Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Promo

hey guys…i wont be updating for a while i am busy with exams.i found the time to write this promo. here goes
swalak nd ragsan engagemet going. swalak do their one happily but when ragsan turn comes…someone shouts stop. all turn to see nd it was Roshini (sanskars first love).everyone is shocked especially sanskar. roshini runs and hugs him. she asks what happened. is he not happy. he pushes he and she cries.then she faints. lucky calls the doctor and the doctor says she has been in lots of stress and she has gone into depression. please take good care of her and dont give her much tension. roshini wakes up and says sanky i want you to promise me something. sanky says what. she says to marry me. sanky is shocked. ragini hears this and runs away. sanky is confused.

screen freezes on the confused face of sanky, crying face of ragini and smirking face of roshini.

Who will sanskar choose.
Who will he decide to marry.
Will roshini let them marry in peace or will she be negative
Ragini or Roshini.
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Please leave your comments.
I know this isnt the best promo. it is short,.

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  1. ragsan is better not Roshkar (roshni and sanskar)
    i chose ragsan

  2. no sanskar should marry ragini

  3. plzzzz make sanky choose ragini this time don’t make him choose roshini

  4. Ragsan should marry. Roshini should not be negative

  5. So sad for ragsss

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