Love Is In The Air (swalak and ragsan) Part 10

guys i am soooo sorry i am late i know it…the twist is in the marriage not in the engagement. This chapter is the marriage one…please enjoy..i will try make it long…no eggs and tomatoes after reading this please…

The day finally comes when swaragini are going to get married to their love. (despite being indians they are also christian and so they decided to marry christian way first then indian way.) Swara is wearing a white strapless gown with little studs and pearl necklace and ragini is wearing a cream coloured one with one strap and pearls accessories. They are both holding white lily bouquets. They go and sit in the car and Gadodia family drive to the nearest church. sanlak are wearing black tuxedoes. first it is swalak because they are younger. Father says do you swara gadodia agree to marry laksh maheshwari. swara says i do. father says do you laksh maheshwari agree to marry swara gadodia. he says i do. father says you may kiss the bride. he lifts her net veil and gives her a peck. father say you are lawfully wedded now. swalak go and stand next to their family. now it is ragsan turn they do everything swalak did. Now it is time for the indian style engagement. Swara gets ready in a red and gold lehenga and ragini in golden lehenga. both are looking pretty. first swalak get their marriage done. now it was ragsan turn. they stand up for their pheras. just then a girl shouts “ruko…yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti (stop this marriage cant be done)” evryone look towards the door and are shocked. sanskar whispers roshini. she runs and hugs him and says i missed you so much sanskar and look i found you.

she leaves him and says are you getting married. he says yes, i have moved on from you and i love her (pointing towards ragini) roshini says are you getting married to this behanji…you could marry someone hot like me. sanky couldnt control and slaps her. gadodia and maheshwaris send guests away. sanky says ragini might be traditional but she has a pure and sweet heart. she is a sensible girl who loves me nd not my money. as far as i know you only use boys for their money. so you should leave because i know my ragini isnt one who uses people. roshini says wow sanky wow…u used to love me but now she has you in your trap so i will kill her. she goes and holds ragini’s neck. swara comes and takes her hand off. she gives roshini 3 tight slaps. she says never look at this family ever again. get lost. roshini fumes in anger and turns to leave but faints. sanskar lifts her up and takes her to the guest room. lucky calls the doctor. the doctor says she fainted due to stress…please fulfil everything she says. saying this he leaves. roshini wakes up and says sanky promise me that you wont marry that ragini and marry me…i love you…promise me sanky, sanky says i promise. hearing this ragini runs away and roshini smirks. screen freezes on sanky’s tensed face, ragini’s crying face and roshini’s smirking face.
roshini is tanya sharma in my ff but you can imagine her as your wish.

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    1. They were already married naa infront of jesus then

      1. yes they were but dont worry swalak will make ragsan marry…..wait for next epi

  1. Nice epi….do not make sanskar marry roshini…no way plz…

  2. What the hell how can he believe her

  3. Oh my ragu so sad

  4. oh nice twist……….
    i liked it. ….
    and For Roshini one slap frm my side also…. :p

  5. Nice.Sad for ragsan.

  6. Awesome epi but fo not make sanskar marry to roshini plz plz make it as Ragsan

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