love-akshara and naitik (epi 2)


Akshara is at home . she is writing some notes . varsha comes there. Akshara says hi varsha ,how r u .how was the first day in the school . varsha says ya nice i am the class teacher of 9 c . nobody thought i was teacher u no . akshara says yesand gets happy , varsha says kyun yea itni kush kyun hai . akshara says because nobody thought i was a teacher too . so since i was ur best friend from childhood i wanted this to happen wid u also ok . varsha says akshara . akshara laughs . varsha says it was a big international school indeed . akshara says ya it is a big school .tomorrow be ready i will pick u up from ur home and we will go together ok . varsha says sharp 8o clock and goes. The next day akshara comes wid the driver in car ,and picks up varsha and goes to school . car stops near the school , akshara says bye to varsha nd goes in different directions while varsha goes the other side of the school . naitik has come to meet rashmi who has left the tiffin box . he is going towards the class while akshara too is going the same way , she collides with naitik and is about to fall down . naitik holds her . they have a eyelock yeh rishta ya kehlata hai plays . akshara gets up . she says thank u and goes inside . naitik says excuse me and comes inside , he says aap class teacher hai . akshara says ji han aasp . naitik says i am her brother i came to give her lunch box . rashmi comes there , she says mam yes he is my brother and takes the lunch box . naitik smiles at akshara and goes . akshara feels attracted to naitik . she takes class then .

Naitik comes home , but he keeps thinking about akshara . he is thinking while ragini comes into his room . she says bhaiya in which world r u . naitik just then realises that ragini has come and asks her to tell what she wants . ragini says mujhe kuch nahi chahiye .ma is calling u down to eat ok . naitik says i will come and goes .
He comes down , nandini is eating(nandini is not physically challenged in this ff ) . naitik says hi di . how was ur day . nandini says han naitik it was .(nandini was the owner of the boutique ).

Naitik asks ragini how was ur college today . ragini says not so good boring lectures . rashmi says but my day was very good bhaiya . akshara mam she is too good u know i love science . naitik says from when did u start liking science . she says jab se akshara mam ayi hai . n:who is akshara .
Rashmi : the teacher u met u met morning .

After dinner naitik goes to sleep. Akshara also goes to sleep , she and naitik are dancing very romantically . suddenly she wakes up she realises it was all a dream

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Very nice. Keep going.

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  3. Very nice…Just loved it…

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  5. good plot . keep continue……. the story

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