Love in Arguments ~ Shatakshi and Ria (Episode 2)

Love In Arguments?
(Episode 2)

If anyone missed out on our first episode, here is the link below:

Helloo lovely ppl,
See we both are back again.
Hope you are enjoying our ff.
Our main motive is to bring a smile on your face.
So, without any time let’s start.

Taneja mansion
Twinkle’s room

Twinkle was sleeping when her phone rang. She searched for her phone and suddenly fell down from her bed. “Ahhh!”, exclaimed Twinkle. She got up from the floor rubbing her hands and back but, again fell down on the floor as her legs got entangled with the blanket. “Ahh.. Mumma”, she shouted. She got up and threw the blanket from herself. She picked up her phone and made a disgusted face looking at it. She picked up the call and before the caller could speak anything she started speaking.

Twinkle: Tabhi toh main sochun ki mera din itna kharab kyun shuru hua! After all, aap jaise mahan vyakti ka call aaya hai savere savere. Aj kya hua hai jo aap ne mujhe call kiya hai?
(Now, I know why my day had such a bad start! After all, such a great person like you called me early in the morning. What happened today that you’ve called me?)

Caller: Oh madam, iss galat femni mein bilkul bhi mat rehna ki maine aap ko chahke call kiya hai. Woh toh Yuvi ne bola isliye. Hamein assignment ke liye milna hai so, uske ghar pe jaldi aao.
(Oh madam, don’t be in the misconception that I called you by my wish. Yuvi told me that’s why. We’ve to meet up for completing the assignment so, come to his home soon.)

Twinkle: Kunj, dekho tum na.. (Kunj, see..)

(Before she could speak further Kunj cut the call. She stared at her phone and threw it on her bed.)

“Samajhta kya hai ye khud ko? Mera bas chale toh main toh iska bharta bana doon.. Lekin sirf ye maa ke vajah se shaant hoon. Aur vaise bhi ye mujhe attention kyun dega? Iss ki toh woh ladkiyaan hain college mein attend karne ke liye jin ke liye tailor dresses ke liye full price leta hai or kam kapde se dresses bana ke deta hai”, said Twinkle tying up her hair in a bun.
(What does he think of himself? If I’d the liberty na I would’ve just smashed him up.. I’m just controlling myself because of maa. Anyways, why will he give me attention? He has all those girls to attend for whom the tailors take full price for the dresses and stitches it only out of a little cloth.)

“Anyways, as if mujhe farak padhta hai.(Anyways, as if it makes a difference to me.) Who cares!”, murmured Twinkle getting into the washroom.

Later, that morning Twinkle was going to Yuvraj’s house when she found Kunj flirting with a few girls. “Ho gaya iss ka shuru”, (Again he started) murmured Twinkle and nodded her head hopelessly. She walked over to Yuvraj’s house when Kunj called her from behind.

Kunj: Hey Duckling!

Twinkle made a disgusted and ignoring him went inside. He came running and stood before her.

Kunj: Aj aap time pe kaise? Ya phir meri watch slow hai?(Said Kunj looking at his watch.)
(How come you’re on time? Or, my watch is slow?)

Twinkle: (Rolled her eyes) Woh kya hai na main khule aam besharm cartoons ki tarah flirt nahi karti toh I’m always punctual.
(Actually I don’t openly flirt like shameless cartoons so, I’m always punctual.)

Kunj: Tujhse toh college mein bhi flirt nahi hota toh khule aam karna toh bahut badi baat hai.
(You can’t flirt in college only. What will you flirt openly!”)

Twinkle: Tumhe nahi lagta ki tum aj kal bahut hawa mein udd rahe ho?
(Don’t you think you’re flying in air (i.e. showing a lot of attitude)?)

Kunj: Kahan? Tujhe apne paas badal ya suraj dikh rahe hain kya? Kyun ki mujhe toh yahan paas mein sirf ghaas dikh raha hai.
(Where? Do you see any clouds or sun around yourself? Because I can see only grass around me.)

Twinkle: Hasna tha? (Did I’ve to laugh?)
(Kunj rolled his eyes while Twinkle continued) Anyways, tumhe agar kisi aur se flirt karna hai toh karo. Mera time mat waste karo.
(Anyways, if you want to flirt with someone else too then continue. Please don’t waste my time.)

She pushed him aside and went inside Yuvraj’s house while Kunj murmured, “Haaye! Iske adaon par toh kisi ka bhi dil aa jaye!” (Gosh! Anyone will die on her style!) He slapped his forehead and rushed inside Yuvraj’s house following him.

Twinkle sat on one side of the round table expecting Mahi to accompany her on the next seat. But, suddenly Mahi came and sat beside Yuvraj and passed an innocent smile to her.
Twinkle gave a What-The-Hell type of look.
Kunj entered the room and found only one seat vacant and that too next to his Duckling. He saw Yuvraj with weird expressions.

Kunj: What The Hell Yuvraj!! You are sitting with this Duckling’s best friend and not with me.

Twinkle narrowed her eyes looking at Kunj and Yuhi started passing innocent glares. Reluctantly Kunj kept his bag next to Twinkle’s seat. He realised that his phone was missing.

Kunj: I am coming. I guess I left my phone downstairs.
(And he left. As he returned.)
Kunj: (yelled) WHAT THE F…!!!

Twinkle: (dramatically) Oops ! Sorry.

Kunj: Are you out of your mind? I know you did this intentionally. Now, how will I sit?

Twinkle: (with attitude) It’s your problem.

Mahi: Twinkle it’s your mistake okay? What was the need to empty your juice on his seat?

Twinkle: Mahi yaar aaj to tu ek baat clear kar he de. Tu kiski dost hai? Meri ya phir iss cartoon ki?
(Mahi, tell me something clearly today. Who’s friend are you? Are you my friend or this cartoon’s?)

Mahi: Aareee it’s not the matter of friendship….instead tum dono ke fight me bechare Yuvi ka couch kharab ho raha h.
(Aareee it’s not the matter of friendship….instead because of your fights Yuvi’s couch is becoming wet.)

On hearing this Twinkle narrows her eyes and Kunj arches his eyebrow.

Twinj: (together) Ohh Really!!!

This made Uv give a naughty smile and Mahi looked down in embarrassment.

Kunj: It’s ok I will sit down. You all carry on with your work.

Saying this he sat on the carpet while others were sitting up. All the time Twinkle was peeping from the corner of her eyes. Somewhere she didn’t liked Kunj sitting down and that too because of her.

Twinkle: (suddenly) Ohh God Yuvi… What kind of couch do you have? My whole body is paining because of your crooked seater.
(She says dramatically…acting to be frustrated)

Saying this she stood up and sat on the carpet next to Kunj.

Twinkle: Now why are you both staring at me? Come join us. It’s comfortable sitting down.
(She says stretching her arms and legs. Yuhi joined them on the carpet. All the time Kunj was smiling looking at Twinkle. Twinkle saw this and understood.)

Twinkle: (with attitude) Maine yeh aapne liye kiya hai. (I did this for myself.)

Kunj: (with a naughty smile) Toh maine kab bola ki tune mere liye kiya hai?
(So, when did I say that you did it for me?)

Twinkle: (stammering) Vo…vo… Shut up you cartoon and do your work quietly.

Kunj: (leaning towards her and whispers) You know sometimes it feels like I am in love with you.
(Twinkle pushed him with a disgusting face.)

Twinkle: Do you even know what love is?

Kunj: (dramatically) Love….Love is a virus…
Twinkle: And you know what… My sandal is it’s antivirus.
(She says pressing her teeth. Both gave death glares to each other and within no time they burst out into laughter.)

Twinkle: (between laughter) Too much huh Kunj. That’s why I hate you the most. My best enemy.
(She says giving a hit on his shoulder. Kunj stopped laughing and indicated Twinkle something through his eyes. Twinj’s jaws were hitting the ground.)

Twinj: Ahem Ahem.

Twinkle: Mahi are you done with romancing with this cartoon.
(This broke Yuhi’s moment.)

Yuvraj: We…we weren’t romancing okay? 

Kunj: Ya ya we saw.

Twinkle: Ok guys it’s too late. Let’s jot up the work we have completed today.

Kunj: Bus itna samajh le ki assignment chod ke sab kuch kiya hai.??
(Just understand that we did everything except the assignment.??)

After some couple of minutes Twinkle and Mahi left the place.

Kunj: Do you like Mahi??

Yuvraj: . . .

Kunj: Sun le Bhai agar karta bhi hai na to bhi na usse bhool jaa. Mujhe koi shok nahi hai uss Duckling ko apna rishtedar banane ka.
(Listen, even if you do then forget her. I don’t have any plans of making that Duckling my relative.)

Yuvraj: Chup kar Kunj. Aasa kuch nahi hai. 
(Shut up Kunj. There’s nothing like that.)

Kunj: Bhai tu dhyan rakh nahi to kuch nahi se bahut kuch hone me time nahi lagta.
(Bro, you take care or else, it won’t take much time for nothing to change into something.)
(Saying this Kunj too left.)

Kunj Thinks, “Yuvi tu na bole to bhi mujhe samajh me aa raha hai. Par aasa kuch hai to tu chupa kyu raha hai. Kunj beta tujhe pata lagana he hoga aakhir mamla kya hai. Par kisi ki help chahiye hogi. Ducking can help me but, uska attitude uske height se zyada lamba hai. Agar help mangunga to hawa me udne lagegi.”
(Yuvi, you tell or not but, I do understand. But, if there’s something like that then why are you hiding it? Kunj, you’ve to find out what’s the matter. But, I need someone’s help. Duckling can help me but, her attitude has a height more than hers. If I ask her for help she’ll start thinking something and all about her own self.)

So, how was it?
Guys we have decided to play a kind of game. So you just have to guess the parts we have written. As you all are familiar our writings so let’s see who wins.?

Please don’t forget to drop down your views about this episode below. We’d be eagerly waiting to read them out. Criticism is always welcome but, no ill language.

We’ll be uploading the next episode the next Saturday, 1st October. Do stay tuned.

Love you all loads. Take care.?

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..amazing episode…..really fab….superb…..awesome…..??????

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Rashi,
      Thank you so much! Thank you so so much for the constant support. We’re glad that you liked it. We’ll be back with the third episode soon. Do stay tuned.
      All the best for your exams.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  2. Sujina

    sattu n riu u both made my day….
    i was controlling my laughter…?
    twinkle ducking….sandal antivirus….
    n that mujhe toh yahan sirf grass dikhai deta….i cant stop laughing
    its hilarious….n yuhis romance tw accompanying kunj it was so cute
    loved it….

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Sujina,
      Thank you so much! We’re glad you liked it. Well, the virus-antivirus dialogue was Shatakshi’s while the grass one was mine. We’ll be uploading our next episode the coming Saturday. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?

  3. Awesome…. amazing…. fantastic….. Fabulous….. :*:*:*:*:*:*:)

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Sana,
      Thank you so much dear! We’re glad you liked it. We’ll be back with the next episode soon. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Shattu di and Ria as usual you guys are rocking here as well 🙂 And I am not able to guess as of I have never read both of your’s comedy but never mind I found Ria’s touch of writing more especially in that part “Bas itna samajh le ki assignment chod ke sab kuch kia hai ??”
    Well done! Keep going and reach heights 🙂
    Loads of love and support ????
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Zuha,
      Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. We’re glad that you liked it. Well, that dialogues was Shatakshi’s. Never mind. There are many more episodes to come, you can guess it there too. We’ll be back with our next episode soon. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  5. Kritika14

    It was amazing! I loved it throughout. Honestly, i can’t actually say about which parts is written by whom cuz you guys blend your writings amazingly, so it’s tough to guess so i really don’t accept the challenge cuz its difficult af. But just a wild guess, those duckling dialogues are written by ria while the antivirus wala part is by sha? Whatever it is, let me know if i am right or wrong okay? Anyway, i am really eager to read the next episode as well. Wont tell to post asap as you guys have already decided the date but just write a longer episode the next time? as you just write once a week and i really love this, so would love to read this for a longer time, but if you guys won’t be able to .. not a problem at all! Love you both ?

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Monica,
      Thank you so much my stupid! We’re glad you liked it. Well, the antivirus part is written by Shatakshi. Duckling..umm..are you talking about the conversation before entering their house? I don’t think so.. well, Shatakshi wrote from the part where twihi entered Yuvi’s house. Anywaus, there are many more episodes to come. Keep guessing. We’ll be back with the next one soon and will try to make it longer. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Your idiot, Ria?

  6. Superb…..amazing…episodereally enjoyed it

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Payal,
      Thank you so much dear! We’re glad you liked it. We’ll be back with the next episode soon. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi…loved it…

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Purnima,
      Thank you so much dear! We’re glad you liked it. We’ll be back soon with the next episode. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  8. Hey
    Nice episode waiting fr next post
    Amazing loved it

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Ramya,
      Thank you so much! We’re glad you liked it. We’ll be back with the next episode soon. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?

  9. Shreya098

    Amazing guys….

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank you so much Shreya! We’re glad you liked it.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  10. Srija

    hillarious ????
    fantastico ???
    i was laughing like anything ???????
    well sorry for not commenting before as i had exams and yesterday it ended
    u both have done a marvellous job keep going

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Srija,
      Thank you so much dear! We’re glad you liked it. It’s okay. Exams and studies are priority. I hope it went well. Anyways, we’ll be back soon. Do stay tuned.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  11. Sameera

    Wow yaar sattu n ria amazing awesome loved it
    I think the start was written by ria n middle sattu hope so ??
    Do cont soon …

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank u so much Sam
      Glad to know that u liked it
      Love u loads??❤❤

  12. awesome

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank u dear❤

  13. Anam_sidhant

    Awwww the epi was so damn cuter?? I love that duckling and cartoon?? eagerly waiting for the next one❤❤

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank u so much Anam
      Love u Dear
      Glad to know that u liked


  14. Ayu

    Guys! U rocked this today!!!!
    N that ‘virus-antivirus’ wala dialogue was simply ???
    I am laughing my head out at the moment!!! Amazingly written!!! N the concept blew my heads out!!!!
    Loved it?

    Par yaar ye bahut galat hai!!! Phasa diya naa? Main game nahin kheloungi!!! Mera har baar mazaak ud jaayega! U guys know how good i am at guessing right? Pls spare me this game??
    Mera guess karte karte bura haal ho jaana hai!!pls yaar u both are awesome! Kaam tum donnon ka hai so it was simply SHATAKSHIRIA who wrote this???

    Love u guys!?❤️❤️
    Ur jodi is fire!❤️❤️

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank u shoooo much Ayu
      N yeah that antivirus wala part was ????
      Mere dimag ki upaj…lolz
      Thank u so much for ur support
      Love u loads❤❤❤❤

  15. Maggi

    Awsm epi….
    Mind blowing dialogues…..I live their names…..cartoon and duckling???
    So cuteee…..
    Amazyn piece of work by u guys????
    Luvd it core…
    Ur ff is a weekend treat for me?
    Luvd it core❤❤❤
    Cont soon…..

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Awww Maggi noodles??
      Sorry for this ??
      U really made us smile
      N u know I call on of friend as Duckling?
      Happy to know that u liked the names
      N surely we will post soon
      Love u ❤❤❤

  16. Angita

    Great u both

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank u so much Angu…
      Love u❤❤

  17. Kruti

    U guys r just phenomenal……..Nd rahi baat kisne likha hai ye part sooooooI guess shatakshi……..its just a guess I ain’t sure abt it
    Par jisne bhi vo virus aur antivirus ka part likha hai na…….????????ye haal kar diya tha mera
    Damn funny guys…..each nd everybit of it was very well written
    I am so loving this one

    Loads of Luv???

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey kruti
      Thank u so much for this sweet comment
      N thanks for always supporting us.
      N rahi baat parts ki….so I n ria write half half…so first half is Ria’s n second half I mean from twihi entering home is mine..
      Glad that u liked that dialogue…
      I found it hilarious while writing???

      Love u loads
      N post ur ff soon…I m waiting❤❤


  18. Wow it was amazing and that antivirus part was so funny

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Awww sushmitha thank u so much
      Glad that u liked it
      Love u❤❤

  19. Jiya_Ani

    U both have blend it so nicely.. And if you both have prepared half half.. I feel the first written by ria di and the second one is by sattu di..I was trying to get the exact where one of you ended and the other started… But that’s a can of worms…
    But bravo are killing it..

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Omg Shreyu
      Tune pechan he liya
      I was correct???
      N I started from the time twinkle n Mahi entered.
      Glad to know that u liked it
      N how r ur exams going on??
      Love u loads❤❤


    2. Jiya_Ani

      Main jeet gyi main meet gyi?????????…

      And yes I am rocking my exams bas SST wala apne ff SALILWAL2 ke chakkar main kahin wrong answer naa likh aayi hoon I hope…
      Love you ❤

  20. Jiya_Ani

    And main ye game khelungi..till the end..okay?

  21. Hahaha!!! You know guys i’m still laughing… Superb… Enjoyed it alot..

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Sidhanshi
      Thank.u so much
      It really means a lot
      Love u Dear

  22. Chiku

    Its lovely
    Mazaaa agaya
    It was amazing

  23. O Teri!
    Main itni late ho gayi!!!!
    I am so sorry?
    Wo Maths ke paper ke sadme mein reh gayi
    Sorry sorry.
    Trust me…I am laughing like a maniac.
    I am so happy after reading this.
    See, all the dialogues with a colon sign are written by u, Shats di and all dialogues in those inverted commas are written by u, Ria di.
    Do post soon both of u.
    And I love u both.
    P.S Missing u a lot twin sisso.

  24. SidMin

    The whole part was so funny My day started so bad I mean I was Late to class unknowingly But your ff made my day I save the ff’s and then read it during my class breaks Loved it People were busy studying for the test and I was reading the ff’s 🙂
    The dialogues OMG how do you get such words and Idea’s Just Loved it 🙂 I was laughing the whole time while reading it and yes A question does Kunj feel something for Twinkle I mean the dialogue : “Haaye! Iske adaon par toh kisi ka bhi dil aa jaye!” has made me think so
    Loved it and Twinkle too has a soft corner for Kunj Loved it
    Twinj on mission to make Yuhi accept their feeling WOW Just Loved it 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

  25. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Hiiiii BQ and tapasvi jii ??✌?✌?
    Sorry yaaron
    But actually I m suffering from a viral disease?? which fully affects the person from top to toe…shayad use love kehte hai…apke ff k language mein…??
    Matlab seriously comment karwa hi diya tumne…
    Dekho ye lazy Dq comment kr rhi hai..
    Chalo bolo thank u…
    ?? lekin agar bola na thank u toh dant tod dungi ????
    Btw tum log bhi kafi acchi comedy kr lete ho ??
    So overall I loved ur epi..??
    Ekdum mere bq and tapasvi style wala ☺☺
    Chalk bbye..
    And han I want reply from u both.

  26. Sayeeda

    OMG …..two great no no Best writer’s of TEI TU page r in venture for the ff …..????…..
    Am I dreaming ???…..
    No yrr it wasn’t a dream but a reality …..Though earlier I ain’t aware about it but all thanks to Ria she made me acknowledged about this ff ….love U Ria for it??…..

    I was really a dumbo who missed reading this ff but now I’m no more a dumb coz I read the previous episodes also….. all the parts were amazing ones…..

    One side Sattu nd one side Ria ….dhamaka toh banta hai na boss????….U both r rocking TEI TU page with ur ff ….

    Coming to this one……???????……..woowww guys u both can write too hilarious episode I wasn’t having idea of it …..
    Really yrr each nd every dialogue was giving a immense pleasure …..

    Don’t ask regarding which part is written by whom coz for me its really difficult to tell ….

    Love you Ria …..nd Sattu …..??????????

  27. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey shatakshi and Ria
    Loved this ff a lot
    U both r doing an amazing job
    Keep it up
    It’s not easy to write a ff together
    But u both are nailing it up
    Thumbs up from me ???

  28. Fan

    Awesome epi guys!!!…loved it to the core..i cant wait to read the next one

  29. Haha superb n hilarious epi??.. twinkle falling down from her bed twice was epic??.. and then suraj-baadal-ghas thingy??.. loved it when twinkle was feeling bad that cuz of her kunj had to sit down and went to accompany him.. and that virus-antivirus was funny ??.. loving each n every dialogue ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  30. Thanmy

    RIAKSKHI rulaa diya mujhe (dramatically don’t take it serious )
    Now wondering yeh ladki pagal hai kya hilarious wali ff pe koyi rotha hai kya u both might be thinking like this only naa tell me seriously I won’t mind actually I’ll tell u why because I’m missing my best enemy seeing twinj fights n especially the words “my best enemy”made me bit senti because I did not see her from 4 days??n missing her badly have to catch up her on Monday we just fight like twinj yrrr the same way n yaaaa coming to the ff o God it was like “”””no words here dictionary empty once again”””” virus anti virus part I just loved that like anything its awesome yrrrrr u both will make me go crazy with ur writings the way kunj goes crazy seeing twinkle I know bad comparison but kya karu told u all already no words here okkkkk I think I did a lot of bak bak I won’t irritate u all I told u na u both making me crazy nothing more than this chaloooo byeeee game next week se khelunga because its 12 yrrrr c the crazyness chalooo
    Byeeeee jaa rahi hoon
    Love u both ?????

  31. Romaisha

    Hello you two! ?? these crazy people! … Yaar r u planning on killing me early out if laughter?? ?
    Like you two are damnnn awesome! I don’t have words..??
    Just too good… Hope Saturday comes quickly ??
    Bye; love you❤❤

  32. Baby

    Shatakshiria I no I m late bt sry
    Actually system kharab hogya hai so me cmnt nhi kr skti bt amazinv fabulous episode hassi bhi aayi or maza bhi
    N d guess soo I thnk ki yuhi r in relationship or deres smthing going btw 2 luvnng it muuahhhh…..

  33. Baby

    Yr srsly amazing d virus antivirus sooooooo cute..

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