Love at first sight part-12(IKRS)

The episode starts with dhaani sees viplav and gets amused and she jumps at him both fell down and they have tight hug people looks on. Panditji tells him to tie knot time is running he ties it

At night dhaani brings milk for viplav and sits beside her he tells I love you she asks do you want fruit? He laughs and holds her face and tells I love you, I love you she understood what he meant to say she tells I love you he laughs and gets close to her

He kisses on her head and kisses on shoulder and removes…..

Next day dhaani and viplav mom have a talk suddenly she tells about the car she goes and gets parts and fits and shows it to viplav he thanks her

Viplav and dhaani have knok jhok fight after 9months dhaani delivered a baby boy viplav sees it and comes to dhaani and thnx her

After 8years…

Dhaani checks his son fever temperature and tells him to take rest and tells she will come soon . she tells I will be here but viplav insists her come soon while leaving dog comes before the car he takes it out and they comes to the place where they encourage people to join in quit India moment.

At home raghul (son of them) He comes to know that their parents will come at evening only he acts like having stomach pain

Viplav mom calls him and tells he and dhaani comes in car he drives fast suddenly it gets into accident dhaani cries seeing him and tells Raghul will be more pain she hugs viplav they dies. FB ends…

Grandpa tells I made a small mistake which made me suffer soo much now I will unite them

Next day viplav comes to hospital suddenly his heart beats fast dhaani heart also beats fast he tries to open but she opens they have a talk

Dhaani and viplav introduces himself grandpa tells I have nobody viplav tells him to stay in my house grandpa tells your wife and son will be there.. He tells I am not married. Grandpa gets happy and thinks now they will be united dhaani tells I will come to viplav house for check up daily he agrees

Precap: Viplav gets ready tip top while dhaani enters the house his heart beats fast while dhaani heart also beats fast

Guys enjoy it and comment on this epi and tells how is my ideas?

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. good going….. but Dhaani and Viplav were so eager to have a child…. lol….. keep writing yarr 🙂

  2. Narendran,i think u are playing with heartbeats and rebirth.i laughed a lot when i imagined vipu in Zamindar seemed like his pani puri avatar.anyways u are doing a fantastic job.brilliant idea.

  3. Its fully a fiction bcz it speaks about rebirth.but enjoying it as dhani and viplav is one in all their birth.but Ranaji there is a decrease of clarity in ur writing as compared to ur earlier ff.earlier was more clear.pls take care of it yaar.

    1. sure yaar

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