love-akshara and naitik (epi 1)


A very beautiful girl is shown . she gets ready in a red salwar . she says ma i am going . rajshri comes there she says beta pray to god and go it is ur first day in school no . the beautiful girl is none other than our akshara maheshwari . she says han it is first day in my school ,but not as a student ok , i am teacher there ma. Rajshri says han par , akshara says becoming a teacher was a dream ma . u r frightening me also . i am not small kid no .my dream is going to be fulfilled . I am so happy

Meanwhile in singhania house a girl is shown and a lady is making that girl’s hair .The lady says rashmi today is ur first day in class tenth so concentrate on ur studies ok . rashmi says ok ma i have gone to tenth standard , i am not a small kid anymore ok .

A handsome boy comes there . he says shall i leave u in school now . rashmi says no bhaiya i am not ready yet . gyathri rashmi ragini and naitik’s mother says what is ragini doing . naitik says i don’t know and goes wid rashmi .he drops rashmi and goes to office . all freet him in office . when naitik goes in a old staff says naitik sir came to office before a month or two only but he has learnt the work and has become a good boss for all . i have never seen such a gentle man in my life . akshar goes and meets the principle . the principle says in my 25 years of experience i have never seen such a girl like u . very punctual but u should not wear salwars only sarees allowed ok . akshara sayssorry sir . Principal says its ok it is ur first day here r ur class’s keys , ur class board key and cupboard key . akshara says thank u sir and goes to class wid the keys . when she goes inside and says goodmorning . rashmi says tum goodmorning kyun bol rahi ho , why r u telling good morning , u r new student right and goes to her and shakes hand . when akshara is about to say something . rashmi holds her hands and tells guys this is our new fri end .she has joined our school . she asks tumhara nam kya hai , what is ur name . akshara says my name is akshara . rashmi says this is akshara . please welcome her .all students shout hoo . akshara asks to rashmi what is ur name actually u talk quite a lot . rashmi says i think i should have not welcomed u akshara i introduced to all and u r telling me i talk a lot . just then the principal comes ther e . rashmi moves aside from akshara and says good morning sir .princi says akshar have u introduced urself to students . rashmi says han sir i introduced her to all . princi says akshara this is rashmi , very good in science . rashmi says why r u telling all this to akshara . princi says what r u saying she is ur new science teacher and class teacher for ur class . rashmi is shocked . akshara says sir i will introduce myself to all . after princi goes akshara glares at rashmi . rashmi says sorry mam and goes without saying anything . aksha a introduces herself to all and says sorry that u misunderstood me .all are shocked . she says today i will select the class leaders ok . one girl and boy . the girl leader will be rashmi and the boy leader siddarth ok . rashmi is shocked . she goes to akshara . akshara says i know u are afraid of me and embarrassed because of me . i am not angry , i myself don’t know how i became teacher ok . rashmi smiles and goes .
Akshara goes home , she says ma u no what happened today .a girl rashmi mistook me to be a new student and teels everything .

Rashmi says how she met akshara and mistook her . gayathri says really rashmi beta , she did not scold u . rashmi says no ma . gayathri says acchi ladki hogi

Friends this epi was only about aksharaand naitik’s work and introduction . from next epi i will make it better ok . please comment

Credit to: varshini

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  1. nice episode. continue the fiction

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