Love at first sight (meri aashiqui tum se hi) part-11

The episode starts with ranveer tells i want to marry your daughter harshad gets shocked and starts fighting with him they fight ranveer falls down unconscious harshad tells i will kill you now he gets shocked he tells to listen to him once..

Ranveer tells plsss ishaani comes there and gets shocked she comes there harshad tells her to stand there she comes there and tells i love him and he too loves me and tells he told me everything your life is in danger so he attacked the palace so that he can kill the minister

Harshad gets shocked he makes ranveer get up and hugs him and tells i am happy to get son like you ranveer tells you are my father from today he egts teary eyes ishaani asks them why they are crying let us be happy

she brings them to mandap ranveer and ishaani takes rounds and he keeps sindoor .
In night ishaani comes to room ranveer sees her and comes to her and takes her in his arms and brings her to bed he kisses her she kisses him continously ranveer tells if i get kiss like this i will die now also ishaani keeps hand on his mouth

ranveer hugs her and kisses on shoulder and she turns he removes dupatta and kisses her he takes the blanket and kisses her the screen freezes with their romantic scenes

MORAL; Pls don;t trust anyone blindly


Guys this is my short story ????????pls enjoy it and keep reading my fan fiction and soon i will catch you with another short story soon

pls give comments guys how is my short film??

don;t take wrong the moral guys i have written by my own experience..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Fatarajo

    I liked ur ff sort couldn’t comment it for the past few days Ranaji, btw can tell me what ffs are u curently publishing so that I can read them all as I don’t have enough time to find and read all ff, so if u tell me the names it will be better for me

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