(After Atharv Cuts the Call…
Vividha filled with the thoughts of Atharv…)

(kuch din pehle)
I called Atharv To the Restaurant To Talk With Him

Atharv: Hey Vivi…Looking Sad… Is Everything Ok?

Vivi: Haan I’m Fine…Mujhe tumse kuch Baath karne hai

Atharv: Hmm Bolu

Vivi: I want To break this engagement.

Atharv: What? pagal hogaya hai kya?

Vivi: Nahin Atharv..Mein ne Bohut Socha tha Iske baare mein…I like You…But I dont Think It will be A better Relationship

Athar’s eyes was filled with tears..He cant say anything.. he is starring at vividha

Vivi: I dont Hate You..Actually I Dont have any belief in love..I dont want to love or marry anyone…I’m sure these are all fake..

Atharv: I Love You So much..I’ll Show How Does Actual Love Looks Like.You Are My Happiness..And I’ll Be with u in all situation..And i wont make u to feel worse..

Vivi: I know Atharv u’ll to do anything for me…But i dont want…
sorry for everything…

These ten days were so amazing with you…Thanks for all those good memories..

And I came out from the restaurant without looking back on him..

Vivi Lunch is ready…Aavo..(shiya was calling vividha for lunch and vividha came out from the FLASHBACK)

It was Night Now
(Vividha hugs her mom and says good night and then went to bed for sleep)

Bohut Neendh Aaarahi hai…But Still I was Thinking About Atharv

I dont Know why Aaj Poori din mein ne sirf atharv ki baare mein socha tha..

He is such a nice person i have ever meet…He is still with me even though i broke my engagement with him…Not As A LOVER…But He is my Best Friend..

Let Me Think About First Meeting With Atharv…Haan He Came with his family for marriage proposal…

(3 months back)

After hanging out with the friend’s, i came to the house and took my leg forward to enter …But My Mom Stops and drag me to the back entrance of my house…

There were some unknown people in my house. I tried to ask my mom..But she push me to my room and said be ready within 15 mins..

After few minutes i understood what is actually happening…
They were here for marriage proposal

Chudidhar which my mom gave me was my Fav Costume..And That was Dark Blue.

Girls Will Always Wanna Look Pretty…And Especially Their Special Occasions…

So After Changing My Costume, I applied Mascara..Then applied outline for my lips…Next Light Red Colour Lipstick..

After that just applied some Rosepowder..

One of my complicated work in this world is to combing my hair…

Hmmm..I Finished That too…
Atlast I was looking myself in the mirror..

You are Looking So Cute Dollie
(Tanu Entered My Room)

Tanu: I’m sure They will Like My Angel
Vivi: But I Dont Think This Is Gonna Work..
Tanu: Kya Hua?..You dont like Groom?
Vivi: tanu i was not talking about that…I dont think so..Love ,Marriage…these are all gonna work……

(Vividha Continued..)
My Mom’s Marriage is a Love Marriage…And She Married My father By Eloping With Him…
She Struggled With All The People Who Were All Against For Their Love…But Atlast What Happened…My Father was not with us…He went with someother lady..Now Where gone their so

called Love..

Tanu I dont have belief in these things.

Tanu: oh my dollie u r having so many things in your heart..

No prob…They Were Here Just to see u..It will Take a Time for Both sides to decide..So Nothing is going to happen today.. After they went u can say ur mom u dont like groom..Be Happy..

But I’m Sure..They Wont Reject You After Seeing You Like This…

(Tanu bring Vivi outside…My mom’s Voice)
Tanu :ji aunty..
I checked once more in mirror…And Then Went To The Living Room…

I Greeted Them First..And They Said Me To Sit..My Mom Started To Talk..And I Dont Have Interest In that… I looked Who were all Came

There were Three Members One Lady She looks pretty..And Two Men…

I was confused whether they bring groom with them or not…

So i decided to find who is the groom..

I saw the first one..He was Fair..But as soon as i looked his head i turned to the next one..bcoz i knew my mom never choose a groom with bald head..

And the next one was not bad …But he looked thodi old…

Lady who looked pretty Interrupts me..And Said My Name was Payal..Groom’s Bhabhi…And He was Prithiv My Husband And Groom’s Elder Bro…
And i was relieved that he was too not the groom.
She Continued And We Have One daughter..Her Name Was Thiya

He is Nagesh who took us here for dis Proposal

And My Mind Asked Me Where is the Groom…And I was actually searching him.

Again that lady ..sorry Payal Ji interrupted me by saying that Groom still didnt arrived. and he added he was on the way.(She is Laughing…)
Maybe She watched Me That i was searching For Atharv..

My Mom Said To Them.. Let Me Show You The House..Ander Aayiye ji..

They Were All Went with My Mom..And Now Me, Tanu was Here..

I was hearing some sound outside and i went out there was one girl playing.. And i hope she was Thiya..Payal Ji Ki Daughter

Me And Tanu Asked Her What are you doing here??

Thiya: I was waiting for my Best friend.

Tanu: oh you invited your friend here

Thiya: ya…

Vivi: Do You Know Who am i?

Thiya: Ya i knew..You Are My friend

Vivi: What?(smiling)

Thiya: Amma ne kaha ki Today We are Going To Meet One New Friend.. so you are that friend right??

Vivi: Hmm Yaa…

Phone Rings. Which was in thiya Hands..

She picked the call and said where are you atharv.. i have been waiting for you…

(Thiya where are you come here…payal ji called thiya…she ran to her mother.. Dropped the mobile on the floor..)

I took that And spoke.. Hello Thiya Gone

Atharv: Oh..Who s Dis?

Vivi: Hmm, My name is Vividha..Thiya and her parents were here in my house.. would u lyk to talk with them..i will give

Atharv: No need..Bohut Khushi Hoon Aaapse baath karne mein

Vivi: What ?

Atharv: Kuch Nahin

(Call Disconnected)

I was Confused

To Be Continue

Precap: Vividha Opening The Door By Asking Who Are You?.. Atharv replied I’m Atharv.. Vividha Said Toh kya??…and added what do you want? jaldi se bathavo.. so many guests were here…Atharv looking Confused as she dosent know the groom’s name.

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