love was always there- episode 1

hello i am new to this and i started watching swabhiman a few months ago and i fell in love with them. i wanted to write a fanfiction about them and in my story they are married forcefully and hate eachother. karan also has the medical issue where he cant touch anyone please read on and comment for any ideas:).

naina-karans wife
karan- nainas wife
meghna-nainas sister
kunal- karans brother and meghnas husband

naina walked out the bathroom in a beautiful dress and her hair dripping wet. she had a bathrobe on and was walking towards her wardrobe hoping noone would walk inside. just then karan walks inside and naina drops her clothes and both start to scream. naina(blushing) runs into the bathroom and locks the door. karan shocked just stands there. a few minutes later naina peeps out the bathroom and says:
naina-karan. mujhe apne kaprey do
karan- angrily nods and gives the clothes.
naina gets dressed and heads off to work
nainas saree:

a few hours later when naina had come back from work she comes home to hear karan screaming. she runs upstairs to see karans face swollen up and hands all red. she runs to karan and asks where his cream is.
naina- karan, tumhare cream kahan hain
karan- wo us locker mein hain jis ka password:150183 hain
naina was opening the locker when she realised that was her birth date. it really touched her heart thinking that karan cared about her. she stood there for a few moments trying to take in the feeling. this was the first time karan had done something which impressed naina. forgeting about karans state, naina slowly picked up the cream and turned towards karan to see blood…
blood was flowing out of karans mouth and karan laying unconcious. forgetting about everything naina ran to karan and jumped on him.
naina-(crying) KARAANNNNNNNNNNNN….

im sorry if noone is impresed by this please comment below to see if i should conyinue or stop writing. thank you:)

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  1. Superb yaar I realy loved it.. .go ahead waiting for next episode

    1. Swaralove

      thank you loads dont worry next episode will be out soon

  2. Hepsibha

    Superb yaar.. I loved it. .nice start go ahead. ..

    1. Swaralove

      thank you lots 🙂


    1. Swaralove

      thank you alot it means a lot that you commented and dont worry next episode will be coming very soon

  4. Minerva

    Exceptionally fantabulous. The storyline is just so original and the concept is supremely unique. The composition and presentation of this words was just awesome. Amazing thought and wonderful portrayal of characters. Nonetheless, being a story of 2017 isnt naina too immanture for her age of 34. Sorry for the lame joke.
    Nevertheless, the story is truly amazing and magical. It has indeed cast a spell upon me due to its magical grandeur…

    1. Swaralove

      ommmggggg thank you alot i really appreciate the fact that you commented and told me how my ff is. it has really helped boost my confidence once again thank you

  5. Tamihna0808

    Ooh! This sounds really interesting! Naina and Karan seem to have some sort of avoidance relationship. I hope we get to see more and find out what has happened to Karan. Continue your great work! We all look forward to reading it!
    Loads of love!

    1. Swaralove

      thank you , you truly are amazing and dont worry i will try my best to post soon 🙂

      1. Tamihna0808

        Aaaw! Thank you and I cannot wait! ?

  6. gud start..don’t stop jus continue dear I hop meghnal scene in next part dear post soon next part….

  7. Nice start continue soon

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