Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-4

The episode starts with dhaani tells how within two weeks he asks dhaani let us go for a movie dulaari denies telling that people will taunt her as a widow going with a young boy. Viplav tells I am going to marry her if anyone tells wrong about her then I will kill them dhaani tells OK and they comes to the theatre to watch movie they sit on the chair dhaani tells you love me so much viplav he tells yes dhaani asks will you take me to bangle shop viplav tells sure dhaani tells now pls viplav agrees dhaani and viplav comes to the shop dhaani goes inside

People taunt dhaani for coming inside viplav hold his collar and slaps him and tells that he viplav tripathi is going to marry her so just shut up.

He comes to dhaani and asks her to select she gets teary eyes he removes the tears with his hands and tells I will even die for you dhaani keeps hand on his mouth

Shopkeeper shows the bangles viplav gives two bangles which his dadi gave she likes it she also takes some bangles viplav pays it they leave viplav tells dhaani I have a wish viplav ask her to tells soon dhaani tells she need to go with him in bike he sees her amused

Viplav tells just a second he calls his friend and tell him to bring his bike viplav sit on bike dhaani sits at back and keeps hand at back.

Viplav rides the bike fast and he puts a sudden brake dhaani laughs and beats him viplav tells sorry and asks her to stop . Viplav comes to ashram and sees dulaari waiting for dhaani he comes to her and takes ashirvath she blesses dashrath comes and tells I have arranged for marriage after two weeks I will make everything ready.

Viplav tells I have a bangle and puts it on dhaani hand everyone sees it and gets happy. Badi Amma tells dhaani is very lucky to get you as her husband.

Viplav tells no I am very lucky to get dhaani as my wife dhaani looks on with teary eyes and cleans it and tells you will not cry in your life her after

Precap: Viplav comes to the jewellery shop to buy a necklace for dhaani.

Guys I think you liked it pls give comments only 2parts remaining pls enjoy it??????????

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys next part will be more exiciting than this epi pls enjoy this epi and don’t miss to watch next epi

  2. etretr

    i think he is stupid and narendran pls stop writing fan fiction i think many people will support me if yes pls reply me guys

      • kaviya

        Well said fatarajo, etretr don’t hurt others with your words.ranaji don’t mind this type of useless comments. keep writing. We support you.

    • reZmie

      Yehh viruses yahaan bhi aagaya?? Oyee etretr if u hav any probs wid ff u DONT READ…. BETTER LEAVE AND GO !!!! Ranaji is doing gud… its his talent y do u interfere….

  3. reZmie

    Viruses has bcum a HEADACHE nw…
    Yeah i agree each 1 has right to share opinion…
    but not by hurting others !!! If u r not happy wid d posted work @least u shud appreciate their effort.. they hav done wot v didnt /cudnt do…

  4. Renu singh

    So finally …viplav aur dhaani Ka love successfull ho gaya m so happy ….n BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY …. Aisha Singh u just rock u viplav wat a love story yaar pyaar ho toh aisa kisi k todne se Na toote.jamaane se bhi nahi..well done

  5. Saranya

    Virus landed here also.get out u idiot.stop hurting others.saddist.and narendran u are doing a good job.keep it up.

  6. Daly

    I am reading telly update of this show first tyme….actually this scene when did happen bcos I am exicting to see this…I daily watch the show. Thank u for upcoming episodes updates

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.