Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-8

The episode starts with dhaani eyes was tied with clothes viplav brings her to the room dhaani sees it in clothes hole and gets amused viplav tells her not to cheat dhaani. She tells I did not cheat they both have knok jhok fight. Viplav opens the clothes she gets happy

Viplav asks her did you like it she tells it is awesome viplav asks for the kiss dhaani tells OK but after one more gift viplav gets close to her but dhaani leaves from there and comes outside and sees dhaani he goes near to her and holds her hand and tells I love you and bends his knees with a rose she gets teary eyes

Dhaani tells I love you too viplav gives anklet to her and tells to wear it. Dhaani tells you will make me wear this viplav tells OK you are forcing me but it is OK dhaani laughs viplav gets into dream

Wajah tum ho song plays….
They dance romantically and gets closed viplav asks her for the kiss she gives him continuously viplav gts happy and gets shy

Dhaani tells viplav lets leave viplav tells one more plzzz she tells after sometime viplav tells OK

They both comes to the ashram dulaari greets viplav and tells dhaani to go inside viplav signs dhaani for the kiss she leaves dulaari tells tomorrow will be sangeet so you pls get ready

Precap: Viplav sees dhaani in red saree and gets amused and he looks on

Guys I think you like it and Happy new year to all IKRS fans

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Guys just two more parts remaining ☺☺☺☺

  2. It’s so amazing I love it!!

    1. Thnx anisha

  3. I appreciate your work.Narendran bhai kya romance ? tha but keep in mind dhaani is very innocent and shy as compared to normal girls of his age.

    1. Sure akshay thnx for the support

  4. Ranaji,its too romantic but i think in real life,that is in IKRS dhani will not kiss like this bcz her personality doesn’t suit to it.but this is a mini movie and it will make us happy. Superb,go on Ranaji bcz we enjoyed a lot romance here than in orginial IKRS.

    1. Thnx saranya there will be end of this show within two epi pls enjoy it

  5. Fatarajo,brity,rezmie,Tamil,varsha and everyone pls comment guysss

  6. Fatarajo I have posted my matsh ff also pls see it thnx for the support guys this will get over within 2parts and swaragini in 3parts and I will continue only matsh becoz I like that show very very much

  7. hai ranaji it was nice but whatever saran said is right dhaani is not like that and i am waiting for the precap pls post that update has big one pls

    1. Thnx for the comment

  8. nice ranaji keep it up

    1. Thnx kaviya for the comment

  9. Hi narendaran
    Very good, when did this story comes in show….

    1. No it is my ff not real story

      1. Kkkkk.very nice

  10. Good story Ranaji, story contains lot of romance between VIDHANI. Thank you Ranaji, so sweet. Keep it up.

    1. Thnx sonu for your comment

  11. nice one ranaji

    1. Thnx ishveer

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