love-akshara and naitik (intro)


Hi guys this is a fanfic on naitik and akshara . hope u like it .

Akshara – a teacher by proffesion because it is her passion , she is only 21 , she is from a very rich family

Akshara has a brother called shaurya . he loves varsha who is also a teacher , akshara knows this

Akshara’s father vishambarmaheshwari is a hotelier , he is very rich .

Akshara’s mother rajshri is also very kind .

Akshara has a chacha and chachi and a cousin anshuman who is in college now

Naitik is the md of singhania diamonds (he is only 22).daddaji had already made naitik the md . naitik’s father rajbanna and daddaji also work at singhania diamonds . they r also very rich like maheshwari family .

Naitik has three sisters , one nandini (naitik’s cousin elder than him 23 years old ) , ragini (own sister she is 19 and is in college ) , third comes rashmi (she is the youngest and is only 15 years she has gone to tenth standard now , she is the most loved in the family . naitik likes rashmi the most . akshara is the class teacher for rashmi )

Naitik’s mother is gayathri and she is also loving towards naitik

Please…… comment . hope u like it . if u like it i will continue so please comment

Credit to: varshini

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