Love is always alive wherever we are…..(part 3)

Here is our episode.

Abi was siting outside n thinking about pragya..meanwhile, purab comes there…purab, hey was di now…is she alright now…abi remains silent..purab goes inside..pragya was lying by closing her eyes…purab, di..pragya wakes up…ha… was she fine..pls don’t say anything about tis…purab, k di n remains happy that she remember nu..suddenly she asks wher s bulbul..purab was in hell shock..di..vo..di…..pragya, its k purab.. for god sake pls dont say to her…she ll kill me n laughs..purab unable go speak.purab, k di..u tak rest n left the room..purab placed his hand on abi’s shoulder.abi, see purab she have forgotten me..what I ll do..she was thinking me lik a bad person..avoiding me..purab, thats not a problem.abi looks puzzles.what saying she have forgotten me nu.u r saying thats not important nu…purab, dont b stupid abi.di was asking about bulbul…abi looks stunted.ha abi.what can I say to her..abi lost his balance n sat in chair. Abi, its al because of me oly purab.she lost her beloved sister..lost al her many times she escaped from tap…its al because of me….n cries hardly…purab, relax abi..pls don’t lose ur strength.

If u lost urself means then who ll guide di…pls abi n hugs him..meantime dadi came to see her..everything moved wel..dadi did not asked anything…one week passed..dadi oly feeding her n giving medicine.she was passing her time by books.while speaking abi will b with her..pragya slowly asked about her mother as she not even contacted her..pragya, dadi can I speak to maa…she ll b worried. Dadi, don’t worry beta.i have informed her.that u r busy in my home nu..pragya, how she accepted. (Actually guys pragya maa knows about the accident. In meantime she came to see her) dadi, stop ur questions. Now tak rest..n dadi left..abi was siting outside. Dadi, abi when u r going to say about u..abi, don’t no dadi. She hates me completely…dadi.dont worry abi…first say Now.later v shal console her..abi, dadi….vo…vo….she was asking about bulbul…what can I answer for that…hugs n cries…dadi, v dont have any other option abi…already she suffered a lot.hereafter she should b happy.i know sure ur love ll b back to u…trust ur love…abi, k dadi..I ll see…

Few days passed in hospital, abi was left for clearing discharge papers.pragya was siting n chatting with purab.her mom to came to see her..pragya was rasing quest s about bulbul..both dont no how to say… abi comes inside..says, pragya ur sister is no more…pragya was in hell shock.she dont no how to react..simply gets down from bed goes to him n gives a tight slap..pragya, dont u dare to say that…stop playing with feelings n relations.oh whom am the great abi the rockstar who knows oly money n the meaning of values…just get lost.if I see u again see u in my sight, swear I ll kil u…maa see what he was saying…wait I ll cal her…searches for her mobile…sarala, pragya he was rite..she s no more..pragya, purab at least u say.see they are trying to prank me.

U loves her na…pls say wher s she..purab, sorry di n cries….pragya frozen n sits in bed.silent tries runs through…sarala, tries to console..but she remained silent..seeing her abi gets worried….pragya, maa v shal leave..all got ready n packed to leave..all got in abi’s car, though out the drving they were completed silence..pragya was siting in back seat..abi adjusting the mirror n sees her…she was in complete thinking..finally they reached her home..purab sees abi.abi, let her b here.later v shal tak her home..all got down n went inside…pragya sees her was completely changed…no photos of bulbul…silently cried n left inside her room…sarala gave food n medicines to her..abi too left after speaking with sarala…

After few days she got well.she got ready with a anarkali n chashma to her collage. Sarala, wher r u going…pragya, ha maa…to college. I shal continue my job na….sarala thinks for while says pragya to wait n cal abi…pragya, maa am running late..ani comes to see her as usual.sarala welcomes him n gives cafe..pragya gets angry seeing him n thinks how superbly acting n leaves. Sarala, pragya y don’t u go with abi..pragya was about to protest.but within that sarala left the place.with no other option she went wit him…abi felt happiness lik flying in drive they were completely silent..pragya was watching outside the window.abi was driving by noticing her..both reached collage..pragya gets down n thank u Mr.Abishehk.abi smiles at her.she turned to leave.abi was watching her..she left to principle office..pragyq, shal i meet principal. Mam, may I know ur name place.

pragya, Pragya starts Abishehk prem mehra..hearing this she turned shock..abi was standing by supporting the wal with a naughty smile….pragya,what the dare u…points the index finger.abi drags her out to a corner..pragya, how are u…do u think that am a gal who fals for ur cham..dont u dare to do tis again n starts to scold with in that abi drags her closer n kissed her lips…he was tasting it lik a cherry..In meantime pragya protests n tries to leave. But his grip was strong..he puts all his force on her..she was continuously poking his chest.but no use..he broken the kiss when they needed for a air…pragya mind was completely blocked..abi slowly wrips her lips with his thumb n wripers in her ears b back soon Miss.Abishehk….abi was walking with whistle n pragya standing dump….abi turns to see her while walking n thinks wherever we, u are always mine….

Sorry guys. I know tdays episode wil b bore . something I thought n it was came as output…pls forgive me if it was wrong…I ll try to update my another ff too….


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  1. Awesome… Love it…

  2. its not bore…very nice epi….superb…pls update nxt part soon….

  3. superb!!!!!!!!!! nice 2 see abhigya like this …. keep rocking………….

  4. Abiya

    Very cute I love it pls upload next episode soon

  5. Really nice ???

  6. Nooo dear it was awesome pls continue am begging u bcus im loving it n pls let. D romantic continue too

  7. It was not boring emmy… It was superb!!

  8. Wow very interesting yaaaa update that ff also pls waiting 4 long time….

  9. It’s not @ all boring it’s really awesome n superb…

  10. It’s not boring it’s superb

  11. Wow Abhi the rockstar

  12. Saranya24

    Boring ah omg today was awesome yaar loved it????

  13. super cute epic Emmy….. I waiting for ur ff tooooo. and waiting for nxt update of this story……

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    superrbbbbbb amazing dr

  15. Nice episode yaar…

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    no dear its not boring its simply superb and amazing..

  18. Super cute… Please update next one soon

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