Our love is the answer for our Pain (One Shot)

This life is full of suspense mystery and ofcourse thriller. I am the Sanskar Mehra the number one conman and people call me Guru. Yes Guru the heartless killer but deep inside a person who is carving for love.
Yes I am carving for the love I should have got when I was 5 years. In front of my eyes my very big happy family got killed by Adarsh Khanna the king of underworld and now I am 26 capable of killing with my glare itself. Now I am standing in front of his beloved daughter’s hostel waiting to capture her.

I had never seen her but to get hold of Adarsh my only card is Swara. Swara Khanna a girl of age 20 studying in medical college in Chennai. I can hear giggling sound of some girls and I saw a girl wearing jeans and white butterfly top jumping around her friends and making fun.
I think she is Swara I thought to myself and walked towards her.
Excuse me I guestured and the girl turned with her one of the best smile she had.

Yes she said.
Swara Khanna I asked. Suddenly her eyes sparkled with an unknown happiness but the others had a disgust face.
Someone came to see my Shona OMG am I dreaming she started to jump and I scratched my head in confusion.

O Ragini don’t be silly I think he came to check out her for some reasons said one of her friends and I heard a sharp slap sound.
The eyes which were sparked with happiness is now burning in anger.
Don’t use your sl*t language on her she is not any dirt she is my Shona did you get that she spoke in low dangerous voice.
Sorry Gentleman sorry for the delay and Shona is in the back of the hostel she said pointing the direction.
Thank You Ragini I said. Ofcourse she wont identify me what she no one will because Guru is like a shadow no one see him but can feel him. I have walked some distance but again I heard her voice.
Wait she said and came running to me.

Sir she will ask some stupid questions like my friends did and will start crying so plz be careful Ragini said throwing a smile to me.
What Swara Khanna will cry Its impossible being the top most businessman’s only daughter why she will cry. She would have born with a gold spoon what not let me see her and take her from here safely I thought and went to back side.
After some distance I heard a sweet melodious voice which shocked me to the core and made my legs to fall. Om jai jagadi shuhare swami Jai jadadi shuhare……..

Without my consent my legs started to walk towards the voice and I saw a really angel singing the song my Mom used to sing. Her eyes closed and her face is calm but I can feel the pain in her voice. When her eyes opened up like a wing those ocean like eyes had nothing except pain. She is praying in front of the plant.
A sudden urge of taking her in my embrace and to hold her like baby in my arms raised up in my heart.
Oh so my Dad had sent another sl*t to disgrace me her voice with deep emotion brought me back to the world.

Sorry…. I said. She smiled painfully. Her face told how many sleepless nights she spent with her tears because tear stains are on her face.
I know you are my Dad’s men he sent you to check out me but sorry sir I am not the one what my father told Yes I am a sl*t for him but sorry to disappoint you she said and started crying.
Ragini was right. Why the hell she think herself as a sl*t. She is not any sl*t but my girl. Wait what did I told my girl. Yes I don’t know why, I came here to make Adarsh suffer through his daughter but seeing her I made myself to make her mine forever.
She walked past me but I stopped her by holding her wrist. She gasped and looked at me with disgust.

I am not here to check you out but to take you as my pride as queen of my heart will you able to give the right of being your king I said to her with a healing smile.
Again tears started rolling her eyes but this time I wiped them off and she hissed in pain because of the marks.
Will you I asked her again.
How and Why she asked me.
Because I wanted to heal you with my love I said with a smile on my face. She backed off slowly removing my hand.
I have heard these things from many so you better stop this she said.

Swara’s POV…….
Because I wanted to heal you with my love he said with a smile playing on his face. I backed off slowly removing his hand.

I have heard these things from many so you better stop this I said.
What does he think of himself does he know who I am. I myself don’t know what I am. People call me Swara Khanna the only daughter of Adarsh Khanna the great businessman. Like very girl I also dreamed to be my Dad’s princess but he treated me like a maid. He always wished to have a son to establish his empire but to his bad luck I was born. There was no day left without his taunt. My Mom Parineetha cried seeing me but she is bounded by my Dad.

After entering my teenage I don’t know who told him but he sent me here to Mumbai long way from Lucknow. Now I am studying my MBBS here. Most the girls treat me as an alien except Rago my kid. Yes she is not less than a kid but gave me the warmth of the love I missed in my life. Her parents treat me as their kid. But after my first year I saw so many men coming and speaking rubbish about me. Then Ragini caught one of the men and questioned him. There comes a biggest shock in my life. My own father is trying to sell me to some sl*ts for money. Hearing it tears flowed down my face from that day my sleeps have gone far away from me and tears flowing like a river. Ragini got worried of me and she tried all her best ways to console me but my heart ached to see hatred of my Dad.

Now this unknown came here to claim me as his pride is he mad definitely but I am not going to come in his words. Suddenly I smelled something different before I could react everything went black.

POV Ends……
After hearing Swara, Sanskar don’t know what to do. Then his Guru raised up in him.
I am sorry Swara but I don’t have any other way he said and took chloroform and sprayed it on Swara and she fainted. He took her carefully and escaped from there through back side.
And in the college Ragini gets to know that Swara is kidnapped and informed Adarsh and here he is furious to hear it.
God damn she is the golden swam I had through her I am going to get 50 crores and now this Adarsh curse himself and called up all his men.
In a lonely place…..

Swara gets conscious and see a girl of her age caressing her head and smiles at her.
Don’t worry You are in a safe place she said.
Who are you and where am I Swara asked her.
I am Uttara and you are now in Guru’s place she said. Swara gets shocked hearing her.

The one who came to see me is Guru right Swara asked Uttara and she nods in positive.
That all tears flowed like a river and Uttara coudnt control her.
Bhabhi plz stop crying if Bhai sees this he will scold me Uttara said pleading her.
Cant you stop your water service I heard a strong voice and my head turned towards the door and there he is wearing black t-shirt and blue jeans with gun holder.

I said stop ur tears he again raised his voice and I tried to hold my breathe.
Stop it Bhai see how she is crying I told you not to step into my room until I ask Uttara said.
But look at her face always welled up with tears he said throwing daggers at me.
Why did you brought me here I asked between my sobs.

Bhabhi I will explain said Uttara and I looked at Sanskar. He had something in his eyes and that is loneliness. Before she could start he left from there.
And Uttara explained me everything how my Dad killed their happy family and Uttara Sanskar alone escaped because his attempt and this society turning him into a ruthless killer and in all this I can only see that he is carving for the love which I carved for. I don’t know why tears stopped from my eyes indicating me that its time for my happiness.
Yes I don’t know why but I wanted to be the queen of his heart and I want to be all of his completely.

Where is ur Bhai Uttara I asked her.
Bhai is….. wait a minute you called Guru Bhai that means…. She said and I lowered my face in shy.
She hugged me happily and twirled me.
I am so happy Bhabhi I know you will accept Bhai because for the first time he opened up his heart in front of you she said and told me that he will be in the basement.

In hesitation I walked to basement and saw him lying on the floor. I rushed to him and took him in my lap but to my surprise he is awake.
He slowly sat up and looked at me. I tore my dupatta and tied it on his forehead where blood is coming from.
Why I whispered.
Because once it told me to destroy you he said pointing towards his head. I slowly took his face in my palm and kissed the wound.
Don’t hurt it because of it only you came to me and trying to heal me I said looking into his eyes.

His eyes bloomed in happiness and to make him understand it I pecked his lips and saw his face which shocked. I smiled and turned to go but He stopped her.
Where are you going don’t you need my answer he asked. I looked at him in confusion but he engulfed me by placing his lips on mine marking me as his. We both forgot everything our pain, sorrow everything.
He slowly broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. I could see his eyes hooded with love and desire to make me as his. He slowly removed my dupatta and threw it in some corner. Someone will come I said looking at the basement door open. When I turned I can see his lips curved upwards.
He took a remote from a side table and pressed a button. The door closed automatically. I gasped when he pinned me to the nearby wall.
Now No one will open it until I wanted to Shona He said and started to kiss me senselessly without letting me respond him. He slowly started to kiss me neck and traveled to nape.
Ahh Umm I bit my lips to stop myself moaning. He roughly pushed me on the small cot which is placed there. I can feel him above me I have closed my eyes.
Open your eyes Shona he said slowly biting my earlobe. My breath got fast that I can feel his torso touching mine every time I breathe. Suddenly I heard a tear sound I saw feel cold air touching My bare stomach skin. He torn my top and could feel his bare chest against mine.

I want to feel every bit of you Shona you are just mine right He asked me kissing every bit me. I couldn’t control my moan when entered into me.
“Ahh Sanskar” I moaned loudly that made him to be more fast on me. Soon he made me feel a complete woman. His woman.
We marked eachother as ours. Yes we both became one soul. He is the first one touch my soul and in pleasure I gave myself to him.
Soon after sometime we both gone up and saw Uttara waiting in the mandir. Again with the blessings of God I became his. He made me wear mangalsutar and sindoor in his name and now I am Mrs. Swara Sanskar Mehra.
After that night our lives went smooth I forgot everything about the outer world. Now I have my own family my Sanskar and Uttara.
POV ends…..

Arre Uttara Shona what you both want Sanskar asked us.
Vo we want to go to mall Swara said and he looked at them in amusement.
What Bhai plz I know I will take care of Bhabhi anyways you will send ur bodyguards then what said Uttara but Swara can see something different.
Uttara you go I will be back Swara said and sent Uttara.

Dad got to know about us right Swara asked and he nods.
I cant lose you Shona and I will not Sanskar said hugging her.
I will not Sanskar when you are with me I said assuring him and that was Swara’s mistake.
The second they stepped out Dad got me from there to her house. She pleaded him to leave her but he is not ready.
You know today you are getting married to Pratap Adarsh said.
Dad but I am married I am someone’s wife plz leave me Swara pleaded him but it all went in vain. She don’t know why but She was not crying. Yes my Sanskar will come for me She said. Then Swara heard some noise and saw her Sanskar standing in front of her. She ran and hugged him tightly.

I am here Shona no one will take you from me He said assuring Swara.
I will see that also Guru Adarsh said holding a gun infront them and they heard a shot. Adarsh falled down and Parineetha shot him.
I should have done this long before beta take care of my beti said Pari caressing Swara.
And they came back to their house.
Now its been 1 year since it happened now Swara telling these things to her baby in womb.
Shona is this the story you will tell my princess Sanskar said keeping his hand on her bump.

I am telling this to princess Papa so that he will not forget how we met Swara said.
How will I forget my angel our love itself is the answer for all our pain Sanskar said kissing her forehead. And she rested her head on his shoulder.
And this how Swara and Sanskar lived after with the blessing of a girl in their life. In everyone’s life if we have pain love will be the only answer and it will heal us in any form.

A/N: My first ever One Shot I think you will love it if yes. I will post more One Shot and I need your support.

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