Love at first sight (meri aashiqui tum se hi) part-8 finale

The episode wedding rituals start ranveer and Ishaani takes the vows after third vow ragini father comes there and fires the gun everybody gets shocked he tells that he married my daughter. Ishaani gets unconscious ranveer asks what nonsense you are saying he tells yes you married her and went to us but now you are marrying another girl.

Ragini comes inside and thanks ranveer for saving her she tells her father that my husband is there in us and he was the one who saved from car accident Ishaani gets conscious and smiles they start taking vows after 6th round inspector comes with radhika and tells you told you will marry her but you are marrying another girl

Radhika tries to speak but he did not leave her to speak harshad friend son aims gun at her but police fires the bullet a drum falls on him he goes to unconscious state.

Radhika tells stop it and tells he was a good man I tried to kill me but he was the one who saved me and tells thanks ragini,radhika,inspector and ragini father stand there they complete seven rounds while making wear mangalsutra gokul wife comes there running gokul beats her with a rod she gets unconscious

Gokul comes and tells you are black people and tells after telling no you followed us and got married then how cheap you are

They fight ranveer and Ishaani comes in between they thought both came to stop but they run parents asks were they are going they tells you continue fight we are going to honeymoon

The End..

Guys I think you have enjoyed this is the end it is a small story

Simply I thought and I have written sorry if I had any mistakes

Guys pls comment this is the last epi…

Pls comment😀😀😀😀😀😇

Credit to: Narendran


  1. vaishali

    It is so nice as always u r a perfect writer when will u start the 2nd season of kumkum bhagya and meri aashiqui tum se hi

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