Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-10


The episode starts with viplav calls dhaani and teases her dulaari sees it and thanks god for her daughter happiness

Next day dhaani gets ready as bride kanak makes Raj lakshmi gets ready as similar as dhaani and tells her to do what I say she tells OK.

Dhaani comes to mandap viplav takes vows and make her wear mangalsutra and sindoor kanak smiles happily and claps and tells viplav that you think you got your love and you got married to dhaani . he stands clueless.

Viplav asks what is she saying she tells you got married to Raj lakshmi not dhaani everybody gets shocked

Viplav opens the veil everybody gets shocked kanak smiles evily .She turns and gets shocked she is dhaani .

Raj lakshmi comes from behind and claps and tells that you have planned but failed viplav looks at dhaani and gets happy kanak gets shocked viplav tells I remove my relation with you kanak cries dhaani tells it is OK you also my mom she hugs her

Kanak tells today onwards you are my daughter and takes a photo with her.

Viplav takes her and tells we are going to honey moon today and they runs

The end…

Guys i think you have enjoyed it let us see in next movie

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. OMG, Ranaji kya writer Ho Tum, Bohot Thi acha movie hain box office verdict: blockbuster 🙂 can’t wait for the next one

  2. I am impressed in your comments fatarajo I will soon post next movie soon

  3. ? ????
    Vidhaani rocks !! ??

    1. Nd so u do ranji aap ne kamaal ki kaam ki hei… Excellently done !!!! ☺

  4. Thnx rezmie

  5. Ranaji,no words of compliment to u bcz i have no words for it.i don’t want to say superb,exceptional as usual .i think there is nothing much in those compliment words.only i can say is u are the one who gave us much romance of our vidha.thanks a lot for that and may be u can do better in small screen,i mean more than this fan fiction.all the best for that.i hope u will come with another fan fiction soon.till then keep commenting in our IKRS page.

    1. Sure Saran

  6. And Ranaji,i think Kanak will not change that much easily,bcz that’s her character,really a evil one.if she wanted to change,then she should change with that temple incident,bcz she was the one responsible for Viplav’s wound.anyway that’s not a matter here bcz this is a mini movie.but hope u will come up with another ff that suits to kanak’s real character.

  7. Oh God! Kitana accha story banegi aap? Excellent, superb. Block buster movie, waiting for your next movie.Thanks for a giving such a wonderful story of ikrs.

  8. Nice…..keep up the good work…..
    Actually I wanted to know if anyone knows about the tune of dheere dheere se in back ground in some episodes of IKRS…
    please let me know……humble request………

  9. super ranaji

  10. ranaji your ff is awesome but last me jyada fast ho gaya 😛 …kanak itni achchi nahi hae Jo photo kiche dhani ke sath …. 😛 😛 …but others is blockbuster movie .. 🙂

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