Love at first sight (meri aashiqui tum se hi) part-10


The episode starts with Ishaani hugs ranveer and thnx him next day the war starts harshad orders the guards to keep the palace safe and orders one minister to go and fight and one to guard palace and he tells Ishaani to go from here but she denies harshad insists

She leaves from there with guruji war starts they all fight minister sees ranveer and he runs ranveer comes to him and holds his hand and calls guards to kill him minister calls one more minister from palace to save him

He comes and saves him in the mean time ranveer enters the palace and starts fighting every guards die there

Ranveer comes to King and tells him that somebody was trying to kill you so that I thought to kill them he tells I want marry Ishaani

Precap: Ishaani hugs ranveer harshad gets teary eyes

Enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Oho my Ranveer is best…

  2. wow awesome ranaji . ranaji please put fulstop and coma

  3. Thnx guys

  4. Nice ranaji,pls use fullstop and comma

  5. Nice Ranaji.

  6. welldon ranaji..y u not post commnt in Matsh yaar..we will miss u ..plzz vapas aagaya our matsh will be rocking na..

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