Love is in the Air Epi-3

Hey people im back with an interesting episode of love is in the air sorry for the delay guys but i got stuck in some problems and so couldnt give fanfiction.
In the morning louis is sent 2 priest by his mom n all come 2 know that why it happened as the priest says that its cause was wandering in the dark and attracting those spirits by as all girls were scared because of previous nights incident n were quietly listening 2 music n enjoying it .lara wanted something that was in her bag but she was not so sure that she should get it as the corridor through which she had 2 pass n go 2 her room was a louis corner place as he would talk 2 his girlfriend standing or sitting there for hours without any disturbsnce though louis had not touched her but she was scared if he would harm her finding her alone but deep down in her heart she knew that the evil spirit was gone and he was back 2 normal.she then strengthened her heart and passed through the corridor but she didnt find him she took a deep breath n walked in the room fearless but her eyes lost the shine as she saw a figure standing beside the bed n starry black eyes that was louis ,

our prince charming looking at her suddenly he got mischievous n asked “what r u doing here,miss fearless ?” but she couldnt understand the feeling that aroused n she went in deep thought that the person who would never look up 2 me is now questioning me standing in my room she asked curtly”what r u doing here ?this is what i should ask not u! ” he turned his back 2 her send said ” my room’s switch is not working so i came her but then i ….” he stopped at this n then turned 2 her n saw her n then showed his mobile that was connected 2 the charger.the words he didnt speak but laura understood n stepped in her room and signalled him 2 go ( tit for tat) but he didnt move a inch n questioned “are u scared of lizards?” She nodded in a yes .the next moment louis was standing with the dead lizard in his hands which of course did scare laura n she ran down the stairs but louis all ready read her reaction n put it on her before she could reach the end and it almost fell on her.

she was digusted by his behavior but ran 2 elizabeth n victor instead 2 narrate her story then they saw him coming down the stairs n she hid behind them n then as soon as he left they all settled but laura wanted 2 bath n she asked them 2 accompany her as she was horrified that would scare her again .they consoled her n waited for her in her room sso that she could bath peacefully but till the time she could come out of bathroom they got interested in something kept nearby .it was louis phone as he carried 2 one blackberry n another iphone .and louis was bussy talking 2 his girlfriend on iphone when his blackberry beeped ,it was a message,but the phone was in lauras room n now victor n elizabeth were curiously looking at the pics in his gallery as louis hid his mobile from the eyes of all n now it was in their hands n that 2 unlocked.what could br a better oppurtunity than this 2 peep in his personal life! Laura came out n found victor n elizabeth bussy in a tiny thing she moved forward n saw it was louis phone n they wer going through his photos when suddenly a pic of louis kissing a grl(most probably his gf) was seen by didnt effect the 2 but laura was taken aback n she controlled her tears though she knew louis had many girlfriend but she never saw him with any.
Now she was all deppressed n excused herself n went 2 sleep but she couldnt instead she cried all night.

A month later,
Louis came 2 laura’s place and then came 2 lauras mom n talked about something after laura’s mom took him 2 laura’s room where she was sitting all depressed when her mom entered with louis n asked her 2 assist him she nodded even though she wanted 2 stay away from him n now louis n laura were all alone in laura’s room n he walked straight 2 her as she was sitting on her laptop came close n kept his hands on her as her hand was on mouse pad of lappy n came more close that her back was touching his front and he breathed on her necks nape she started breathing heavy because of his proximity then he logged in an fb account of a girls name which suprised laura it was shreya sabbarwals her senior n he asked her 2 remove all boys from her friend list, from top 2 bottom there were only boys n then he saw louis name in friendlist and then he spoke up that he only wanted 2 boys 2 be in her friend list that is him and his brother dev Sabbarwal.soon she felt her heart sinking but then he moved away n he said 2 to do it now as it was urgent n call him after shes done she nodded n did as he said with all the while tears rolling down her eyes as he had left her room .it was done but her fingers were trembling 2 call up his number though she had his number but never called him but now she had 2 she called n said “done” n disconnected.louis came logged out and went with smile n thankyou.but this was not what she wanted she wanted 2 be his lady love.

Precap-louis admitting that laura was really beautiful n better than her small sis maria

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  2. Laura and louis r lovers or not?

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