Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 8

hey guys…thanks a lot for your comments… i can try update every day but it might be impossible as my college starts on the 3rd of feb…anyways here is the next chapter.
swaragini wake up and get ready to go to college. swara is wearing black shorts with a white top that says superstar. she has a high ponytail and is wearing black and white converse shoes. ragini is wearing a pink maxi dress. she has left her hair open and is wearing heels. they are looking beautiful. swaragini leave to their college without having food. they are too excited to meet sanlak but when they reach their college only lucky is there. swara goes and hugs him and says i missed u sooo much baby even though i saw u last night. he says i missed u too babe and kisses her forehead. ragini asks where is sanky. lucky says he is at home in bed with a fever. ragini gets worried and says i will go and take care of him youu guys continue and dont bunk any classes. swalak together say ok meri maa now go. ragini smiles at their childishness.

she gets and auto and leaves quickly (ragini doesnt have a driver’s license because she is scared of driving but swara does). when she reaches mm she takes the blessing of ap and sujata and goes to meet sanky. but when she enters his room sanky was talking on the phone. this is what he was saying ofc baby i love you….u know na ragini is just time pass…..ofc i wont leave u…..i love u too now bye tht ragini madam might be coming….ok bye babe and laughs. he turns and finds ragini. she has tears in her eyes. she says wow mr sanskar maheswari…just wow…..u have acted really well. sanky says i can explain but ragini pts her hand up at says stop…..what were u saying yesterday i wont let ur smile vanish nd i wont ever let u cry….well how will u take care of me when u cant take care of me now. the man who pretends to love me can do much worse in the future. so i end all our relationship now. whatever happened between us i am going to forget as a sweet dream that will never come true and saying this she runs away. sanky runs after her but she was long gone before he could catch up.

ragini goes to her college and finds swara. she breaks down in her arms and says everything. meanwhile sanky tells ap about lucky’s plan.
Flashback:sanky we have to find out if ragini loves u or not. sanky says ofc she does. lucky says would she be jealous seeing u with another girl. sanky says i dont know but u try this on ur girl first na then it will be my girls turn. lucky says i have already tried it on my babe. she does get jealous. now ur girl’s turn. sanky says what is the plan. lucky says u have to pretend u are having an affair with some other girl. i will go to the college tomorrow alone and inform ragini that u r sick. she will come running to u for sure. then u must call me and pretend u r talking to ur so-called gf. i will tell swara this. then u r going to plan a date for her and say sorry. ok. sanky says done.

Flashback ends.
ap and sujata say u have done very wrong with her. u must apologise to her tonight otherwise i am not talking to u for a whole month. sanky says i promise i will ask for forgiveness but please dont stop talking to me. she says fine now go make ur preperation for ur date. sanky says u r the best moms i could ever ask for. they smile and he leaves. meanwhile in the college ragini is crying hard. swara wasnt shocked bcz lucky had told her everything. swara pretends and says what. she turns to lucky and says did u know this and winks. he says no i didnt. ragini u must be mistaken. bhai cant do this. swara cuts ragini and says are u saying tht ur bro has a twin. lukcy says my bro is an original piece. he has no twins. swara say ok whatever. ragini u r coming with me to apricot garden like we used to b4 we met these brothers. lucky is also going to come with us. lucky says sure. ragini says i dont want to come. u guys continue. lucky says please come na ragini. i cant bear ur sister alone. u r great u have been bearing her since childhood. ragini says yes lucky. only i know how she is like. swara says u guys have made a team. i m going. she makes a cute angry face and is about to go when lucky holds her hand and twirls her around. she is facing him and he holds her waist and says i would love to bear u my whole life bcz i love u. i wont be bearing u actually i will be living a dream with u. saying this he gives her a chocolate and kisses her cheek. she smiles and says thanks. so we are meeting at apricot garden like before ok. raglak say ok. nd they all head of to their classes.

In the evening swara is wearing a pink dress(the same type sanskar gifted swara but in pink) with matching make up, accessories and heels. ragini is wearing the same but in red. both are waiting for lucky to come pick them up. lucky is wearing a white t-shirt,with a blue leather jacket with blue jeans and white jordan shoes. he compliments swara and says babe u r looking hot and gorgeous. and ragini u r looking beautiful too. swaragini say we all do and laugh. then they head of to apricot garden. when they reach swalak tell ragini to sit down they will come in a few minutes. ragini complies and sits. swalak walk a few meters away and hide behind a tree. lucky hugs swara from behind and says i love u. swara says lucky u can only think of romance. our lovestory is the best but we need to make ragsan patch up again. but i love u too. and she lets him hug her. ragini sees sanky and is ready to go but he stops her and says i want to tell u something. ragini says havent u told enough. he suddenly tells her about lucky’s plan and after her finishes he says i am sorry….i didnt want to hurt u but u did get hurt.i am sooo sorry. ragini says i am sorry as i have hurt u a lot. they both hug.

swara says yes…i got such an intelligent boyfriend. lucky says tht u do and kisses her. they both go to ragsan holding hands. ragini says i am very angry with you guys. they say sorry. ragini forgives them. ragsan go do their date. swara says i got an intelligent boyfriend but he is sooo unromantic. lucky says no i am not. come with me. he takes her to another part of the garden and says like it. she says i love it. it was decorated so beautifully. she says i love it. he says i was expecting love u but looks like i waited in vain. she says i love u too baby. and she gives him a small kiss on the lips. lucky smiles. they have dinner nd a small dance on the song “last first kiss”. then lucky drops swara home and sanky drops ragini home. swarag give a hig to sanlak and a good night kiss as well. then they go inside and change and sleep. so do sanlak but at their house ofc.

Precap: swalak and ragsan engagement…..big twist
i hope u guys like this chapter. please leave ur comments. i know this isnt the best ff but oh well. thanks too everyone who wrote comments on my last one….it meant a lot. i will try update soon. till then tc guys nd love u all

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