Love and love only

hi friends..iam Hima…iam a silent admirer of many of the fanfictions inspired by you all iam going to write an ff…
This story is about an ordinary girl who fall in love with a charming radio jockey.A girl who never believes in love….who never wants a married life,fall unknowingly falls for him.

the female lead is Deeksha,an MSW student.Not very beautiful and a little stubborn in nature.She wants to join an NGO after her graduation so she can help the poor …the suffering ones.Her sole aim is to make her mother proud of her.because her mother has suffered a lot for her ..she was a fatherless child for the so called society.Thats why she never believes in love..she is a girl who always think practical..never believes in destiny.She says that destiny lies on ones own hands..but what if the itself make her beleive so…It has planned something else for her…someone who cherish her life…someone whose magical voice makes her heartbeats fast..someone who makes her believe in her fate.
And he…..
so guys please do comment and say ur opinions..then only i decide whether i have to continue….

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  1. Interesting yaar..pls continue.. 🙂

    1. Thank u dear sis.actually i was little now u guys commented..i will update on monday.

  2. Interesting pls continue

    1. Thanks dear..i will continue..

  3. continue dear


    1. Thanks ani..u guys make me confident.

  4. sounding good update ASAP

  5. Awesome wowwww veryyyyyyy interesting. ..please continue dear. you loads

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