Love is in the Air Epi-8

At evening,

At the main door adam is about to ring the bell of lauras place when she comes out n catches his hand n then hurriedly closes the door n drags him 2 the road.she then questions him “i told u na im coming 2 ur hotel so y did u come 2 my place?” He replies “its been half an hour i reached mumbai n u dint come n since 15 days i dint c u” laura shuts him n says “adam please stop it y dont u understand i regard u as my brother n nothing else when would u understand this?”he replied “never until i find u with some guy ” at this laura sighed n said “i love someone”he asked in rage “who” he wanted 2 smash that guys face .laura controlled him n said “im not going 2 tell u as u would harm him n i cant see him even with a scratch”tears rolled down adams eye as it was really hard 2 accept ur love’s lover n then thought 2 himself that “my love would be true if i let her live happily” he then spoke up ” i am gonna see if they guy is really nice 2 get u”laura agreed as she knew no one could deny louis charm n smiled.

She spoke 2 adam n made a plan but said him he would get 2 know louis through her plan very well n would be impressed but before the plan she would not reveal louis identity.

She then intentionally called louis n acted drunk n said ” i no u love me but i dont n stay away from me im not ur s*x toy ” n cut the call.adam gave her a thumbs up signal and they went inside bar .they knew very well that louis would come searching for her .in 10 mins louis was at door of bar n found laura drunk n he started panicking due 2 his nightmare n started sweating but rushed 2 her .she was sitting with adam as he was forcing himself on her.he didnt wait a sec n punched adam blood started 2 gush out from his mouth laura forgot her plan n immediately came between the 2 n trying 2 shield adam she caught louis hand n jerked him .louis was suprised 2 see her in senses n immediately got 2 no it was a trap n caught her wrist tight n dragged her but all the while she tried 2 struggle 2 free herself but in vain.

Louis then brought her out n kissed her hard as if he would munch her whole it was the pain he wanted 2 lessen with the kiss n provide a shield of love n care n passion n then jerked her n said” u want 2 make me kneel for u n go crazy but i wont ” tears rolled down her eyes but before she could say something he left .louis was hurt 2 due pain of keeping his love away from himself but acted like stone. Adam had seen them kissing n also had seen the fire in his eyes he came out putting handkerchief on his mouth trying 2 stop blood.he came 2 laura she was weeping n hugged him tight n trying 2 find peace in his arms but louis just patted her head n consoled n composed her n gave another handkerchief.he said 2 her “this is not laura i loved she was strong ,bold n beautiful but u seem n ugly n weak ” n smiled laura understood his taunt that her kohl was alll messed up n then gave him punch on his stomach 2 which he said”bf punches face n gf punches stomach”

Laura laughed n then the proceeded 2 their respective destination.

Next morning ,
Laura says her mom she is leaving for goa in eve as her friends want 2 have some fun n so she is taking them 2 goa.she the asked her mom 2 convince her bffs mom i e maddys mom 2 which her mom agreed .

At evening ,
Lauras mom her bff n lauras band members (5 girls just like her family) r waiting for mumbai 2 goa bus at dadar. Soon the bus arrive n all board on it except lauras mom waving them (adam had already left in morning for goa )

At night ,
Louis finds lauras status off 2 goa n gets worried as all girls have gone alone n what if laura gets in some problem.n then decides 2 go 2 goa himself n calls his band members almost 7 were free n were ready 2 come while the 3 married ones denied .louis n his friends laft at 1 pm for goa in a 2 audi Q3 .one of louis n other his bff it was 7:30 when the bus n the 2 cars reached goa they were just behind lauras bus n adam had come 2 recieve the girls n hugged laura louis got angry looking at this from his car .adam took them hotel goa’s pride n the girls had got 2 rooms .louis also came 2 same hotel n now he also got 2 rooms.

All the girls n boys freshened but boys didnt step out as they had been given instruction by louis if laura sees him then he will have 2 go back 2 mumbai.

In the evening ,
The boys heard girls leaving for a casino in panjim n followed them.

At the casino,
On the grond deck of ship there was a disco n all the girls entered disco n were dancing together when adam came n asked for dance 2 laura.laura n adam were now the center of attraction and were dancing romantically on wajah tum ho.louis was jealous n pained n was red with anger 2 see laura close 2 adam.

Precap louis confession

Now louis would feel the pain what laura went through each time she saw him with a girl.guys plzz do commnt i love the response u give me i feel that im connected 2 many n giving them a good piece of art

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  1. I luvd louis’ possesiv n jealous luks. . . 😉 I thot adam wil creat prblms for dem, bt he turnd out to b hr saviour. .. Updt nxt part soon 🙂

  2. Yeah louis confession superrrr dr

  3. Nice..

  4. Wow waiting for next louis confession….yipeee….and the episode was as usual awesome…

  5. This part was super. Update nxt part soon….

  6. Awesome episode manny, very good episode, now Louis is burning in jealousy…it would be great to read Louis confession…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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