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Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 18


so guys i hop i have cleared that lucky had s*x with swara only…he wont cheat on any girl…

all the elders had found out that roshini is fake….they tell this to swalak and ragsan..and make them hear the recording in which she admits that she is fake…..they had finished their mission…theu call the police and handover the recording…they hear it and roshini is now arrested without swaragini getting hurt…they were all happy unaware of the storm that was coming into their lives..ragsan got married the indian way as well….now everything was going fine…

3 months leap..
swara was doing work when suddenly she fainted…lucky shouts swaraaaa….everyone rush to her…lucky takes her upstairs while sanky call dr suman (mehers mum from bd)…she checks her…she smiles
s: who is her husband
l:me…i am laksh maheshwari
l: is it anything serious

s: no..infact it is good news…u r going to become a father of two twins
lucky was in ninth heaven….yipeeee….everyone was happy…lucky tells everyone to tell swara that she was sick and fainted cause of tiredness…when everyone asks why he says that he wants to tell her that she is becoming a mum and me a dad…everyone smiles seeing him excited…….they agree….
lucky calls someone and asks him to decorate a room….with rose smelling candles….roses and white tulips……he smiles…he thinks thanks shona…for giving me the best news ever…..

swara was wearing a royal blue gown and lucky was wearing aroyal blue blazer with white top and royal blue chinos…..they both were looking stunning…..he takes her to a house on the water and tells her the news….she is in the on the ninth heaven….they hug
l: finally my hardwork paid off ???
sw: how shamless u r ???
l: only for u darling
they eat dinner and go home
the family was excited to tell them good news….ragini was pregnant as well
flashback:ragini was going to her room when sje fainted…they call the doctor and she tells that she is pregnant.
flashback ends

everyone is happy….but now the real storm comes

precap:a new entry(negative and positive) jealousy between the couples…misunderstanding …leap
i hope u guys like this…sorry for typos

Credit to: supreet

  1. Nyc episode bt plz dear gve some ragsan scenes also ….

  2. Nice epi

  3. Dnt seperate swalak pls..nd her unborn babies shud b safe..

  4. Lila


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