Love is in the Air Epi-7


At christmas eve,
Louis doesnt come 2 victors place though laura thought he would surely come n she is dresses up very beautifully.but she gets 2 know that louis is dating someone and this time he wants 2 really marry the girl.laura goes 2 washroom n bursts out crying she wantss 2 hate herself for loving such a person who wouldnt even care if she dies or what she feels for him.then she comes out n starts interrogating anabella about the girl n how did he find this girl n anabella is answering her .each answer is breaking lauras heart in2 tiny bits.
On the contrary, louis is restless thinking about laura n starts recalling their moments.and decides 2 see her one last time and goes 2 victors place n finds laura dressed beautifully but with a pale face n red eyes due 2 excessive crying but that is want he wanted 2 make laura away from him n so he cooked up a story but he is unable 2 see her heart n rushes out.

A week later,
New years eve ,laura is trying 2 cm back 2 her senses n trying 2 forget louis but is unable 2.soon her mother calls her n says she is going 2 her paternal uncle as he is in critical condition n that laura should go 2 stay at louis place.

At louis place,
Anabella n laura r chitchatting n louis enters he looks at laura n gets teary eyed n then acts as if talking on phone but laura tries 2 avoid him as her heart doesnt want 2 think his affair 2 be true soon laura n anabella sleep in anabellas room n louis room is opposite 2 anabellas room n he opens the door 2 see laura sleeping but actually she is not sleeping but dreaming about him n his love n then he comes 2 her sits beside her on bed n kisses her forehead n says” i love u n staying away from me is the best thing for u” and then goes out but till that time laura woke due 2 his touch n heard his conversation n starts feeling why he is acting 2 have a girlfriend n then sleeps thinking that.n it is best new year gift 2 have louis back.

Next morning ,
Laura wakes n again sets 2 thinking but now has picked her book i mean chemistry book n starts studying soon louis also wakes n anabella asks him 2 bring pasteries for her but this time he doesnt deny and ask rosetta n laura what they want n then keeps asking laura 2 tell what she wants n dont do any formalities.soon laura gives in n asks 2 bring fruit tarts.

Half an hour later,
Louis arrives with pasteries for all n gives them their things n then picks fruit tart box n laura peeps in n finds 3 tarts n wonders “when he brought when for all so why 3 for me” but louis gives her only one through anabella n leaves for his room laura follows him secretly n finds that he has brought tarts for himself also because she likes tarts n smiles at his behavior

It is often said when u are in love u love every choice of ur loved one n it is true.

Precap-laura dating adam 2 make louis jealous

Guys sometimes u wanna stay away from ur love but sumtyms seeing them with some other person just mocks u out.

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  1. Yaar plzzz make clear misunderstandings

  2. So cute story. Loved it…

  3. Awesome episode…finally laura know Louis truth…now she start acting to make him jealous. idea..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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