Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 16


hey guys….hope u liked my chapter is below

swalak consumated their wedding again. the next morning swara wakes up and sees he cute hubby sleeping like a baby…she thinks omg my baby manages to look cute even in his sleep…hmphh i am so lucky i chose him as my husband….hopefully i am a good wife to him and a good mother to our future kids….she blushes at this thought…she gets up to go to the washroom when she was held back in a strong armlock….she was shocked
swara:lucky u duffer…were u awake this whole time

lucky: yes my junglibilli…i was awake… tell me what were u thinking about

swara:not in her senses says how do u manage to look cute in your sleep??

lucky laughs: actual?

swara gets embarrassed and blushes.

Lucky says like u manage to look hot at night i manage to look cute saying this he winks at her
she shys and buries her head in his chest…they hug each other…..after sometime
there is a knock at the door
ragini: swara wake up….it is time to go to the beach

swara: yes i am coming u go

ragini: is lucky the idiot not letting u go

swara(fumbles):n… i am ready already…he is sleeping

Ragini: sure sure…anyways come faster

swara sees lucky who is pouting
am i am idiot now…she says no baby u r my cutie na

lucky says no..i am not talking to u no matter what u do…

swara:starts her drama: hey bhagwan yeh kaisi duniya hai…jaha kisi aur ki galti ki saza ek biwi ko sehni padti hai

Lucky says drama queen….get off me i need to go

lucky lightly pushes swara and she gets pissed but she remembers it is her fault this time.she calls someone and tells him to decorate a hotel room
she thinks mr.husband i will see how u manage to be angry with me…saying this she smiles and gets ready.

she wears an adidas top with shorts and converse boots. lucky wears adidas top and shorts with adidas shoes.
they look adorable.

everyone goes to the beach and has fun…lucky has melted by now seeing swaras innocence and cuteness.

precap:lucky has s*x….roshini and mysterious person talking
hope u all like this

Credit to: Supreet

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    Nice..but add some ragsan scenes

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