Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 13


My ff on lakshmila
After sitas swayamvar
Sita : urmila can u go and inform ram tht i want tk talk to him in the afternoon in the temple.
Urmila : but y tell me
Sita : i will tell u later just go and inform secretly no one should know ok
U : what if mother shouts
S : she wont go and come fast.
U: ok bye
Urmila rides her horse and reaches the place where ram stays
She goes inside a hut and sees ram along with lakshman. Urmila looks at lakshman wit guilt while lakshman looks on angrily(guess y ?) .
Ram : urmila wat r u doin here .
U : i wanna tell u something can u send ur brother out.
L : y should i go out i will not go ok.
R : dont behave rudely go out now.
Lakshman leaves angrily.
U : sita didi wants to meet u in the afternoon at the temple.
R : y?
U: i dont know she didnt tell.
R : ok fine
Ram leaves the hut while lakshman enters the hut.

L: were u trying to kill my brother.
U : r u crzy i was just telling him wat sita didi wanted to tell ok?
L : leave the place rite now.
U : okkkkkkk?????
As urmila steps out it starts raining
Urmila comes inside again .
L: y did u come get out
U : it is raining cant u see
L : oh even the mud doesnt like u look it made rain come so u dont step on it
Urmila sits on a chair
U: i am sorry for watever happened on tht day
L : oh u r feeling sorry no wonder the rain came.
Urmila goes near him lakshman doesnt know tht
U: sorry
Lakshman just turns on anger. By mistake he hits urmila. She falls and hits her head in a flower vase
Lakshman looks shocked .
Urmila falls down unconcious

precap : lakshman and urmila horse riding

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Credit to: Saalini

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