love-akshara and naitik (epi 3)


The next year goes like this , naitik purposely comes to pick rashmi to meet akshara . he had fallen in love wid her , it is same wid akshara she also loves naitik but does not have courage to tell him the truth . days go by .
rashmi’s holidays start .
Akshara misses naitik very much , so does naitik .
akshara looses patience and goes to school and takes the register and sees rashmi’s number and calls to it . nandini takes the phone and speaks to akshara . akshara says i am akshara rashmi’s teacher ,,i want to talk to rashmi’s brother , actually about school .
nandini calls naitik and goes . naitik is surprised and happy to hear akshara’s voice .
Akshara says i want to meet u, come to the coffee shop near school . naitik says ok and keeps the phone and shouts yes . rashmi sees this . she says what happened bhaiya . naitik says nothing rashmi u go and study . rashmi goes . naitik says so akshara also loves me .
He goes to coffee shop .
he sees akshara sitting there . he goes and sits there . akshara says i called u because , actually . naitik says i too wanted to meet u . akshara gets happy . naitik says i wanted to meet u because voh . akshara and naitik say together i love u . akshara and naitik laugh . akshara and naitik again say together i did not have courage to tell u acually .
akshara and naitik laugh .
They spend the rest of the evening very happily .
One more year goes like this
Akshara is now 23 years while naitik is 24 .
their bond becomes even more strong . but they dont have the courage to tell their families ABOUT THEIR LOVE

precap : gayathri asks naitik to see the girl who is going to marry him , naitik refuses
gayathri says meet her if u like her marry ,if u dont like we will not compell u .

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Credit to: varshini

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