Love is in the Air Epi-4

4 years later ,

laura is in 12 th std n now she is much more matured ,beautiful n have realized her feelings towards louis but yet till now louis never noticed her he is busy in finding new girls n fooling around them ,impressing them but yet none wants 2 marry they all take advantage of his crazziness behind them and then ditch him but yet he finds a new girl 2 love after every breakup .it is louis younger sis rosettas engagement all are busy in preparations while some are busy getting ready i mean the girls i.e., rosetta ,maria ,anabella, laura ,elizabeth but they have occupied louis in room n he is banging the door as they are not ready 2 come out until they are completely ready .anabella loved louis (her elder bro a lot) n so she requested them 2 hurry n helped all 2 get ready .son they all get ready n come out but louis continuously keeps staring at laura.none pay heed 2 him observing laura n leave in a hurry but he catches lauras palm without even realizing it.

laura sees him staring at her she was wearing a sleeveles white gown with red flower embroidery cover her chest n knee length at the front but to toes at back n had red lipsticks along with tiara n that he has held her hand she says”louis” which brings him back 2 senses though both of them wanted 2 pause the moment but that was not actually possible.louis then brings her in his room takes out a bag of zodiac ( a brand)n asks her 2 select shirt for him 2 wear 2day in d party laura gets stunned by his actions n happy 2 n selects black shirt 2 wear inside blazer for him n kisses his cheeks n runs from there.louis smiles n picks the shirt and goes 2 change

In the party,
Victor and louis are checking out girls and assigning them numbers when victor gives full 10 2 maria but louis replies there is only one girl in the party 2 get full 10 that is laura.vicyor looks at him in amusement and thinking that when did louis fall for laura n thinks 2 ruin their love story.he then asks louis if he has feelings for laura he doesnt reply and keep staring laura n says “she is beautiful and better than maria”and realizes what he just said.victor understands n thinks u might not realize your feelings for her but i have and i will destroy it before you relize and smiles evilly.

During the engagement ceremony,
Louis stands beside laura while laura is imagining them getting engaged .she comes back 2 senses when all applaud n finds louis beside her and smiles the party gets over before returning home he compliments laura”you were the real atraction of this party n you were loking stunning i never saw u dressed like that especially the red lipstick suits u”- laura couldnt just stop smiling and kept thinking the whole night about their moments.

Next day,
Louis comes 2 pick laura for college which suprises all as he never gives a ride 2 anyone even after lot of pleading but 2day he himself has come up.laura happily gets ready 2 go with louis but she never sat behind him she feels shy 2 hold his shoulder for support 2 climb n sit on d sports bike n in her shyness she climbs n get down 3 -4 times louis turns and asks” why arent u able 2 sit?” She says” how should i?” “hold my shoulder n climb 2 sit” the words froze her but she composed herself n kept her hand over his shoulder which brought goosebumps 2 her body.he drops her 2 college n asks “shall i come 2 pick u up” but she says” i have plans with friends so dont come “.after that he goes n laura thinks that she is an big idiot why did she lie 2 him why she couldnt bear his closeness it was all of a sudden 2 fast for her though she waited for this 8 years but now she wants 2 go slow.

Laura regularly visited louis place and when she wouldnr go louis came himself 2 her place.something srarted 2 cook between the 2 though louis was unaware of his feelings.but this time victor started creating problems for the 2.victor n louis every sunday played cricket at the every sunday louis came 2 club but victor was nowhere to be seen.he called him but he continuosly rejected his calls.n after half n hour victor came 2 club.he was blushing n continuously smiling as soon as as louis saw him” victor , you idiot where were you?
He replied ” with my girlfriend bro” louis said “since when did u start 2 date girls”
He said since “i fell in love i mean we fell in love” louis asked why were u rejecting my calls you could have recieved n told me i would have left u for this sunday”

Victor acted that he dint get any calls n asked if u r sure n removed his cell from his pocket
Louis was shocked 2 see lauras pic at his wallpaper.then victir checked his cell n said may be my gf rejected it ,bro” i dint no about it”

Precap laura comes 2 know what victor said 2 louis through anabella n gets enraged.

Guyss they are lovers but sumtyms it takes 2 long for u 2 understand ur love n then 2 make it realize it 2 ur loved one n confess it.n the upcoming episodes are going 2 be really interesting

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  1. He is impossible yaar

  2. Manny you are rite dear at times first meeting is enough while sometimes it takes years….loving ur story…take care and update as early as possible

  3. Awesome episode, loving Louis n laura pair…Victor is very irritating. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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