Love at first sight (meri aashiqui tum se hi) part-9 small movie


Guys small intro for ishveer fans..

Ishaani: Princess of Mumbai city
Harshad: King of Mumbai
Ranveer: King of pune city

Guys pls forgive me I thought King queen story line..

The episode starts with ranveer orders his guards to get ready for the war we need to capture Mumbai. Before that someone should go and find secret way so that we can attack them easily he thinks I should go
and see he comes to Mumbai and hides and enters the city he comes to Ishaani room and sees her and gets into dream…

Next day Ishaani tells his father that she loves ranveer pune King Harshad tells sure and tells his minister to talk this to ranveer and fix ishveer marriage he agrees

Minister thinks I should destroy them and he comes to ranveer and tells him bad thing and taunts he gets angry and tells I will kill them

He tells his guards to get ready to fight with them and tells I will kill the minister and I will marry her

Ishaani comes to ranveer and meets him and hugs and tells I love you he tells her to wait I need to take war pls don’t tells this to your father I will help you.

She hugs him and thnx him for doing this to me

Precap: War starts ranveer comes minister but he runs away from there

Pls enjoy it guys it will end in 3parts just a short story pls don’t ask any questions guys

Enjoy it actually it is small love story

Credit to: Narendran

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