Love Is In The Air (KB) Episode 1

Guys, I thank all of you for supporting me by ur comments. With your support I am now with a new story. Lets get into the story.

Pragya Arora : District Collector, who lives alone in an apartment. Pragya’s parents lives in her native. She is the only daughter to her parents.

Abhishek Mehra : Assistant Commissioner of Police, who also live in the same apartment opposite to pragya’s flat. Abhi’s parents lives in San Francisco. He is the only son to his parents.

Neil Thakur : Gangster who runs illegal business.

One fine cloudy evening a guy (abhi) in the garden of the apartment is speaking in mobile to his mom. His mom ask him to get married soon. He replies that, I am waiting for the right girl. Once I find her, I will let u know. Abhi’s mom says that ” U will get the right girl at the right time ” and disconnects the call.
Abhi was thinking about his mom’s words and wandering here and there in the garden. Suddenly he noticed a girl (pragya) wearing white chudi plucking flowers by standing in the cliff. He didn’t see her face but without his knowledge he is walking towards her. Pragya gets slipped in the cliff and abhi who managed to hold her. All the flowers fall on abhigya. Saiyaara ……. song plays and their eyes get locked. The next moment rain comes. They break eye lock and comes back to sense.
Pragya sees all the flowers which she has plucked was in ground. Pragya gets angry and started to taunt abhi, that because of u only I fell down and all the flowers too. Abhi tries to explain that u were about to fall that’s why I hold u but pragya didn’t allow him to speak by saying, I know pretty well about u guys, on seeing a girl u all will come to cause trouble. Abhi says mind your language Miss ……….. whatever. Do you know who I am?? Pragya says I don’t want to know who you are and doesn’t even have a sense to ask sorry. Pragya leaves from there and rain too stops. Abhi thinks why I should be sorry to her ?? I have helped her, only she should be thankful to me. What type of girl she is?? Such a rude character, Miss Rude
Pragya thinks while leaving, why should I know about him ?? He is speaking as if though he is a Godfather.

Next morning pragya was getting ready to office quite early. Her mobile rings. Its her parents. She picks the call says ah papa and sneezes. Her dad asks beta what happened?? Pragya says papa, yesterday I was drenched in rain and asks what’s the matter?? Her dad says to take care of her health and says he has called to wish her luck since its first day of her work after getting transfer from Thane to Pune. Pragya says thank you papa. Her mom too wish luck to pragya and asks about marriage. Pragya says maa I am not ready for marriage now. I need a guy who cares for me, who loves me unconditionally, who should think that I am his world, who should feel for me, who should trust me and I too should feel the same for him. If I met such a guy I will let you know. Maa its getting late to office so bye catch u later.

Abhi was seeing newspaper and climbing the stairs after finishes jogging. Here pragya was in hurry , looks at her watch and getting down the stairs. Abhi and pragya didn’t notice each other. So they collide. Pragya was about to fall but abhi holds her. Their eyes get locked as sanam re ……… plays. Pragya sneezes, they break eyelock, abhi says bless you. Pragya started to taunt abhi saying where were your eyes can’t u see that I am coming?? Why are u always causing trouble to me ??? Abhi asks the same question to her and then he sneezes. Pragya by staring him and left the place saying bless you. Abhi thinks that Miss Rude is impossible whereas pragya thinks, he is ridiculous.

Pragya reaches collector office, everyone welcomed her. Pragya says thank you and instructs all the employee to be punctual and perfect in their work. She leaves to her cabin. She started to go through some files and get noticed about a gangster. She asks the sub-collector to give full details about the gangster.
The sub-collector says this gangster name is Neil Thakur. He is running illegal business and causes trouble to people often. Still now no one took action against him since he is a powerful man. ACP Mr. Abhishek Mehra is handling this case. Pragya says okay then arrange a meeting with commissioner and ACP by afternoon 2:30 exactly.
In commissioner office, commissioner called abhi and informs about the meeting. He asks abhi to prepare a report on Neil Thakur’s case. Abhi says yes sir and leaves.
Abhi completes all work and in the afternoon by 2:30 both commissioner and abhi reaches collector office. The sub-collector informs about their arrival to pragya. She asks them to come. First commissioner enters the cabin immediately he puts the file down. He bends down to take the file. So pragya didn’t notice abhi. She greets commissioner. Meanwhile abhi was arranging files and walking towards her table. The moment he saw pragya he shouts Youuuuu ! Pragya too says Youuu! Abhi says Miss Rude which means u r a collector??? Pragya says excuse me…. Abhi immediately looks for name board in her table and says I mean Miss Arora.

Commissioner introduces abhi to pragya and says he is the one handling this case so far. Pragya says that’s why there is no improvement in the case. Abhi asks what?? Pragya says nothing and asks them to sit. She asks for file. Pragya goes through it and says that hereafter I will take care of this case in my style. I have decided to appoint a special squard. She ask abhi to head it under her. She says that she needs to complete this case as soon as possible. Abhi interrupt and tells that we need to be little patience in this case. So……. Pragya says do what I say don’t interrupt me. Abhi stares at her. Pragya continues that we will discuss about the case further by tomorrow. They both sneezes and look at each other for a while as Saiyaara………song plays. Commissioner says bless you both. Then commissioner and abhi leaves. Abhi thinks in mind how dare she is to order me ???
Abhi and pragya reaches home. Abhi was speaking to his mom through mobile. His mom asked him y ur voice is low?? Is everything fine?? Abhi says about pragya. He tells everything the way they met first to till now, suddenly his now asks him, Do u like her?? Abhi stammers and says how will I like her?? Noways. His mom says then y u r thinking about her ?? Abhi says I didn’t…. His mom interrupt and says that there is some relation between u and her that’s why u r often clashing with her and disconnects the call. Abhi was thinking about his moms words. Y mom said like that?? Suddenly someone pinged calling bell . He went to open the door. At the same time pragya too opened the door. They both stares at each other. ( It was children in the flat pinged calling bell in both abhi’s and pragya’s flat) . Pragya says u came here too?? Abhi doesn’t say anything, he was admiring her beauty. Then pragya shuts the door and goes in. Abhi asks the children to go down and play. He goes in. He thinks y I didn’t react to her ??
The next day in collector’s office both abhi and pragya discussing about Neil’s file. Pragya says a plan to trap Neil Thakur but abhi refuses it saying its very dangerous to life. Pragya says so u r scared of ur life. Abhi says I am thinking about u. If something happens to you means…… Pragya asks what!!!! Abhi by stammering says that I will be answerable if something happens to you. Pragya says I don’t care about it. Abhi says but I care about u… Pragya says what !!!!! And asks abhi to follow my orders. Abhi didn’t say anything and leaves from there. Abhi thinks in mind y should I care for her?? Y im thinking this much about her ???

After some days abhi and pragya execute their plans. They trapped Neil Thakur successfully. They got enough proof to prove that Neil Thakur is running illegal business and causing trouble to people. But due to the clashes between Neil Thakur’s men and policemen, mistakenly a bullet hits pragya’s right arm. When abhi see it he shouts pragyaaaaaa… Atlast Neil Thakur and his men’s got arrested by policemen. Abhi reaches pragya. Her hand is full of blood. He asks her are u okay ?? But pragya faints. Abhi says pragya….pragya…. He lifts her and takes to the hospital in his car. He asks the driver to take the car. He makes her to rest on his lap. He asks her to open her eyes but she didn’t. Abhi says ” Wake up fight with me, irritate me, I want you back, I can’t think my life without you because I LoveYou. Please wake up” . Hamari Adhuri Khani… plays. Pragya who was in unconscious could hear abhi’s words but couldn’t react to it.

They reached hospital. Abhi carrying pragya in hand and enters inside the hospital. Abhi shouts Doctor…. Doctor…. Doctor….. The doctor comes and see pragya. He says they need to do operation to take the bullet out. Abhi ask to do it immediately. Doctor asks abhi to sign formality papers. Abhi signs the paper saying pragya’s husband. They took pragya to operation theatre. Abhi is restless wandering here and there out operation theatre. A nurse comes out of operation theatre. Abhi asks her how is pragya??? Is she fine ?? Nurse says I can’t saying anything now and leaves. After few mins the doctor comes out and tells abhi that they successfully took the bullet out. Now pragya is fine and she will come to conscious after 2 hrs. Abhi asks can I see pragya?? Doctor says yes. Abhi sees pragya and becomes emotional. He leaves from there. He thinks what I spoke to her while coming to hospital?? Y I reacted like this?? He then realized. I did so because I Love Her. He smiles…
Abhi surrenders Neil Thakur and his men in court. Since they had enough proof to prove Neil Thakur’s guilt, managed to
get punishment for Neil Thakur.

Meanwhile pragya gets conscious. She sees around. Then tries to get up from the bed and realises her hand pain. She thinks about the moment she got hurt. She closes her eyes. She could remember that someone is telling that fight with me , I want u back , I can’t live without you since I love you. Pragya was confused who might be it ?? She asks the nurse besides her that who admitted her ?? Nurse says ur husband. Pragya says what????!!!! I am not yet married. Nurse says ACP sir signed the papers as ur husband and he only admitted u here. He was very much tensed and worried on seeing ur condition.

Nurse asks is ACP sir is not ur husband??? Pragya thinks has abhi admitted her in hospital?? Which means he is the one who confessed his love to me. Pragya thinks about the past incidents when abhi says im not thinking about me. I thinking about u if something happened to u what will I do ??? I care for u!!! Then she thinks about how he confessed his feelings to her. She also thinks about the fight between them and smiles….

That night both abhi and pragya thinks about each other. Next morning abhi brought flower bouquet to pragya. He asks her how r u now?? She says much better and says thank you. Abhi asks for what ?? Pragya says for taking this much care on me. Abhi says what??? Pragya says I know that u only admitted in hospital. Abhi says u were unconscious so…. Pragya interrupt and says I can remember what has happened after I become unconscious. Ur confession. Abhi was shocked and tries to explain…but pragya asks him “Shall we get marry” ???? Abhi was dazzled and then he smiles as kaisa eh ishq……song plays

guys this is my first own story. In my previous os I have filled the loop holes created by CVs. I just showed possible ways to expose tanu. But this is quite different I have concentrated only on abhigya. I am sorry if I have bored you all with my story. Pls do leave comments even if is negative also. By ur comments only I have to improve my writing skills.

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  1. Trisha

    Awesome epi?

    1. Roli Aka Shona

      Thank you Trisha

      Actually its a short story, I forgot to mention it over there.

  2. Prathi

    Awesome Yaar keep writing?

    1. Roli Aka Shona

      Thank you parthi for ur valuable comments.

      I have ended this story here. Its a short story. But I will continue writing with different ones

      1. Prathi

        Waiting for your next one ?

  3. sana (abhigya)

    Awesome shona continue it

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      Thank you Sana
      Keep reading

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  6. super just like movie yyaaaaaaaaaaaa

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      Exactly di its short story I want to do it on the basis of a movie
      Thank you for reading

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      Thank you sugan


    good one shona…. come with a rocking story…

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  10. Nice start.awesome story.continue…….!!

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  11. very diffrnt intro…suprb. .nice story…pls continue…update regularly…

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Hi nasima
      Thank you for your comments
      This is a short story. I have completed this story and I will be continue writing short stories.

  12. Superb dear waiting fr nxt part???

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  13. Awesome episode….

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  14. Vaishali

    awesome os i just got mesmerized by the way of story it was superbbbb one wish u write more like this

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      Sure vaishali
      I will continue my writing

  15. Awww just loved it…❤❤❤
    Superb superb superb shona????

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      Hi manu
      Thank you ?

  16. Roli aka Shona

    Guys thank you so much for your comments. These comments are really inspiration for me to write more.
    Thank you. I will be keep writing my short stories

  17. plz updates next episode pl

    1. Hi sriti I have ended this story
      Its a short story not an episode

      1. Roli aka Shona

        Oops its me Roli
        I don’t know how name has changed

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