Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 12


Hello guys…i am sorry that i am late…lets starts with todays epi

Ragsan room:
Rags go inside and sanky follows her. He hugs her from the back and says baby today is our first night so what do u think we should do….saying this he gives her a naughty smile..rags gives a fake smile and says ur roshni is waiting for u…go and check her…saying this she frees herself and goes into the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out she saw the whole roomlit with candles but she didnt find sanky. She muttered to herself…off course he went to that ugly witch…hmmph i wont talk to him and i will go back to the baadi tomorrow….saying this she lies down on the bed…suddenly a hand went on her waist and pulled her tightly….the person said…dont evem try leaving me otherwise i will die….yes the person is none other than SANKY!!!!
OK fine i wont but please leave me to go to sleep amd saying thiss she hugs him tightly and they slept like tht.

Next moring in swalak room
Swara wakes up and blushes remembering last night. She gets up and gets ready. She is wearing a blue peacok colour saree. She wakes up lucky nd says get up we r going to be late for going down…..please babu…utho na…lucky doesnt wake up nd stands next to her….he pulls her closer from the waist nd says my morning kiss baby….she widens her eyes and say what…no no i am not giving it to u…it was ok b4 marriage but now…no…she was about to continue but lucky puts his lips on hers and she is shocked….then after sometime she also reciprocates……it was a good long kiss that lasted for 10 mins…..then he says baby this how i take my morning…u dont know all these tricks….nd he runs into the bathroom making swara angry….she thinks now i wont talk to u for the whole day and i am definately going to the baadi…but her thoughts were interupted by a knock on the door. She opens it and finds ragini. Rags calls her downstairs to do their first rasoi. She was about to go when lucky shouted shona pass me the towel….now swara was angry with him so she replied get it for yourself….i am going…..saying this she shuts the door and swaragini go downstairs. Lucky was confused as to what he has done to make her upset.

Swaragini start making the food while ap and sj and pari and helping them very little. The aroma of the nice food spreads around the house. Everyone appreciates swaraginis food. They all give them gifts and go to work except sanky,rags swara nd lucky. Swalak go into their room and ragsan stay there. Then roshini decides to go with sanky to shopping….rags felt bad but didnt show it….rosankrag go shopping. Ragsan eere shopping together nd sanky was getting romantic with rags. Rags blushes nd roshini is angry. She drags sanky from there to help her out. Sanky doesnt pay any attention to roshni and is staring at rags. Roshni sees this and feels jealous. They finish their shopping and go to sit in the food court.

@ swalak room
Swara is throwing stuff at lucky and he is trying to avoid it…..she is yelling at him…then she goes to take her suitcase out and lucky asks her where she is going. She says she is leaving him and going to the baadi to stay with her mom. Lucky says please baby i am sorry. She says nope….i am going…she closes her bag and goes to the baadi.

Precap:lucku trying to say sorry and roshni exposed

Credit to: Supreet

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