Love is in the Air Epi-6

Then louis places his hand below her t shirt and st.tarts touching her bare back 2 but till yphat time she falls asleep .he then places her on bed and lays beside her nm kisses on her forehead looking at her lovingly .he then wakes up at 6 as his best friend calls him as he has met with an accident n needs him 2 support him.he then sweetly kisses her cheek n goes .

At 10 am
laura wakes with heavy head n finds herself inn hotel room n gets shock as she isnt able 2 understand n then recalls last nights event which freaks her out she realizes she was with some random guy n what if would have took advantage of her n starts sobbing that how can she betray louis n let anyone touch her.she is completely lost n reaches home as she finds her mother worrying n all her relatives at her place but doesnt find louis.her mother starts interrogating her that why was her phone not reachable and were did she go when she dint go 2 her friends place as her mother had called her friend but she said laura dint come at her place.
Laura gets more worried n then tells her that she went 2 another friends place as she was forcing 2 come n fogot 2 call her(mom).her mom then asked her 2 rest .laura rushed in her room freshened up but her memory was continuously torturing her with that painful event.she then slept after that she rushed 2 pharmacy 2 purchase pregnancy testing instrument.she came n found it in negative but she knew that sometimes they dont give accurate results n then started finding a nursing home to test pregnancy.

At nursing home,
Lauras report gets exchanged with a pregnant lady n she gets shell shocked 2 find herself pregnant.her mind stops working as she cant answer her parents nor face louis n so decides 2 save herself from pregnancy n goes 2 nursing homes washroom n slits her wrist n falls uncoscious.the hospital staff finds her n admits her n calls her mom n then the doctor says in critical condition 2 her mom.louis comes running at this news n starts sobbing n parying that he will rectify all his mistakes but the doctor comes out of icu n says she is dead.

Louis then opens his eyes n finds himself on his bed perspiring at the horrific nightmare n it is night before christmas eve n decides not 2 go 2 victors place for lauras safety

Precap-louis isnt able 2 control his feelings for laura n repeatedly brings her close but after realizing his actions breaks her heart.

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  1. I thot she realy commitd suicid. . .happy dat its jst a dream. . .pls brng laura louis 2gthr, dey hav such a grt chemistry. . . Updt nxt part too. . . Plz. . .

  2. Oho i thought it is true yaar….. offfo….

  3. Manny I thought she committed suicide god u scared me …but finally happy to see she is fine….bring them together fast….

  4. Omg, it was dream…was so dramatic. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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