Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 15


hello dear friends….i know i am 2 months late but i cant help it…i was busy with my exams…..i want to know from u guys…do u want me to continue writing my ff or should i end it. …ur comments mean a lot to me….so here we go with the story…..

swara wakes up and remembers last night…..she smiles and gives a kiss to lucky..
he smiles and says baby my day has been made….ILYSM babe…

she replies i know….who doesnt love me…i mean all the boys in my college were after me but i chose u…..i wonder why i chose a duffer like u

lucky(pouts): i am not a duffer ok…..go i am angry wid u….i wont talk to u ever again

Swara(laughs) she sits on his lap and starts kissing him….first his forehead, then eyes then cheeks but leaves his lips on purpose…..lucky had melted by now….when she got up to pack her bag to go home he pulls her closer and says

lucky:if u have already kissed me everywhere then why dont u kiss me on my lips
saying this he tightens his grip on her waist and kisses her…..she kisses him back. it lasted for ten mins until it got disturbed by a phone call……lucky says every one is the enemy of my romance….swara smiles at his statement… picks the call….rags was on the other end
rags: shona come to the farmhouse…everyone is already there….mom nd dad left this morning deciding not to disturb u guys…swara blushes
but anyways come to the farmhouse nd pack clothes for 2 days…we will be staying here…..she says ok
Lucky comes and hus her and says what happened….she says we need to go to the farmhouse…he says it will take till night to reach there….he says we should leave now…she says fine i am waiting for u in the car….
u bring the bags
Lucky says ok
Swara goes and sits in the car and lucky calls someone to decorate his room at the farmhouse……

swalak reach…it was night by then….everyone had gone to sleep….when swara enters the room she is shocked…
The whole room is decorated with roses and candles… was so romantic she felt like kissin the person who decorated this room

Suddenly lucky gave her a bone crushing hug….she says i love u soooo much…..he says i love u more….saying this he smiles romantically
He kisses her tightens his grip….then after 10 mins he picks her up and the consummate their wedding….

Precap: depends on ur descision
guys i will continue if u guys like this…pl do tell me if u want me to continue or not

Credit to: Supreet

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