love-akshara and naitik (epi 4)


Ok guys if i get less comments i will stop this ff . please commentin every episode so that i will know whether to continue or not ok .
Mohit and nandini marriage happens after some days varsha and shaurya’s marriage also happens .
Naitik is at home talking in phone wid akshara . gayathri comes there ,she says naitik tomorrow we r going to the girl’s house . naitik asks which girl’s house . gauathri says ur would be wife’s house , naitik says why i should marry this much early . gayathri says u r 24 now naitik , now u come and see the girl then if u like her u decide . naitik thinks yes whoever is the girl i will reject her then the work will be over . naitik says ok ma. Akshara hears all this , she cries and cuts the call .
At akshara ‘s home , rajshree asks akshara to meet a groom who is coming to their house . akshara cries and goes inside . she thinks naitik is itself ready to marry somebody else then why should i not marry .
Naitik is sad at his room , rashmi comes there . she says bhaiya today my day was great , naitik says how was it great . rashmi says today was my first day in 12 th standard no , akshara mam is only my class teacher this year also , she is my chemistry teacher for this year . naitik gets sad hearing akshara’s name . he says rashmi to go , rashmi goes .
At akshara’s home , akshara comes outside and says i am ready to see the boy .
Rajshree calls the boy’s mother and asks her to come that evening

Meanwhile the same evening naitik goes to a big house , he goes inside , the girl’s mother welcomes them , she calls the girl , she calls akshara . naitik thinks akshara , thios girl’s name is also ashara . really akshara comes there , she is shocked to see naitik , so is naitik . he at once agrees for the marriage , so doe s akshara . he says i want to talk to her alone .
He and akshara come to balcony . naitik says i am not able to believe this and hugs akshara .
Akshara comes out , rashmi says ma this is my akshara mam , gayathri says really .
Gayathri says so rajshree behen we will soon tell u the date of engagement . rajshree says ok .
Akshara says to varsha i am so happy .
Varsha goes to her room . she sees shaurya there , shaurya says like oour marriage akshara’s marriage is not love marriage no . varsha says no her’s is also love marriagebecause it was a coincidence that naitik was the boy who was going to meet akshara

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Better stop this … usual tamil soup drama…


    Thanks for this really enjoyed it

  3. i really love ur story…
    pls continue with it…
    don’t stop it…

  4. pls continue….
    it is really interesting

  5. Nice one continue

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