Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 9

After 1 week:
swara is getting ready in a blue lehenga saree with light embroidery. she is wearing matching jewellery and her hair is straight with loose curls at the bottom. she is looking very pretty. ragini is wearing a baby pink lehenga saree with heavy kinda of embroidery. she is wearing matching jewellery and her hear is in a messy looking bun with a few strands left loose in the front. she is still looking just as pretty as swaragini. sumi comes to take them both downstairs as maheswari family has come. she says my swaragini are looking so prety, just like angels from heaven. swaragini get teary eyed. just then dida and dadi come fighting. this is how they r fight. dida:aye marwaran mera shoru is more pretty. dadi: na na bengalan, tare ko galat family hai. meri ladoo zada sundar hai. swaragini say dida dadi we r both looking pretty. sumi laughs and the 5 share a hug. then dida and dadi along with sumi take swaragini downstairs. lucky is wearing a blue sherwani and sanky is wearing a pink sherwani. they r both look handsome.

swara goes and stands next to lucky and ragini goes and stands next to sanky. lucky says to swara: babe u r looking s*xy. i wish i could hug u right now but dont worry i promise i will take my good night kiss l8er. swara smiles and says thank you…but we will see if u can take ur good night kiss….lucky says we will see. on the otherside sanky says to ragini u r looking pretty. ragini says thanks u r looking handsome as well. he says thanks. just then sumi and dadi bring the ring for sanlak.sumi gives the ring to swara and dadi to ragini. ap and sj bring the rings to lucky and sanky. the engagement gets done and all have fun. swara goes to her room to use the washroom. lucky says this is the right chance. he goes after her. she came outside from the washroom and was about to go downstairs but lucky holds her and pulls her towards him and tightly holds her from her waist. she says lucky, we need to go downstairs. he says first my kiss. she says oh, so thats y u came here. he says give it to me quickly otherwise i wont leave u. she says i am not giving it to u. he says fine let me take it then.

he pins her to the wall still holding her waist he comes closer. there is only an inch left between their lips. then finally they kiss. swara’s hands around his neck and he tightens his grip on her waist. they kiss passionately for sometime until they hear someone coming. they move apart and find it is ragsan. ragsan say if ur romance is over can u guys come downstairs. swalak get embarrassed and go downstairs. it was only the gadodias and maheshwaris now. the elders laugh seeing them. pari and uttara tease swalak and ragsan. they say lucky since when have u started wearing lipstick and sanky where has that earing come from. swaragini get shy. ragsan remember them going to the terrace and kissing each other. they get embarrassed while everyone else is laughing. maheshwaris leave. swaragini go to their room and sleep.

Precap: Twist???

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hey guys…sorry for the late update. …m busy in college study…please give me ideas for the twist…i cant think of anything…hope this was a good chapter.
please wait for the next one…till then tc and dont forget to leave ur comments and suggestions

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  1. Nice..but what is d twist??plzz don’t change pairs..i love ragsan nd swalak

  2. plz dont chnge pairs

  3. Show some misunderstanding judai twist for long time between pairs or some accident and take a leap bt don’t chng the pair

  4. Plz dont change the pairs. Brilliant epi

  5. nice .but not change pairs …

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