Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 7

hello guys….im thinking tht u guys dont like my ff….please tell me wht to change…here is the 7th part

Swaragini come to their house. shekhar and sumi already knew what had happened at mm….they are happy. everyone have dinner and go to sleep. swaragini cant go to sleep at first but after 3 hours of tossing and turning around they finally sleep. where as sanlak werent going to sleep at all. they decided that they are going to meet swaragini. They get ready and climb down the drain. then they get into their car and go to gadodia mansion. they know what room swaragini sleep in and so they cimb the drain and go on to the balcony. lucky decides to be more romantic and wake his love by giving her a kiss. he slowly finds swara and gives her a kiss on the lips. swara feels it and screams kidnapper! kidnapper!. lucky puts his hand on swaras mouth and says its me babe. swara says i hate u…is this the way to wake someone up…he smiles seeing her act like a kid. by all the noise ragini and everyone else had woken up.ragini sees sanky and says what r u doing here. he replies to meet my gf but looks like she doesnt want to meet me..i will go.

ragini says nothing like tht. just then there is a knock on the door. sumi and shekhar say open the door beta. swaragini together say we r dead. swara hides lucky behind a curtain and ragini hides sanky underneath the bed. then they open the door and say wht happened. sumi asks is everything fine. swara says yes..she had a nightmare that is all. sumi and shekhar say phew…ok then gud night. swaragini say bye. then they close the door and take lucky and sanky out from their hiding spot. swaragini ask now wht do u guys want. sanlak reply tht they came to see their gf but looks like they came into the wrong house. swaragini say wht…noo u came in the right house. swara goes and gives lucky a hig and a kiss on the cheek. ragini gives sanky a hug and kiss on the cheek as well. then sanky and ragini go out to the balcony and swara and lucky on to the bed.(dont worry guys….nothing wrong happens). swara puts music on her phone and puts earphones in her ears. lucky says wow..i came to meet my gf but she is busy on the phone…looks like my love story ends here. swara says i can hear u nd its nothing like tht…

i love u kay. and she gives lucky a kiss on the cheek again. lucky takes her phone off her and says u have to talk to me or i am going. swara says ok baba i m talking. wht do u want to talk about. lucky says lets play our 10 question game. swara says ok. meanwhile ragsan are already talking. ragini says what will you do for me after marriage. sanky says i will never let a tear fall from your eyes. ragini says and. sanky says i will never let ur smile come off ur face. ragini says and. he replies i will love you more than you can imagine and…ragini stops him. she says its enough. they kiss. now its time for swalak. lucky says my 10 questions first. do u love me. she says yes. he says will u love me more than our kids. she says wht…but says i will love you guys the same. he says do u trust me. she says more than my life. he says rate me out of 10. she says 1 and laughs. he gets angry and make a sad face. she says i was joking…for me u r over a thousand. he gets happy. she says continue. he says say a tbh for me. she say tbh u r the best bf ever. he says i knew tht…nd says i cant think of anymore questions. she says i love you. he says i do too. nd they kiss. now its time for sanlak to go. swara says i will ask my questions tomorrow. he says i would love to answer then. she says pagal. she kisses him nd hugs him. ragini does the same. sanlak go down…via pipe. they give a flying kiss to swaragini respectively. swaragini return it.sanlak go home and sleep peacefully. so do swaragini.

Precap- swalak date….ragsan fight..

guys guess why ragsan fought…..please leave your comments…it means a lot to me…give me suggestions for any song…even though i m an indian i dont know any indian songs bcz i live in new zealand so i know only english….love you guys…take care…nd dont forget to leave comments

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  1. I want to see more ragsan scenes

  2. hey dnt think dat we dnt lyk ur ff its awesome thanks fo making swalak and yeah may be ragini got angry dat he ia not romantic type nyc ff dear

  3. Vry nice..swalak luv u

  4. you ‘r ff is awesome

  5. nice episode supreet… i think ragsan fought because ragini must have seen sanskar talking to another girl and she thought he was cheating on her… but… sanskar Nd the girl were only classmates.. and ragini had a misunderstanding

  6. Lovely. I really love ragsan. Very romantic part…
    Update soon

  7. Really very nice

  8. Hey awesome ff. For ragsan u can keep khoya khoya song or zehnaseeb for happy moments and for sad saware song .pls keep continuing ???

  9. Nice yr…ragsan,swalak rockz..dnt think like that w r nt like ur ws suprb yr

  10. can u plz update the next part today Supreet

    Thank u

  11. Fight but why

  12. Nice urr its awesome don’t think that we don’t like ur story

  13. Can u give the previous episodes link plz

  14. Supreet we do pike ur ff but u don’t regularly update itbso people forget about it

    1. Supreet we do like ur ff but u don’t regularly update itbso people forget about it

  15. Rituja Jadhav

    Its awesome. I just love it.l love swalak.l suggest you a song rang de Tu mohe gerua . Gerua song from the film of dilwale 2015

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