Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-6

The episode starts with viplav tells I love you dhaani tells me too. Viplav out of ashram and thinks his lovely moments with dhaani and smiles dhaani also thinks about it Ishq ka rang safed plays….

Viplav comes to the house and sees the arrangements and gets happy viplav calls laksh and sanskaar(from swaragini) and tells you should come to engagement sanskaar tells about swara and tells laksh and ragini will come

Viplav thanks him. He brings a ring for dhaani. Dhaani comes to dashrath home for engagement kanak thinks how to bear this bahu and she smirks

Viplav goes to dhaani and takes her in his arms everybody looks on amused dashrath gets happy he thinks my son is happy now

Viplav brings dhaani inside he is surprised that dhaani is wearing same sari which she throwed he gets joy

He comes closer but dulaari and dashrath there is time pls start the engagement viplav puts ring on dhaani hand everybody claps while dhaani puts the ring piya comes in and claps

Dhaani sees her and gets tensed viplav tells come in piya tells that you both acted to get shelter but I am happy that you are marrying her

Dulaari asks who are you?? Dhaani tells I will tell you later engagement gets over viplav brings a gift and gives to dhaani and tells her to go to house and open it she tells OK

Dhaani comes to ashram and opens it and gets happy. She thinks about viplav ishq ka rang safed song plays….

Precap: Viplav comes to dhaani and asks about the gift

Guys pls give me some ideas which gift it should be I don’t know about it pls give your advice

Till that enjoy it buddies??????

Credit to: Narendran


  1. noorshifa

    Sweet moments!! too good…I dont know yu take my idea or not… Bt i want to tel my idea, i think it maybe Anklet or mobile????…

    • Ranaji(narendran)

      Thnx your ideas are sweet I have sent next epi also but guys I will not be able to comment for 4days and no updates enjoy part-7 and I will update next at jan-1

    • Saranya

      OMG,jyoti commented positively.i can’t believe this.God ‘ll let us see many miracles.and jyoti what happened to your master.happy with mosquitoes and time when u visit jail pls tell him that our vidhani united forever and don’t dare to come again in their life.better u also understand that,pp ka chamchi. And don’t use your saddism atleast’s a request.

  2. Saranya

    Ranaji very lovely and romantic moments ofvidhani.the most cutest moment is when viplav lifts her by arms.all the best for your next part Ranaji.

    • Ranaji(narendran)

      Thnx saranya for your support you are awesome and all of them who commented at all the epi thnx

  3. Suresh kumar

    I love this serial. I request to the director to add more & more love scenes between dhani and viblap in upcoming episodes.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.