Love you……always (one shot)

Hellooo guys, here is a one short shot. I have chosen Ragini and Sanskar of serial Swaragini as the couple of the story.
Hope u will like it. This is my first time, i am writing a shot.

A girl is shown waiting anxiously for someone, dressed in pink anarkali…light make up… open hair curled at ends. ( ya guys she is ragini)
“Its been 6 o’clock and he still has not come…hope his meeting with Mr. Michael went well. Today is a big day for him…his dreams are going to be fulfilled…and my…. my dreams are to be end…(saying this her eyes got teary but soon she cleared her tears ) No ragini…no tears….today is the celebration day for my love… love sanskar.”

Thinking this she gets into flashback…
Ragini and Sanskar were childhood frnds bcozz their father were business partners, so they studied in the same school….The long day chatting…tiffin sharing…doing homework together seems like an important part of their life. But during the 9th class summer trip when sanskar saved ragini from falling from the cliff, she felt like there is different bond between them….the bond of care and love. From that day, she started considering him more than friend. Initially, she thought it to be a teenage stupid childish crush….but with growing days, her love for him has only grown…
But then there come their separation day when sanskar had to go to Australia for college studies….Both were upset but the life means to move on…. During all her college years, ragini had only waited for sanskar’s return in a hope that after his return she will keep her heart before him…..will confess her feelings to him.

Then the day of sanskar arrival came….. Ragini was more than happy….she was so excited to confess her feelings to him. And then the marriage proposal for her from sanskar’s family made her on cloud nine…. But as said the higher you go, the harder pain you get on falling… On their first night when she thought to tell him about her feelings….
she got a shock that he never wanted this marriage to happen. He has just married her for his parents sake… Actually he doesnt want to live here in india. He wanted to settle his business in Australia. One moment before to whom she wanted to confess her feelings, now she decided that she willnot tell him about his feelings…..

They are in the husband-wife for namesake only…. Initially she did some attempts so that they can develop a love bond between them, but seeing his passion towards the work, she dropped the idea and started helping him in fulfilling his dreams…
At present

Today sanskar had an important meeting with Mr. Michael which would hav helped him in settling his business in Australia.
The ringing of door bell break the chain of thoughts in ragini’s mind. She immediately got up and went to open the door. As she opened the door, someone just lift her and start moving round…
Ragini- Sanskar…..leave me otherwise i will fall
He dropped her down.
Sanskar- oh ragini i am so happy today….i
Ragini- ….that u got the deal
Sanskar- ya…i am so happy… They liked my plan and also offered to finance it for one year.
Ragini- its great…
Sanskar- ya…. Its all bcoz of u…. U hav supportrd me all throughout.
Ragini-i hav to support u bcoz i lo……… I mean i am your best frnd na.
Sanskar – thats true my best buddy… (pinching her nose)… now get ready we r going for dinner.
Ragini- dinner??
Sanskar- ya today is a big day i want to celebrate it……now goo…
Ragini- okay.

Ragini was getting ready in the room…wearing a black sari with heavy embroidered border…looking absolutely stunning.

“Ragini” Sanskar entered the room. He looked at Ragini who was looking not less than an angel in the sari. His eyes seems to freeze for a moment so that he can glance her from head to toe.
“sanskar…do u need something?…sanskar”
Ragini voice break his chain of thoughts.
Sanskar- wo….a… actually i need my red file. Mr. Michael is asking for some details.
Ragini- it must b in the right drawer of the side table.
Sanskar – ok i will check.

But instead of opening the right drawer, he opened the left one.
Sanskar-Ragini whats this??
Ragini – what sanskar…..
What she see is that a lot of greeting cards in his hand.
Sanskar- it is for whom ??
Ragini unknowingly said – for my love…
Sanskar- love!!
She came back to reality.
Ragini- wo sanskar…actually during my college days i used to like someone. So i had bought these cards for him.
Sanskar – so u love him??
Ragini-….no it was just a crush.
She immediately takes the cards from his hand

and place them in drawer again.
Ragini- lets go. We are getting late for dinner.
Saying this she went outside.
Ragini p.o.v.- these cards were for u sanskar. Every year i used to them for u. You are my love.
Sanskar p.o.v.- ragini used to love someone. How can she ?? Heyy…but why cant she…why i am thinking like this…
They reached at the restaurant. Both were having their dinner but sanskar was lost in his thoughts thinking about whom did ragini has crush on?
After the dinner, while driving in the car sanskar mind was still struggling with the same thoughts. He at once stopped the car.
Ragini- sanskar….what happen?? why did u stop the car??
Sanskar- ragini get down from the car. I need to ask u something.

Both came outside the car.
Ragini- what happen sanskar??
Sanskar- nothing….lets go for a walk.
Both started walking together along the road.
Sanskar- so tell me his name?
Ragini- name?? Whom??

But then she realized what he was asking for.
” sanskar i told u na that it was just a crush…nothing serious” she said stealing her eyes.
Sanskar- if it was a simple crush then u would not hav bought so many cards for him.
Ragini- it was just a one sided love…. I had never told him about my feelings.
Sanskar- why is he not good or did he love someone else?
Ragini- no he is very nice….he always cared for me…but i dont want my love to become a hurdle for him(remembering all the moments with sanskar) so i didnt tell him.

Both walked for sometimes and then go to the home.

While ragini was sleeping peacefully, sanskar was lost in his thoughts. For the first time some other thought has occupied his mind except the thought of his own dream. After sometime he slept too.

Next morning

Ragini was adjusting the bedsheets, when sanskar came to him.
Sanskar- ragini i want to meet him??
Ragini- why are u after me sanskar?? I had already told u that it was one sided crush.
Sanskar- no ragini i can see the intensity of love for him in your eyes when u talk about him. Your love is true. I can see. I want you to be with him….your love.
Ragini – yes i love him but i had told you i dont my love to act as hurdle for him. Please sanskar leave it.
Sanskar – no ragini…i want you to be happy with him…….it wi…….
Before he could complete, she dragged him towards the mirror.
Ragini- You want to meet him….now see him.

Sanskar look at his reflection in the mirror and give a confused look to her.
Sanskar was completely shocked.
Sanskar (holding her from the shoulder)- ragini…..i love you too…….but as a friend only, nothing else. I mean you are nice….but i cant…i mean i dont have such feelings for you.
Saying this he immediately went out of the room.
Ragini p.o.v. – i know sanskar…. I understand you completely… But when will you understand me… care my love…

In the office
Sanskar was trying hard to concentrate on his work, but he wasnt able to do so.
Sanskar p.o.v.- ragini love me, she said she had always love me….that means the card were for me. She had waited for me and loved me only….. But what did she said…she doesnt want her love to become hurdle….hurdle?? She didnt tell me so that i can focus on my career….and i such a fool never cared about her feelings…..

In the evening
He reached home and went into his room, in a hope that he will meet ragini. But to his surprise, she was not in the room. Later his mom told him that she had gone to her mother home as she called her to come and meet her. She will come tomorrow.

In the room
Sanskar was searching his shirt in the cupboard when his eyes fall on the dairy which was hiding under the clothes. He took it and started reading it. It has contained all their moments from childhood….school days….moments after marriage till date, along with some pasted pictures showing the great bond of love between them. He hold the dairy near his heart, and come near the window….cool breeze were touching his face. He close his eyes…

In the ragini room at her mom’s house

She was sleeping but then she senses someone presence near the window. She wake up with a start and begin to move near the window to check…She was about to shout when a strong hand closed her mouth. Initially she tried to free herself, but then her eyes met with the similar eyes…..the eyes she has known. He slowly removed his hand.
Ragini- sanskar….aap??
Sanskar- ragini…i need to talk something important to you.
Ragini- even i need to say something..
Sanskar – Ragini you are very nice….i l….
Ragini – i am sorry sanskar. I know i have hurt you. You only considered me as your friend and i…. But i promise i will never come between your dreams… love will never be a hurdle for u….
Sanskar- Ragini l love you…
She just smiled looking at him and walked towards the window.
Ragini- you know sanskar….i will always be happy in helping you in your dreams…one day you will really become no. 1 businessman…
Sanskar – ragini!!! I said i love you…
She turned her face towards him and said ” i know…’
and then looking outside the window,” i know….you love me… a friend and i am happy in that…….”saying this her eyes got teary.” i will never force you to………
But before she could complete what she felt is his lips on hers. After sometime, he broke the kiss.
Sanskar- no ragini…your love was never a hurdle but a support throughout. I was stupid who never cared about your feelings…..never recognise your love…i should be sorry not you….
Ragini was so amazed with his confession. Her eyes got teary but this time the tears of happiness.
Sanskar- …..and ragini i love you…did you hear I LOVE YOU…A LOT.
saying this he hugged her so tightly to give her all the warmth of love she actually deserves.
Ragini- i love you sanskar….
Sanskar- love you too..
Cool winds started blowing with result into heavy rainfall.
Ragini- how will you go then..
Sanskar- where??
Ragini- Home…do you forget we are not in our room….and its raining outside.
Sanskar smiles naughtily..
Sanskar- ya….but dont worry i will sleep here…
He lift her in his arms and both slept on the bed in each other embrace….

Next morning both wake up and sanskar went to his house before anyone could notice him. In the evening she too returned.

After that everything went well. Sanskar was busy in his work but equally cares for Ragini. He started his own company in India instead of going to Australia.
After 5 years, an award ceremony is shown in which Sanskar was awarded as” the best and the youngest businessman of the year”. He reached home and immediately lift ragini in his arms and started moving round….
Ragini- sanskar….drop me down….i may fall
Sanskar- oh ragini!!!! today am so…happy.
He drop her down.
Ragini- today i am very happy too…….now u have to spend double time with me…
Sanskar looked at her in questioning way.

Ragini took his hand and place it on her tummy.
Ragini- ……bcoz someone will also be waiting for you.
Sanskar- ohh….ragini!!!!
He immediately hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.
Sanskar- i love u ……
Ragini- love u too…
so friends, this was a sweet simple love story.
Hope u like it……. Plzz do give comments……

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  1. simple but i love it it’s amazing superb fantastic this is the first time i m reading one shot and i loved it please write more

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    ragini loving sanskar
    the sanskaar realizing n confessing was superb
    do write more on ragsan
    it was awesome os dear

  5. A simple and sweet story. I loved it

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