Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 5

Sanlak reach their house. They go to their room. They start talking about this alliance with the girls. Laksh say i know this might hurt you but i dont like ragini…i love swara. Sanky says what…u love swara…OMG…i dont lik swara….but i have started feeling for ragini. They say OMG in union. But then sanky says i am scared to love again…i fear i might lose the person who i love the most…saying this he breaks down…..lucky consoles him..the flashback starts

Sanky loved a girl called roshini and was going to marry her…until someone comes and kidnaps her and kills her. The kidnapper gets caught and he says that he did this bcz dp had told him to…the police arrests the kidnapper…they ask sanky if he wantd them to arrest dp but he says no and runs to his room. He breaks down

Fb ends
Lucky says i am sure papa wont do anything like that again…infact he likes her…but we need to confess our feelings to swaragini first and get ti know about their feelings for us…lets hope it isnt a one sided love.

The next morning sanlak and swaragini meet at the college. Lucky says that i am so sorry ragini but i cant marry u as i love swara. Swaragini are shocked. Sanskar says i cant marry u swara because i love ragini. Swara says OMG….u could have said this in a more romantic way yar. I love you lucky. Ragini says i love u sanskar. They hug and so do swalak. After a long hug they say now we need to tell dp uncle/papa. They decide to tell him tomorrow as they want to spend the day together. Lucku had prepared a date for swara so he took her to apricot garden. They had lunch together and then lucky proposes her by saying I, laksh durga prasad maheswari, want u, swara gadodia, to be part of my life. Do u accept to be swara laksh maheswari. Swara has tears in her eyes and nods yes. Lucky slides a ring in her hand and says i love u swara. She says i love u too. Then they part away to have their first kiss as gf and bf (swara has kissed lucky on the cheek but as a friend only). Lucky puts his hand on swaras waist and pulls her closer. Then swara closes her eyes due to shyness. Lucky and swara kiss passionately. They enjoy the moment as they are now in a relationship.

Precap:ragsan romance…dp desicion

Hello friends. Yes sanskar used to love roshini. I have decided not to do kavita because it has been used in so many ff….i wanted mine to be different. Please dont forget to oeave ut comments below. I know this isnt the best ff but it isnt that bad. I will update a new one next week. Till then tc and love ya all ????

Credit to: Supreet


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