fans

The episode starts with viplav gets up and walks dhaani hugs her at once and asks him who is he??

Viplav tells he is my friend means close I used to share everything but he always talks good and goes behind and talks badly about me

Suddenly dhaani gets a call police tells he is arrested she thnx them

Dhaani tells now he is arrested viplav tells her to make him meet him she agrees

They comes to police station he asks why are doing this?? He hugs and cries dhaani sees blade on his hand and pulls viplav down police catch him

Dhaani and viplav comes to house after 2days Viplav comes closer but dhaani tells him to take rest

Viplav kisses her and tells now you are mine I have full rights on you she hugs him

Viplav kisses on her shoulder and removes her sari and takes her to bed and kisses her and kisses on her neck and he takes her leg and tells you are my god she bless him he laughs and tell you are blessing Na and gets sooo intimate with her

Viplav and dhaani have romantic moments together suddenly viplav gets up and cries thinking about his friend she thinks now I should help him and throws pillow at him

He takes it and throws at her and gets sooo close to her and tells we are one now they hug each other

This is not proper end but i f you want I will continue or not nice means tell me I will come back with new track bye bye

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Areh don’t end it so soon I m sure there must be a lot of silent readers

  2. Hey don’t worry yaar even though i dont comment daily i will read your FF daily.but for your last FF i did comment to support you and many silent readers like me are there to support you.I know you got hurt a lot but please dont take there comments into mind and always remember one thing where we go there will be negativity. and how much negative comments means you are becoming popular that much 🙂

    and tell me one thing u r from andhra right? 😛

    keep smiling 🙂 waiting for your another FF

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      No Tamilnadu yaar

      1. Ho i taught you r from andhra.But waiting for your next FF.Come back soon

  3. please don’t end it yarr… i know you might have got hurt because of others words… i have been a silent reader of your fan fiction and really wanna support not feel bad yarr…. don’t get affected by the negativity please…. and waiting for another fan fiction of yours…. 🙂 🙂 stay happy
    god bless you

  4. Don’t end soon yar.continue it

  5. Hi Ranaji! I know I am too late to comment as now only I read it. I don’t like ppl demotivating others.Ranaji don’t get disappointed with all the -ve comments. I really appreciate ur effort to write a ff. I tell u its really a tough job & keep it up. Only one advice- your sentences r very small & ends very fast.Explain them little
    properly. A reader should get lost while reading a story. So if u explain every action elaborately then it will b more engaging . Then c the magic. All d -ve comments will become +ve.All the best for ur next episode !!!

  6. Keep writing….it’s very good…i am always a silence reader

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