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Hey Isha Jain here m back with one more OS of manan hope u guys like it n I hope I’ll get more comments this time….
Soha murthy: a fashionista and loves her family and a little bit of show off…
Nandini murthy: a simple and shy girl just opposite to her sister but they have one thing common that is love both love their family very much. She is younger to soha.
sanskar murthy: Dad of Soha and nandini and treats them as his princesses but remains very strict infront of them. They are very rich.
swara murthy: mother of soha and nandini and loves them very much.
Manik malhotra: a super handsome boy and came from London after his studies. His family died in a plane crash. He came to india for few days. His dad and sanskar were bffs so he decided to pay visit to him as sanskaar invited him. He is rich. And has his own house in india.
Here my OS starts……….
A girl is shown dancing on stage on song baby doll n enjoying fully. Its a sangeet function.
Everyone there is complementing her. And on the other side another girl is watching the girl dancing. In the mean time one old lady goes towards the girl sitting and asks her nandu why aren’t u dancing look soha she is dancing so beautifully.
(yes the girl dancing was soha and the girl sitting was nandini) nandini says no to old lady and before the old lady say anything else nandu makes a excuse of phone call and leave from there.
She started going to get herself a cold drink murmuring to her ayiappa and bumps with a tall and handsome boy that is none other than our manik…..
She looked at him and he too was looking at her both of their eyes met and then nandu said.
Nandu: m sorry I just didn’t notice u…
Manik: its okay….. btw hi I am manik malhotra 🙂
Nandu: hii I am nandini murthy
Manik: so r u from girl’s side or boy’s side?
Nandu: girl’s n u?
Manik: m from boy’s side (he gives her a beautiful smile to which she smiles back)
They start walking and talking…
Manik: so tell mee y r u so tensed?
Nandu: no no nothing as such…..
Manik: okay if u don’t want to share 🙂
Mean while swara calls nandini
Nandu: okay I’ll take a leave…… bye!
Manik: okay bye hope we meet soon…
Nandu: 🙂
At Home
Nandu and soha were in their room talking
Soha: nandu look my pics and u know the photographer told mee that he will arrange a photoshoot for mee m soo excited….
Nandu: dii u should ask dad first u know naa if he gets to know how much he will scold.
Soha: oh come on nandu don’t be a spoilsport yaar who will tell dad he wont get to know….
Nandu: as u say (giving her a okay look)
Nandu was looking at the pictures of sangeet function when she saw a photo which increased her smile. It was her and manik’s photo. She was just looking at the photo smiling whereas soha was continuously talking at her photoshoot.
Soha: nandu why are u not responding are u listening mee?? Nanduuuu (she shouts)
Nandu (coming out of her dream land): huh.. haan what dii
Soha: whose photo are u looking at that u got soo lost in the photo. (in a teasing tone and she starts coming near nandini while smirking)
Nandini to hide the photo she was looking at scrolls to the next photo it was of their mom and dad. In the time soha comes near her. She sees the photo and smiles and turns towards nandu and says.
Soha: they look soo good together… 🙂
Nandu: yup u r right dii 🙂
And they hug.
Next morning
Soha and nandini were in their rooms when they heard there dad’s call
Sanskar: soha! Nandini! Come down look manik is here.
Nandini (talking to herself): manik is he the same manik whom I met in sangeet. No I think there would be many manik in the world so he can be someone else or either if he would be the same manik then?? Uffo nandu stop all this
Soha: oye nandu what r u talking to urself dad is calling won’t u come down?
Nandu: nop dii m coming
They went down. As soon as nandu saw manik she too didn’t knew when she started blushing…. but she controlled herself in some way
Sanskar: girls meet him he is manik malhotra my best friend’s son….. And manik (Then he points towards soha and says)
Sanskar: she is my elder daughter soha
Soha and manik greet each other with a hello and handshake.
Sanskar: and she is my younger daughter… (Before he could complete manik says)
Manik: nandini
And then manik and nandini greet each other with a hii and handshake, whereas soha, swara and sanskar look them with confused faces. Then sanskaar says
Sanskar: do u guys know each other?
Manik: actually uncle we met yesterday….. (nandini completes his sentence)
Nandu: in sangeet function dad
Sanskar: okay…. Aacha btw manik where r u staying??
Manik: uncle woh I was staying in my old house only (he gets sad as he remembers his mom n dad)
Sanskar (he sees him n then thinks to cheer him up): girls go n show manik around city
Soha and nandini: okay as u say dad.
Soha got dressed in a top and jean shorts which didn’t even covered her thighs fully whereas nandini wore simple jeans and top. Both came down together and bid bye to their mom n dad n went with manik.
Manik was on driving seat where as nandini on passenger seat and soha on back seat busy in her cell phone. Manik and nandini were talking on random topics and manik was looking at soha time to time. When in between soha asked manik to stop the car and she said
Soha: guys I need to go its urgent
Nandu (she understood that soha is going for photo shoot): but dii
Soha: please nandu understand its urgent (she makes a puppy face)
Manik (smile): its okay soha u go
Soha: m sorry manik I can’t accompany u….
Manik: no no its okay soha ur work must be urgent n btw nandini is here na I hope she’ll treat me properly…. (grining)
Soha too laughs while nandini makes faces
Manik: okay soha u go and take care and call mee we’ll pick u and then I’ll drop u guys home 🙂
Soha: ooo thanku soo much manik so sweet of u and I’ll call on nandini’s phone
Nandu: but dii I haven’t brought my phone
Manik: Aacha wait give ur mobile number and take mine
Soha: okay and manik please I request u don’t tell about this to mom n dad they’ll feel bad that I didn’t accompany u
Manik: okay anything for u….. 😉
Soha: thanku 🙂
Soha leaves then manik says
Manik: nandini m feeling hungry lets go to a restaurant
Nandu: okay
Manik: what okay tell me the directions its been years I didn’t came to india.
Nandu oh yesh…. sorry (making a sorry face)
Manik laughs seeing her. They go a restaurant and have their food while talking. Manik was enquiring about soha indirectly. Then they go to few more places and then they pick soha and return to their homes.
The long day ended.
As the days went manik and soha started coming close to each other…..
They used to meet each other frequently sometimes for lunch or for dinner. On the other side nandini was not aware of all this.
She came to know all this when one day manik made a marriage proposal to soha and she agreed. Sanskar was very happy to know this whereas nandini who has fallen for manik made herself understand that she cannot have any feelings for manik as he is now her jiju. And she fully tried to show that she is very happy.
It was the day before engagement
Manik sent gifts for soha and nandini. They both were very excited and opened their gifts both had got designer lehenga. Nandu got lehenga of peach colour whereas soha got of red colour. Nandu was very happy seeing her lehenga but soha was not. She took nandu’s lehenga and gave nandu hers. And said
Soha (in a pleading voice): nanduuu please can I take urs look it will look soo good on mee n u wear this one look u’ll look soo pretty in it.
Nandu: but dii jiju sent it for u so how can I take urs….
Soha: arey nandu I’ll tell manik okay so take this.
And nandu agreed.
Engagement day
There was hustle bustle in whole house swara was running here and there looking all the preparations. No one was invited it was a very small function. Only soha, nandini, swara, sanskar, manik, and manik’s old kaka were there. Manik’s kaka was only manik’s family member when his parents died he used to take care of manik and lived with him.
Manik arrived at murthy’s house with his kaka.
Swara and sanskar welcomed both of them. And swara asked nandini to bring soha.
Nandini said okay and went up to their room to bring soha but she didn’t find her instead she found a letter kept on bed….
Reading this letter manik broke down and sat on his knees covering his face with his palms. Swara and sanskar were ashamed of their daughter and nandini as she knew she loved him but she can’t do anything for her love. She couldn’t take more and she sat infront of manik and removed his palms and started wiping his tears and he immediately hugged her tightly while sitting on his knees he was crying very badly as he loved soha very much.
Nandini was also crying seeing her love in such a bad state she was trying fully to make manik calm down by rubbing his back. She was not in a state to say anything to him so she was just rubbing his back. Her parents were seeing all this and sanskar made his decision which swara understood just with his sign.
Sanskar made manik stand and hugged him.
After few months
It was night time
A girl was sitting on bed in her bridal dress. A man entered the room and locked the door. The girl heard the sound and her heartbeat rose. The man towards her and said nandini first u can go and change or u can tell if u need any help u know m always ready to help u. (he said in a teasing tone)
Nandu (blusing): manik
Manik: yess say u need help wait let me help u in changing ur clothes…. (smirking)
Nandini was soo red in embarrassment that she directly ran into bathroom.
(yes they were manik and nandini and they are married it’s their first night how they got married u’ll get to know further)
Nandini came out of bathroom in her night suit and saw manik he was in his vest and boxers.
Nandini came forward and lie down on the bed manik too lied beside her. Nandini moved a little and kept her head oh manik’s chest just above his heart and manik wrapped his one hand around her and with other hand he held her hand. Both of them made themselves comfortable. And within no time nandini slept as she was very tired. While manik was awake he was playing with nandini’s fingers and kissing her head time to time when suddenly their door bell rings. It disturbed nandini’s sleep. When nandini was about to get up manik said…..
Manik: wait nandu I’ll see whose there :).
Nandu: okay 🙂
Manik goes out of room towards main door in the time bell rings one more time. Manik opens the door and gets shocked by the time nandini too comes outside of the room.
Manik (shocked): soha…
Soha just jumps in his arms from back sanskar and swara also comes swara goes towards nandini who was standing still. Manik pushes soha away from him. Soha gets shocked and comes towards manik and cups his face tightly while manik was trying to remove her hands and says….
Soha: manik look manik see I am back, I am back just for u look at mee manik…
Manik: soha leave mee
Soha: no manik I won’t leave u (and again hugs him) u know that was a fake message they wasted my soo many months
Manik (pushing her away again but with much force that she falls on floor): soha I said stay away….. I m married now just go away from mine and nandini’s life. Soha gets up and again goes towards manik again and says
Soha: I know manik ur not happy with this marriage so give nandini divorce and come with mee we will get married (and starts pulling manik with his hand)
Everyone gets shocked. And tears start coming from nandini’s eyes while swara holds her to give her support….
Manik gets angry and frees his hand from her grip.
Manik: soha I said stay away from our life u don’t have any right to interfere in our lives.
Soha gets angry and goes towards nandini saying
Soha: manik if she is the reason u r going away from mee naa then I’ll not leave her.
Soha goes and holds nandini’s neck while nandini struggles to free herself. Manik runs towards nandini and pushes soha away from nandini and slaps soha hard. And shouts
Manik (shouts): soha how dare
Everyone there gets scared seeing his anger. Swara hugs nandini sanskar also goes towards nandini and keeps his hand on her head. Nandini turns and hugs sanskar.
Manik: u know what soha when u left naa….
Sanskar made manik stand and hugged him and said…
Sanskar: look manik I want u to get married to nandini I think she’ll keep u happy more than soha.
Manik and nandini look at him in shock.
Sanskar: I know it won’t be easy for u to accept but beta its good for u and ur health……. and rest depends on uh it was my lien to give u advice now it depends on u…..
Swara, sanskar and kaka goes from there. Manik and nandini look each other as soon as manik looks in nandini’s eyes he gets to know what she is asking.
Manik: nandini look I just want to say that…. that…..uhh..
Nandini: its okay manik I know u love dii n I can’t take her place 🙂 (she smiles but inside she was crying very badly)
She starts going but manik stops her by holding her hand.
Manik: wait nandini look u r perfect but its just that I need some time to overcome this phase please don’t get sad m not rejecting u…
Nandini: shhh…. Manik m not getting sad u go home and take rest.
Kaka takes manik to home. At night no one was able to sleep.
Next day evening time kaka calls nandini and tells her that manik has not eaten anything from yesterday and is not ready to come out of his room. Nandini goes to his house and makes him have his food. Mostly everyday they used to have food together and they became very good friends. Slowly slowly manik overcame the bad phase of his life and started to forget soha and nandini helped him in every way. And then, our old manik was back!
And realised that it was just an affection that he had towards soha and love is what he does with nandini.
And at last he proposed nandini he said I LOVE YOU to nandini which he didn’t even once confessed to soha and asked for her hand from her parents…
Present Time
Everyone was in tears including manik nandini just came towards manik and hugged manik with full force. Even swara and sanskar had tears in their eyes seeing their children how much they suffered. Sanskar took swara in side hug and kissed he forehead.
Whereas soha was ashamed of her herself and said
Soha (looking downwards): I am really sorry all of u for what all mistakes I did please if possible forgive mee! And I promise manik and nandu I won’t ever interfere in ur lives again but if possible please nandini forgive this sister for urs please (and she broke down)
Nandu (she made soha stand and said): di I have forgiven u…. 🙂 u realised ur mistake its more than enough for mee ( and hugged her).
Manik, swara and sanskar smiled seeing them.
After 1 year
Soha was playing with a baby boy.
Nandini was on bed and manik besides her holding her hand both were smiling looking towards soha and their baby ‘manan’.
The end
Hope u guys like it and if yess do comment 🙂
Happy everyday

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