Love among interns: sanchi and veer (savitri devi) – Chapter 6

So sorry guys , you had to wait for long but I was busy with my tests and my other ff’s were updated by my sisters
But as this ff is a secret so no one updated this

Love among interns: sanchi and veer (savitri devi) – Chapter 5

The episode starts with Veer angrily looking at Sanchi

Veer – How come u r here??? Don’t you have any other work rather than spying on me ???

Sanchi – Spying ka toh nahi pata But just now you may get rusticated and even your father’s name will not work in front of that Satyavan Khadoos

Veer (though tensed but still does not show it) – Are u blackmailing me Miss Padhaku

Sanchi (sarcastically) – Can’t you even understand that Mr. Prankster

Veer – You are blackmailing the wrong person , I play with people so often and you are daring to blackmail me , this shall surely cost u something

Sanchi – Just now if you don’t go to the ICU , it may cost you also

Veer – What?

Sanchi – Your job and I mean it

Veer – What proof do you have that I am planning to send Ria ???? She is my sister , she won’t speak a word

His heart though ached calling that callous Ria his sister , but to save his job he said so

Sanchi – Oh Ria (smirks) Riyaaaa (She calls aloud)

Riya comes rushing

Riya (tensed) – What Sanchi ???

Sanchi gives her a killer look

Riya (corrects herself and says softly) – I mean Dr. Sanchi why did you call me???

Sanchi – Look Riya , you are well aware of my strengths (shows her fist) aren’t you??

Riya (stammering) – I …I did not d…do any..(gulps her saliva in fear) anything

Sanchi (angrily) – Seems like your epiglottis is not working , let me check

Saying this she holds Riya’s neck in her hands

Sanchi (sarcaastically) – Is this much pressure ok or you need more

Riya starts crying and Sanchi leaves her

Sanchi – I don’t want to hear it , stop at once or I shall…

Riya stops and finally speaks

Riya – What do you want me to do???

Sanchi – May I know why Veer gave you ICU’s duty when he was assigned it???

Veer gets shocked and pleads Riya to keep quiet but she tells Sanchi everything like a obedient kid and then runs away

Sanchi (switching off the recorder) – Well this is the proof

Veer – Sanchi I won’t leave you

Sanchi – Say this again and you will get rusticated

Veer (timidly) – What you want me to do???

Sanchi (assertively) – I want you to do two things
Firstly , ask me for forgiveness

Secondly, go to the ICU and do the duty yourself

Veer laughs sarcastically

Veer – Listen Sanchi
Firstly , I will never ask for your forgiveness
Secondly, what if I tell Khadoos that you acted as if you were unwell but you never were

Sanchi also starts laughing

Sanchi – You have asked for my forgiveness , so I shall forgive

Veer (stunned) – But when did ‘ I ask for your forgiveness’ (Veer said this in this sentence , clever sanchi)

Sanchi – Just now(laughs)

Veer understands what he did and ruffles his already tousled hair

Veer (calming himself) – And what about the second condition???

Sanchi – You know Kabir sir knows that I am well now and he personally asked me to take rest as ” Dr. Veer” shall assist him

Veer looks at sanchi shocked and understanding he can’t do anything more stormingly leaves

Sanchi – Bechara Veer , now one more surprise is waiting for you “All The Best”

Saying this Sanchi smirks and leaves

In the ICU

Veer angrily gets inside and is shocked to see everything ready

Veer (to himself) – Who did this???Anyways it’s good my work is done
but now what to do , I don;t know anything about this except for ICU’s Full form
‘Intensive care Unit’ yes I read that and I know it.

Just then kabir enters

Kabir – Good Dr. veer , you ahve arranged the instruments perfectly

Veer – (in attitude) Afterall Sir , you have called the most capable , most experienced and the most expert Doctor to assist you
The work had to be perfect

Kabir – Ok Veer , now common give me the gloves

Veer (handing him the gloves) – Take it sir

Kabir wears the gloves and feels something sticky
Meanwhile Veer also wears the gloves and feels itchy

Kabir takes out the gloves and is shocked

Kabir (on the top of his voice) – Dr. Veeeeeeeeeeeeer

Veer gets shocked

Kabir – Is this a place to joke and am I the one to be joked with

What is this????I say what the hell is this ????

Veer – (innocently) I guess it is egg yolk sir

Kabir – Veer Malhotra …I also know this is egg yolk but who told you to do this

I can even rusticate you for this

Veer – (itching his palms) Sorry sir but I did not do this…I

Kabir (angrily) – Stop itching your palms veer and handle this

Saying this he rubs his hands on Veer’s coat

Veer – Sir!!! What are you doing???

Kabir – How dare you prank upon me….now this is your punishment

Veer – But sir I did not do this , even I myself am feeling itchy

Kabir – To prove your innocence you are pretending to be feeling itchy , right

You only arranged these instruments and who else can do this other than you!!!!

Saying this kabir angrily leaves

Veer – I did not arrange these instruments , it means the one who did this knew that it would be my duty here
I will find out who did this

Saying this Veer also leaves

Sanchi enters seeing them leaving

Sanchi (to herself) – You both decided to create troubles for me and now you shall keep wondering who did this and never find out also

Yes you both shall never know

And this is just the trailer Veer , Abhi toh puri picture baaki hai


Precap – Abhi socha nahi hai

Guys don’t beat me for I know I am late
this is the longest chapter till date of love among interns and yes sholly onsh again

Love you all to the core


  1. prettypreeti

    oh naymaz no need of solly wolly.its ok.. firstly ur sorry was so cute.hi I m new I just read all ur epis and I am a big fan of sanveer coz of varun..really it was awesome..i liked the dialogue ofveer afterall u gave the duty to the most capable most experience………………. that was awesome and this ff have shown a cutie pie and naughty sanchi really lovable characters..keep it up

  2. sanyukta

    Awesome as usual.Keep writing dear.🤗🤗
    Dr.Khadoos kabhi nahi sudhrega itna gussa .
    I thought that Veer was the prankster of SDCAH.But Saanchi u changed my thinking.
    Love this daring Saanchi.😍😍😍😍
    There is no need to say sorry I know there is a reason for updating this part late.😊😊

  3. Ayonija


    |Registered Member

    Love the daring Sanchi….😀So much brave..She make fool both of them wow…Fantastic..The most experienced and specialist doctor is also fail infornt of her braveness. Waiting for sanveer scenes. Post soon. Loads of love di..👍❤

  4. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode I like the daring girl sachi
    I was Missing your ff from long time but have to say that this is just fantastic,amazing,mind blowing……waiting for nxt update

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