love was always there- episode 3

hello welcome back to my ff on nairan and meghnal. hope you enjoy and please comment. thank you soooooo much to everyone who has commented on my ff so far.

someone fed karan mushroom and he was unconsious. the blame went on meghna and before meghna said anything sandhya scolded her. everyone went back to their rooms. naina helped take care of karan but ended up falling asleep on karan.

megnals room:

kunal came out of his bathroom to see meghna walking around looking really upset.

kunal: meghna what happened you look really wooried

meghna: nothing kunal i was just thinking about…. maa

kunal: i know you are lying. c’mon tell me im your husband

meghna:(turning towards kunal) kunal i dont know why maasima blamed me for putting mushrooms in karans food. i mean i did take the food for karan but that was beacuse maasima told me to take it. i didnt even cook today.
meghna had tears in her eyes

kunal: meghna.. shh..ssh look i trust you but maybe maasima did it by accident or maybe she got confused. dont think about it much. come lets sleep

kunal and meghna walked to their bed

kunal:goodnight topper and he kissed her forehead

meghna: (smiling) goodnight

they slept whilst embracing each other.

next morning:

nairan room:

karan woke up early to see naina on top of him.

karan: naina looks so cute whilst sleeping

karan was staring at nainas innocent face when he remembered he cannot touch anyone.

karan: NAINA get up

naina woke up and was ecstatic to see karan was fine(she forgot she was laying on top of karan)

naina: what happened do you need anything

karan: yes i do, i need you to stay away from me.

naina:(shocked) what, what did i do now

karan : you … you slept on top of me even after knowing that i dont touch anyone

naina: wo, karan im sorry i didnt realise….

karan (angrily):you never realise anything, im sure you did something to me which made me ill so you can take advantage of my illness. i always knew that you were badtameez but i didnt know that you would stoop so low.
saying this he grabbed his umbrella and walked out leaving behind naina crying.
naina(crying hard): why dont you understand karan that i dont want to hurt you i just want you to get better…

in the garden:

karan came out with tears in his eyes.he dropped to the floor with the umbrella over him.

karan(crying):im sorry naina, im really sorry, i didnt want to say all this to you, only i know the pain of this allergy and i dont want you to suffer aswell… i love you naina and thats the only reason i want to protect you. you dont deserve someone like me. NAINA I LOVE YOUUU…but i dont have the strength to tell you this. if only i had someone who could help me tell you this truth….
someone from behind said:

?: you have me

karan turned around to see…..

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  1. Titli

    Nice cliffhanger.. update soon..❤️❤️

    1. Swaralove

      thank you dont worry i will update asap

  2. Minerva

    Is this for real?
    I just cant believe it. The magic and aura radiated through every word in this episode is just commendable. All the phrases and lovely dialogues were truly magnificent. The medley of emotions and huge storm of feelings engulfing me right now is just undescribable. The emptional quotient here was soaring above the skies for sure.
    Karan’s words seeing naina sleepimg over him were utterly cute but his expressions and statements after her awakening drove a spear into my heart. His words were truly painful and endearing. His confession during the end was truly heart-wrenching and touching. His nature has surely touched hearts and earned him a soft corner in every reader’s bosom. I just cant find words to embodify the feelings I possess presently and give expression to my emotions now..
    Immense amounts of respect and admiration forever….

    1. Swaralove

      thank you alot. i really appreciate the love and the love you have showed me and i will try to update asap. thanks lots of love x

  3. Nice dear..i think that is meghna..i dont know..waiting is only solution?plz post next part soon

    1. Swaralove

      thank you. dont worry i will try to post asap lots of love x.

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