Love among interns: sanchi and veer (savitri devi) – Chapter 8

Hello guys , I am not going to end this ff so soon
As I have understood that U all like Kanchi ff’s more than Sanveer one’s but being the lone survivor here I wouldn’t give up so easily

Chapter 7

The episode starts with Sanchi reminiscing Veer pinning her to the wall

Sanchi (to herself) – He is so cute that he can make girls drool over him
Oh noo Sanchi u are thinking too much , just keep one focus i.e. to acheive maa’s dreams

Saying this she goes to her ward

Just then Veer also comes to the same ward

Veer – Sanchi give me the patients name lists

Sanchi (not knowing it is Veer) – Oh hello Mr. Intern can’t u see that I am busy now
And moreover don’t u know that god helps those who help themselves
(Sternly) – Tumhaari naukar nahi hu , khud le lo

Veer (shocked) – But Sanchi Kabir (corrects himself) Dr. Kabir told me to give all the patients lists to him

Sanchi – (Still not knowing and facing the other side) – Abe saale tere haath mei mehandi hai kya
Khud lekar chal foot jaa yaha se

(Is mehandi applied to ur hands , prepare the list yourself and get lost)

Veer (angrily) – Its me Sanchi veer!!!!!!

Sanchi turns back and now comes close to him and holds his collar

Sanchi – (coming close to him) Are you the president of India??

Veer – What nonsense ???? Leave my collar

Sanchi – (Leaning more) If not then prepare the list yourself
And Moreover I am currently checking the pulse rates and BP rates of the patients

Veer- Oh cool , then you must be having the list with you , give me

Sanchi – What will you give me in return , if I give you the list???????

Veer – (angrily) What do you want Sanchi?????

Sanchi – Is this much closeness not enough to make u understand ??????

Veer – (tensed) Look Sanchi , you are a girl be in your limits

Sanchi – Limitless is my new limit Veer , come na come to my room (she winks at Veer)

Veer – Sanchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Stop it, I say stop it j…just shut up

Sanchi suddenly leaves his collar and starts laughing

Veer – What the hell , why are u laughing now?????

Sanchi – Ullu banaya bada maza aaya

(I made u a fool)

Veer – This is not a joke Sanchi

Saying this Veer holds her by waist

Both stare at each other

Just then Sanchi kisses veer on cheek and says

Sanchi – no dear this is not a joke

Saying this Sanchi leaves from there

Veer – (to himself) Am I dreaming???? Till now nothing like this happened with me
Its the first time a girl kissed me (blushes) Otherwise normally girls only beat me

He smiles to himself and leaves

There Riya is shown smiling wickedly

Riya – Miss Sanchi , your countdown begins
Exactly after a week from now , u shall be out of here

Smirks and goes

Sanchi was passing by and overhears her

Sanchi – (to herself) Looks like my karate lessons were not enough
I have to teach her some swimming also now

Smirks and goes

At Malhotra’s house

A big mansion is shown with a swimming pool and a woman is seen standing beside the pool

The woman then thinks of something , goes near pool and at the hole part(from where water is allowed to go out
IDK what it is called) Puts a coin

This way the path of water is blocked

She then goes to the wahrooms ( 4 are there) and Locks the doors

then finally takes a juice and mixes some powder with it

Woman (to herself) – Ab julaab wala juice peekar iska pait kharab hoga and then she will jump into the pool feeling the bathrooms locked , she would have to jump in the pool where the best part is she won’t have any life jackets (She takes scissor and cuts the life jackets)
And she won’t be able to swim also

Smirks and leaves

Precap – Riya drowning in the water and shouting for help , just then a man helps her and sanchi gets jealous seeing that man
and veer gets jealous seeing Sanchi’s jealousy for that man (bechara sanku)

So guys the next part is here and finally I have introduced a twist
Hope u lyk it
And Kaanchi fans also plzz comment and help me continue this ff
or it may end soon

Loads of love , kisses and hugs



  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Cute one.
    Seriously U made Veer tensed showing Sanchi’s this shade.
    So again attack on Riya by Sanchi.
    Veer blushed.

    Dear friends,If u will do same what happened in Swaragini ,Bashing Swasan fan to RagLak vice versa,RagSan fan to Swasan vice versa,RagLak fan to SwaLak fan Nd vice versa.then this page will surely spoiled.

    If Kaanchi fans will put smiley or one word nice or other word that will surely encourage writers.

    And Writers should also do comments on other writer’s work like i and my frds do on Yrkkh.

    Sorry if my words hurts u.

  2. Richa

    Sry but like kaanchi more than sanveer.. No hatred for u and ur ff.. But this is the first and last time reading ur ff.. Sry for that… But please don’t stop writing…

  3. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    I am kaanchi fan too but my support is with u.. Pls don’t stop writing.. I tried ur writing and loved it.. I will try to comment on ur ff henceforth.. And I am sure u have a lot if silent readers.. Keep posting ur amazing talent for them..😊😊

  4. Sandhya

    Hey you r showing saachi using bad words.
    It doesn’t suit her character. Anyway I will support saachi and veer pair also. I will keep commenting.

    • Naymaz



      no dear actually sanchi is quite bold and her words also
      just that and if u wish from now I won’t use these words

  5. shabnam

    hey superr👌👌👌👌👌 thanks for continue I am happy atleats you write Ff sanveer I am happy I love sanveer keep writing don’t mind anyone comment everyone has choice 💞💞💞💞💞

  6. sanyukta

    Awesome as usual.Keep writing dear😍😍😍😍😍
    Precap is horrible.Eageely waiting for next part.

  7. WardhaRosYY

    Although i am a Kaanchi fan, i still support you. Your ffs are good and is very different from the serial and thats what makes it special

  8. Ayonija

    Di…don’t feel bad for sanveer. Everyone is not the fan of Kaanchi. Some fans like you and me are alwats for sanveer. Come to the chapter OMG!! Sanveer romance, Sanchi kissed him wow…Yipee..Both feel love for each other but did not confess yet. But soon will confess. And…don’t feel bad that ur ff is only alone for Sanveer. We are ur fan and ur ff’s fan, And sanveer too.☺😊 So i am always here to support you. Don’t ever think to end. It was shhhooo sweet😘.There are many kaanchi ff and nowadays they are showing kanchi scenes in serial too. After all this Although i love Sanveer. Just like made for each other. Last request post soon and…don’t end it very soon. LOADS OF LOVE POLLY DI..😘

  9. Fanficwriter


    |Registered Member

    Wow Polly di, I loved this chapter! I especially like how Sanchi is so bold and a bit stronger in your ff, The ‘romance-wala scene’s was just awesome…

    Waiting for the next chapter, love you!!😘😘😇

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