Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 4


Hello guys…i m sure u must have forgotton this ff….i will post 2 episodes today …nd will try and update one each week
So here is how it goes……

Lucky notices that swara has forgotton her purse in the car. he decides to give it to her tomorrow. He wants to open the purse and see whose picture she keeps in the the whole time(swara has kept a picture of someone and lucky knows tht) but he decides not to as it is wrong. He drives off to his house and goes to sleep due to his tiredness. The next day ap and dp are going to gadodia mansion. Swaragini are dressed in beautiful lehngas. Dp and sp ask swaraginis hand for sanlak. swasan and raglak. swaragini are shocked. so are sanlak that just came in the doors. Ragini was sad she doesnt get to marry her love. so was lucky. swara and sanskar were confused about their feeling of love. They agree sadly.Maheshwari family leave. Swaragini go in to their room and cry. They share their feelings with each other. ragini says she loves sanskar and swara said she has started feeling for lucky but she cant trust them because of her past. ragini hugs her and asks her not to remember it.
Swara’s past:

Swara was in love with a guy called rocky. He made fake promises that he will marry her only and loves her but the truth was that he was after her money. He kidnapped swara and asked her to give him 3000000 rupees. She cries and her family gives the money to him.
Swara’s past ends.
Swaragini hug each other and cry. swaragini title song plays

Precap- sankars past…sanlak confession…dp descion

Credit to: Supreet

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  1. Nice. .. I want ragsan together soon.

  2. thanks alot fo making swalak

  3. I hate ragsan n swalak but I luv swasan n raglak
    In the actual serial their jodi is superb

    1. Please can u not judge my ff….i know u like swasan as a pair but there are other ff on swasan.

  4. Awww thank u so much for ragsan…

  5. I am a biggest fan of swasan and raglak but I have a tip for you all. You can imagine it as swasan and raglak so that you can not feel the pain of the separation them . its nice that you are sharing your heart feeling but please don’t hurt the swalak and ragsan fans by saying your feelings because thier really few ff’s on swalak and ragsan. What will they do if you say like that. I will say same to swalak and ragsan fans about the pairs. Sorry if I hurt you. Hope you all understand 🙂

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