Love at first sight part-14(IKRS)

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The episode starts with dhaani and viplav makes leave to their house.

Viplav thinks about dhaani and their moments and laughs and he calls his friends for their marriage

Next day in Temple they takes rounds for their marriage suddenly they hear some sound telling to stop this wedding they complete he make her wear thali

Sound stops viplav brings her to his house and shows all things she gets amused and tells him I love you sooo much and hugs him tightly they share an eyelock he holds her cheek

Viplav brings her to room and shows their bed and she sees separation she asks why? He tells after 2days only for us first night till that we have to wait

Viplav and dhaani sleeps by seeing each other Wajah tum ho plays… Viplav gets up and throws all pillow and comes close to her and kisses her it is dhaani dream??in real he sleeps

She gets up and comes near him and tells in his ears that I love you he gets up and tells me too

Viplav and dhaani have some talk suddenly viplav gets a call he leaves dhaani thnx God for giving him as his husband suddenly something breaks she gets shocked and goes toward the room

She sees all broken and gets teary eyed she goes in and sees viplav in blood river and gets shocked and sees a man running through window

She calls ambulance and takes him to hospital she do surgery and makes him normal

She gets happy after seeing viplav opening his eyes she hugs him and asks who is that man? Viplav cries and tells my friend viplav tells I will tell you

But blood falls down from his hand she asks him to take rest

Precap:Viplav gets up and walks and he tells dhaani within two days our first night but for me now he cries dhaani clears his tears and hugs him

Enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Bekar yaar ;-> tum logon ko koi kam nahi hai kya.such a stupid story even intelligent and educated dogs will not like it.just stop writing and drown in a handful of water.again chiiiiii…

    1. aap k prob kya h abhi.khud to likh nh skte ho,kisi ka talent ko discourage q krte ho.aap ko kya prob h ye likhe to.aap k tarah kuch logon k na kuch kam nh h,isiliye yhn wohn ghum kk negative comment krte ho.agar positivity spread nh krskte ho to negativiy bb spread mat kro.tolerate nh krpate ho to chupchap chalejao

    2. Acha……… If you have more talent then you also write a one FF na. you dont have any right to talk on ones talent.

    3. if you have talent then you write one and post don’t have any right to criticize anyone…if you don’t like it then don’t read it…..don’t dare to comment here

  2. u have a very gud creativty .keep it up.i luv the way story going on

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx prachi for your support

  3. Vry stupid wrting pls story ki band mat bajao….

  4. Pls update soon Narendran.

  5. good going yarr…no need to get affected by some of the viruses criticism yarr… its your creativity and we are proud of you….. 🙂

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