Hi Guys I’m Riya …I’m From South..Gonna write story based On “JANA NA DIL SE DOOR”

It Will Be in Vividha’s Point of View Who Dont Have Any Idea About Love

Atharv Loves Her So Much…
He is her Friend, Well Wisher, And He Will Be Everthing For Her

Vividha Do Have Affection For Atharv…
But She Was So Confident That Her Affection Will Never Change Into Love

This Is The Present Situation Of Them…But Love Is Magic…It Can Do anything

Here is the INTRO of my Story…Hope You Guys Will Enjoy..

Vividha: Brave Girl Who Just Now Finished Her Studies…She Dont Wanna Work Which Relates her Studies…She Is Searching For The Job Which Will Give Her Happiness

Tanu: Vividha’s Friend Same as Vividha who dont want to work which reminds her studies ..She is a Dancer..

Shiya: Vividha’s Mother Actually Shiya’s Most Important Work In her Life Is to make her daughter to marry …Now She Is Busy In Searching Her Daughter’s Life Partner

Atharv: Smart Looking, Intelligent too who finished his studies and got placed in a company.

Prithiv: Atharv’s Brother Running His Own Business.. Wil Give Full Support For His Brother In all his decision.

Payal: Prithiv’s Wife, Atharv’s Bhabi …She Is the Best Care Taker of their family..She Always Wants her family to be happy

Thiya: Daughter of Prithiv And Payal.. She Loves Her Uncle(Atharv) Very Much

At Vividha’s House..

Shiya Cooking Something For Lunch..

Vividha: Maa Its Smells Good ..(Switching the Tv On) Arey My Fav Song…Gonna Watch this fully..Let Change My Mobile Into Silent..So That Nothing Will Disturb Me..


Notification From Atharv…(Forgot about that song)

My Fingers Automatically Dialed Tanu’s Number

phone conversation

Tanu: Hey Dollie U looked Great In Dat PIc..

Vividha: Did u Saw Who Were All Liked My Pics?

Tanu: Not Yet ..But What Happen baby?

Vividha: Atharv Liked My Pics

Tanu: Hey Of Course He Will Like Your Pics.. He Is Still in Love With You

Vividha: Mujhe Bhi Vahi Bolrahi hoon.. Y he is still Loving me…After All I Broke My ENGAGEMENT With Him…

Tanu: No Worries. U Just This Question To Ur Darling..oops sorry …To Atharv

( Before Hearing any word from vividha she cut the call)
conversation ended

Idiot… kya mein usko call karun???

k wil msg him

Vividha: Hi .. r u free?

in 2 mins

Atharv: I’m Always Available For U dear

Vividha: I just Called U To know How Are You and How Is Your Life…And Not To Hear Ur Bagwas

Atharv (smiling on reading that msg): Fine vivi…

i had called u so many times..but u didnt pick..

Vividha: I Want You To Move On With Your Life..But You Are Not

Atharv: Because I Love You Vivi..And I Dont Want to Marry Anyone Else

Vividha: Par Tum…

Atharv: Oh I’m Sorry…Urgent Call ….Wil Cal U Later

Vividha: Hey…

Precap: Vividha telling To Atharv That She Wants To break This Engagement…Atharv was with his teary eyes…And She Continues I dont Hate you..But I dont want to love anyone..I dont Beleive in Love…

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