Love among interns: sanchi and veer (savitri devi) – Chapter 7

Hello guys I know that I am late but its just the fact that I am disappointed with so less comments
I feel like ending my ff , I wanted to show a bold sanchi but as no one is liking it , I shall show Sanveer scenes , marriage and then end it
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The episode begins with Riya murmuring to herself
Riya – I just hate this Sanchi , firstly she wronged me in front my dad and now because of her I did not get to assist Kabir!!!!!!
I will have to do something and I surely will

Saying this she leaves

Sanchi hears her
(Yes as in serials villains hear about the leads , here leads hear about villains)

Sanchi (to herself) – Ab isse bhi maza chakhana padega

(Now I have to teach her also a lesson)

She goes

Now Veer overhears her
(These interns na , they don’t have any other job , but to hear others like a peeping tom)

Veer (to himself) – What did she mean by “isse bhi”????Means she has done something wrong with others also ????????Who it may be????

Saying this veer thinks , thinks and thinks

Just then Sanchi comes back as she left her mobile there

Sanchi (to veer) – Veer itna soch mat , apne dimag par itna zor mat de
(Veer don’t think much , don’t stress up yourself)

Veer- What do you wanna say?????

Sanchi – Your brain is already empty and now if you stress more tera dimaag toh nikal hi jayega

Saying this sanchi laughs

Veer goes to her and pins her to the wall

Feeling Veer so close Sanchi feels uncomfortable and tries to push him but fails

Veer – Miss Sanchi Agrawal , what were you saying haa I don’t have brain
Well , agreed I don’t have brain but you have naa then tell me how do you use it

Tell me(loudly)

Sanchi kept staring at him , his eyes his anger were all attracting her now
Though she resisted him but now she couldn’t control herself
She just wanted to grab him , hug him
But she shrugged off her thoughts

Sanchi – Look veer , I am not free fokta like you , I have other jobs also

Saying this she is about to leave but veer pulls her back and she lands on his chest

Sanchi keeps staring at veer
Both get lost in each others eyes

Veer (breaking the trance) – You may leave but not without answering me
Tell me naa what brainy people like you do , to keep your brain from being empty

Sanchi does not answer , she just keeps staring at him as if she has forgotten the whole world

Now veer unable to meet Sanchi’s intense gaze leaves her and goes

Sanchi still stands there looking at Veer’s departing figure

Sanchi (to herself) – Why is this happening with me , every time I show my tadi but now why was I unable to speak
And this veer though is crazy but still handsome(she blushes)
I noticed him so close today , his hazel eyes , his juicy lips , all were inviting me
Oh no no I am thinking too much or maybe not (blushes again and leaves)

There Veer was siting inside a ward and thinking about Sanchi

Veer (to himself) – This Sanchi is too much , why was she staring at me like that and why could I not stand her gaze
Oh Oh veer you are thinking too much . It can be her new chaal to trap me
Trap me?????????
Veer Malhotra never gets trapped but traps others
But sanchi ????????
I can’t trust her , I have to do something to know her intentions

The scene ends with Veer’s confused face and Sanchi’s smiling face

So guys did you like it 2-3 more episodes and then I will finish it
and if nobody likes it then I may finish tomorrow also

Love you all


  1. Haneeya

    dont say that im really eager to know what happens next i really like the bold sanchi avatar

  2. Anu

    I never comment but read ur dont get dissappointed .mere jaise bahut log honge

  3. Ayonija

    Di….its not fair there is only one best ff on sanveer and many are written on Kanchi. I love Sanveer too much. Atleast 1 ff was there which was best and outstanding. But its ending now. We love ur FF so much. PLS..di..don’t end it sooooo…soon.😣😦. I LOVE UR FF. Many are not able to comments as they were be busy. Don’t feel sad. I request them to comment on ur ff. But….there is only one thing to say best is best. LOADS OF LOVE DI..😦

  4. Bhagyashree Ganguli

    No pls don’t end the ff…There are many silent readers just like me…And one more request..Pls update regularly to keep up with the continuation…

  5. Jasz

    Sorry for the late comment Plz don’t end the ff you are a awesome writer
    I loved ur ff since starting and still do. Don’t think about ending love you yaar

    Lots of love -jasz-

  6. sanyukta

    Awesome episode as usual.Keep writing dear😊😊😊😊😊
    I loved this daring, bold and prankster Saanchi.😍😍😍😍😍Why r u thinking to end this ff so soon.I know comments r decreasing day by day but it doesn’t mean they don’t like ur ff.And what about regular commenters who r keep loving and supporting ur ff.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡Keep writing dear like this and we r gonna definitely comment on each and every episode.
    I wanted to read 50 or more episodes of this ff and now u r saying this.This is not fair.
    And ,especially i wanna say one thing that in this page only 4 ff’s r written And 3ff’s r based on Kaanchi.So,only ur ff is based on Sanveer pair.keep writing dear.Eagerly waiting for next episode, hoping for a lot of commentsπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  7. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    Naymaz pls don do that with us you know how I love your ff from starting onwards & that all are best & dont think to end it its my request

  8. Jerry_36


    |Registered Member

    Hello Naymaz !
    Do I need to tell you that you are amazing. I mean its so good, the humour too, he doesn’t have brains *giggles*, loved Sancho’s thoughts. Post soon, love yaa❀

  9. WardhaRosYY


    |Registered Member

    Hey Naymaz, I don’t think you should end it, because yours is the only ff on Sanveer. And reason for decreasing comments might be 1) Silent readers.
    2) Odd times for updating
    3) People are busy
    Or maybe anything, but you shouldn’t stop your work. Keep rocking dear.

    • Naymaz



      Thnx dear fr ur comment and yaa I agree I am nt regular but still u knw it hurts
      when no one praises u fr ur work
      It hurts a lot

      • WardhaRosYY


        |Registered Member

        Yeah! I can feel it. Cause I am also an author. And believe me if you keep doing your work, One day you will surely reap.

  10. Aashi26


    |Registered Member

    Hey di…….
    Amazing story…..
    Well I don’t read or watch sdch….
    But coz my di is the writer of this awesome ff I’m sure to read this…..
    But only for you πŸ˜‰…..
    Well I love this bold sanchi…..
    And yes a suggestion for you
    Listen carefully well u can’t listen this so just read carefully believe in yourself you’re an amazing person,writer,reader,sister and I love you so don’t feel bad if you don’t get enough response or you face a failure just remember one thing there are many people who look up to you like me so set an example for them……
    Well enough of my pravachan…..
    I love you di…..

    • Naymaz



      I luv u too aashu
      Glad u took out tym to read a ff on the serial u don’t even watch
      And abt my writing
      yes dear I may write but I cn never write as gud as u do
      Just luv u cutie

  11. Fanficwriter


    |Registered Member

    Hey, Polly di! Shreya here😘
    I just finished reading all the chapters, and I’ve got to say, the story plot is very interesting. I can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen next.

    Your use of dialogue is amazing, and I absolutely love the comic effect you add to your writing. (I especially like the mini Author’s notes you leave after some dialoguesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰)

    Also, please don’t rush the story, I know that you probably had a whole plot arc planned out when you started this story, so please take this story at the pace you were originally planning.

    I can assure you that you have many silent -readers. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. You are an wonderful writer and you have your own unique writing style.

    Waiting for the next chapter😊

    With love,
    Shreya πŸ˜‰

  12. Yashu24


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    I read all parts and it’s awesome diiiiii😍😍😏
    Really sorry for not replying to your message, I am very busy nowadays
    Keep writing like this
    Keep smiling
    Take care
    Love you 😍😊😘😘😘

  13. Varshni


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    Hey I read all the parts !!!
    It’s really interesting !!!
    Poor veer !!! I really love it !!!
    Don’t end it soon !!!!
    What if people didbt comment ??? We are writing for our satisfaction and to convey our thoughts and style to them !!! So don’t stop writing this ff dear !!! Please continue !!!
    This is really a good plot 😍😍😍

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