Love is in the Air Epi-9

At the dance floor ,
Both adam n laura dancing as laura is holding louis shoulder n adam is holding lauras waist looking at this louis gets jealous n then is the same time upset as he only wanted 2 be away from laura n she has full rights 2 live atleast happy even if not with him.

Louis isnt really stable n starts drinking n gets inebriated n starts walking towards laura but his friends pull him as they already know louis plan of following laura secretly n take him back home.

Next day,
Laura wakes up n thinks 2 plan something effective that louis comes out of his hide out n then changes her status ‘at the beach’ now she went 2 get ready n come in floral pink knee length sleeveless cotton frock n then left her friends after giving them a map of goa n routes 2 reach places n left with adam had placed his friend at beachs entrance wiyh louis photo 2 inform as soon as he comes so that they take thier positions.

At the beach,
(Anjuna beach most probably) adam n laura were sitting chot chatting n enjoying their picnic making plans 2 trap louis n then adam gets message from his friend ‘he came’he shows it 2 laura n laura signals by winking her eyes.she sits close 2 adam n adam holds her waist n digs his face inside her neck just 2 give a wrong impression .when suddenly louis comes there n ssees it n gets disheartedned but now his mind is asking his heart

Mind”you only wanted this then y tears?”
Heart “because i love her”
Mind “but lovers dnt stay apart”
Heart “it is necessary 2 stay away
Mind “but y?”
Heart “2 keep her safe ”

Mind ” but she will b protected with u n t with anyone else”
N his heart understood n walked straight 2 her n caught her hand n pulled her towards him which made her head hit his chest n caught his shoulders tight.
Adam who was observing this thought “plan succeeded “n gave fake anger 2 louis n started ” who the hell r u?” “N u harassing my girl” “that day u dragged her outside bar n now from my hold “”what do u think u r?”

Louis hastily replied ” i love her n dare u come close 2 her ill break ur bones into pieces” this made laura feel the warmth of his words n though she wanted a nice proposal experience but something was better than nothing n she hugged louis.adam left the place n louis hugged her back but after a while they came 2 the world n composed themselves n walked hand in hand but silent out of the beach.

Next day ( the day of return)
Adam came before sunset 2 wave good bye 2 laura because he cant wave her bye infont of louis n has 2 hide n see her go so he came n hugged her tight n cried “im gonna miss u but i wish louis loves u forever n ever n makes u happy n may u have prosperous n blissful life ahead” n composed himself without looking back as it would hurt him more

At the evening ,
Louis n his friends followed lauras bus back 2 mumbai but something happened midway jouney which made them panic.
Laura caught fever n she was shivering louis immediately told his friends 2 drive back home in one car n hes taking laura 2 a doc but at night there was no doc available near panjim n then he started googling n saw” provide body heat so that fever gets reduced ” so he covered himself along with laura in a blanket shirtless.but this proximity was making louis go crazy for her n then he dug his head inside her neck n kissed her nape but at that very moment he recalled the beach scene n how she let that boy close 2 her which made him angry n he felt betrayed.

In the morning ,laura found herself in louis arm n smiled n kissed his forehead louis woke up n she shied n got out of his arms he checked her fever n drove back 2mumbai n dropped her home but louis didnt reply 2 any of lauras words throughout journey but she kept mum feeling may be he is tired or may b sleepy nor did he wave her good bye but she shoved all the thoughts n was happy about the confession.

Precap -louis ” i said i love u just 2 save u from that guy”

Credit to: manny


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