Love Is In The Air (Swalak and Ragsan) Part 1

Thanks A Lot guys for liking my intro…I will try and entertain you guys

Gadodia Mansion
A sweet singing sound fills the air as swaragini are running down to catch up with their mother who has just started the puja. Their mother looks at them and they say sorry. Sharmishta smiles. They finish the puja and sharmishta gives prasad to every one. Swara then says “darling mother, i have a concert and lucky is going to be playing with me, so i will be late tonight”. Ragini also says ” haa mom aur mein bhi jaa rahi hu…shaid udar cute boys ho”(yes mom i am going as well…maybe there are some cute boys there)…..she is hoping sanskakr is there….. Sharmista laughs and says they may go. Swaragini hugs her and leave for the college in there Lamborghini.

Lucky is at the gate waiting for swaragini. When he sees swaragini come, there is a big smile on his face as he had been waiting for swara. When swara comes and hugs him, he says “finally princess is here. the handsome and the most cutest prince of the college had been waiting for the past half and hour”. Swara hits him and laughs. Ragini is a bit sad that sanskar isnt there. Lucky sees that and says ” btw sanskar bhai is in the library. I need to go get some books i will be back”. Ragini says stop i will go get the books. Lucky and swara see each other and laugh. Ragini goes to the library blushing. Ragini sees sanskar and acts all weird. When she gets luckys books and is about to leave when suddenly something/or someone holds her hand. She turns around and sees that sanskar is holding her hand. He says you forgot your bag. She sees it and says thanks.

Mean while…
Swara is holding luckys hand and they are walking around the college. Everyone likes swara and lucky together but because swara doesnt know luckys feelings towards her she just considers him as a friend. Lucky looks at swara with love while swara keeps on talking…
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