Love is in the Air Epi-5


At louis place,
Laura comes 2 louis place and her eyes continuously search for him but he is not there in the hall nor the passage then she decides 2 check in his room but she finds it empty 2 when suddenly anabella steps in n says has gone with his friends 2 farmhouse she remembers louis saying that they all will go for a drive next week .she thinks all of a sudden what happened 2 louis n like every monday why wasnt he waiting in the hallway for her.she decides 2 call louis but she hears anabella’ s voice saying “why did u hide that you are having an affair?” Laura frozze n thought may be louis told her everything but she dint no that they were dating n he had feelings for her.laura replied hastily in yes n that she was about 2 say but anabella cut her in middle n said i got 2 know from louis bro as he saw your pic in victors phone i thought u regarded him as your brother.laura got enraged n walked out without answering her n straightaway went 2 victors place n in his room she kept cursing n yelling at him for creating misunderstandings between her n louis .victor acted as if he dint no they had a relation n then said sorry n 2 make it more practical he will take her 2 restaurant.laura dint want 2 go but he said that they would plan 2 make louis understand .laura agreed.

At restaurant,
Victor brought her 2 restaurant which he knew about that louis best friend used 2 come every monday .he acted 2 be nice 2 her n purposely showed 2 louis friend.laura dint no that louis best friend caspian was just behind her chair.she thought victor has realised his mistake n is sorry

2days later,
At lauras place she is thinking let louis come back she n victor will set everything ok.but it turned more complicated as victor updated his profile n status on wtsapp .she was shocked 2 see the pic victor had clicked in restaurant n with status “a beautiful date”she understood victor trapped her n created a wall between laura n louis

Every night she cried thinking of the misunderstanding n that louis would never love her.everyday victor would come 2 her house n started making every one think that something was cooking between laura n him.laura now was under deep depression n regularly got nightmares of louis going away from her n devil (victor) forcing himself on whenever victor would come she would move 2 her room .n victor started saying everyone she gets shy looking at me n cannot talk 2 me infront of all.she knew her mother liked victor but she dint like him n that he was a devil and she was afraid if her mother would ask her 2 marry victor.

After a month but a month before christmas,
Laura went 2 her paternal aunts house at goa.there she met adam a sweet n lovely boy but a year younger 2 her .at 1st she didnt talk 2 him at all but then got very friendly n became best buddies though she would always call him adam bro or small bro.but on the other hand adam started 2 feel his love for her was not like elder sis but a lover.n then started making her realize his love for her in many waaays.laura who had never got that attention n love which she always waanted from louis started 2 fall for adam but soon realized thaat only one could rule hrr heart that was louis though he alwaaays gave her thorns but she couldnt stop herself from loving him.adam was very possesive n sensitive about n she thought she never let adam confess his feeling aaas she new rejection of 1st love could maake him a hard n stone herated person which laura didnt want him 2 turn like and make him realize that she treats him just like small bro.n comes back 2 mumbai

Christmas eve,
They all go for dinner at victor plaace as her lovely grandpaa stays there louis also comes n she hears her mom n louis mom discussing about louis wedding n they are finding a bride for him.laura’s heart sinks n she feels like dying.she decides 2 leave the get together and asks her mom that she wants 2 go at her friends place as she had promised her.louis hears this n thinks she is going 2 meet victor n he wants 2 see them both by his eyes n though he had seen their date pic on wtsaapp but still his heart wants 2 trust laura’s eyes that says she loves him .

Laura escapes everyones eyes n lands at a bar .she starts drinking that she cant stops her eyes from flooding with tears at that moment louis arrives n sees her dizzy due 2 liquor.his heart sinks but he goes 2 hers n wipes her tears.he hears her murmuring “how i love him n then 2 he doesnt feel it.i love him n want 2 die before he gets married 2 someone else” louis is distraught n asks her who is she talking about she says im talking about an idiot , a hearltess, a selfish,an arrogant ,a lazy person” he again asks whos is that guy she says louis which make him shell shocked laura doesnt see it is louis infront of her as her vision has blurred n she is not in senses n thinks him 2 be a random guy.she then drags him n asks him if she is beautiful he replies in a yes she says can he make love 2 her n that no one loved her this makes louis more upset n he replies sadly no she asks why not isnt she appealing n that what harm he will have for a free of cost girl.he shuts her n says lets go home.she tries 2 be inmitate with him but she keeps forcing him n he even gets 2 know how much he loves her n that he never thought he would love her as she was like a small sis but now he wants her.he doesnt want 2 take advantage of her as she is drunk but his heart n her actions make him go for her.

At the hotel room,
Louis takes her 2 a hotel room while she continuously tries 2 get inmitate.he then kisses her passionately on her cheeks as she caresses his hair they get so lost in each other n want eat each other they dont even get 2 now its been 10 mins since they are in that position

Precap laura attempts 2 suicide n is in critical condition

Guys just keep commenting coz ur interest in my story is my real is easy 2 find but not so easy 2 get sumtyms it becomes ur need n then u just cant bear the space between u n ur love.

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  1. Oh god victor how can he do like this

  2. Victor is a devil. . . Bt y did laura attempt suicid, she is now with louis .. . . Hop der misundrstndings gt clear. . .

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